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  1. I meant the general statistics by War server. Something like this.
  2. I would like to see something like: Hall of Fame Detailed statistics of PVP Marks of Excellence like in Wot Fatality. It could be like small cinematic movies of the sinking enemy ship or victory in the boarding or something like a fatality in Mortal Combat.
  3. Хм, я тоже в этом направлении думал, но лучше фаталити из МК ничего не придумал
  4. Read this The length of your video is 52:37. Is it full battle? I'm sure no but why did you make post in Tribunal?
  5. You spent 1:30 hour in battle because you didn't know about magic button like surrender. P.S. Leaving messages in the Tribunal, you take time from developers.
  6. Let me give you a tip Take paper and pen. Write their nicks. Change to any nation. And you will receive incredible chance to kill any nicks that you wrote in paper. Be more creative
  7. Naval Action is a game that allows the player to play as he wants. Join to low population nation. This will give you a maximum targets. Don't like the flag. There is a guide how to change flag Such words like "i know a lot of players" do no increase importance of your suggestion. Suppose that over a month over 4,000 unique players play the game. How many players will transfer to new pirate nation? What if the new game mode will have the same popularity as the Polish nation in the game?
  8. Total accounts registered on War Server is 24090 (+ 2977 on 01/12/2019).
  9. Only one man know what mean everybody ("Все игроки"). I will hope that L'Ocean receive all registered accounts on War Server
  10. You will translate what we non-Spanish players see in the screenshot. You, as a small child, cry and take time from developers. I would ban you. Probably, I would ban anyone who creates topics in this section. Give me moderator privileges, please.
  11. Could you explain your steps to get 36m a day? I suppose 36m = 36 000 000.
  12. I thought the maximum LH at the highest level of the craft is 3000. But you are using 5000. What is the correct value of LH at the highest level of the craft?
  13. Это вы еще не видели цены на нави ганы и блюфилды
  14. Lol вы в первом скриншоте вместо 163 набрали 162 Этот адрес не имеет отношения к игре Naval Action. Сейчас маршруты на рисунке правильные. находится в Германии. Провайдер myLoc managed IT AG
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