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  1. Доступность порта 5222 (TCP и UDP) для игры подразумевает, что исполняемому файлу client.exe разрешены исходящие соединения на порт 5222. Входяшие соединения на порт 5222 не нужны.
  2. It's ok From 2019-09-20 01:02:14.479 GMT to server restart there was no any action. Only 2019-09-20 18:57:13.867 GMT did something interesting happen.
  3. Fish are caught on average every 160 seconds. Thus, in one hour, you get 22 messages about fishing. Now let's look at the loot table that applies to fishing. For example Atlantic Bays Fishing Loot Table (id= 580 ) Item Chance Catfish 1 Bull Shark 0.05 Barracuda 0.2 Drum 0.3 Eel 0.05 Needlefish 1 Smooth Hammerhead Shark 0.05 Sealed Bottle 0.013 Salt 1 P.S. My record is about 40 hours without sealed bottles (AFK fishing).
  4. @EliteDelta I think the "Marked with the Black Spot" section will be a good addition to your project.
  5. Ок. Куда я могу обратиться за компенсацие времени, потраченого на чтение этого бредв?
  6. @Hethwill Data for two weeks is very difficult to fit into the image size. One week. Each column show maximum for 2 hours.
  7. o7, could you be so kind as to post another nation player % chart? Im quite curious to see the % this long after release..see the number of defectors ^^ 

    Fair winds,

  8. Baracoa
  9. Вот @Captain Reverse попытался организовать ивент на фрегатах. И он не состоялся. Наверное, причина в количестве оутпостов, перекидок и астраномическая стоимость фрегатов в совокупности со сложностью их изготовления. Люди должны ответить за унижение ботов. Я играл, когда в игре было не более 10-15 человек (перед крафтовым патчем) и это было лучшее время
  10. It was fixed some time ago [05-09-2019 14:42 UTC] The port battle for Cayo Vacas (Pirates) is scheduled for 6 Sep 2019 14:38 UTC. Defender: UWS. Attacker: SNOW. BR: 1500 [06-09-2019 15:22 UTC] Cayo Vacas captured by SNOW (Verenigde Provinciën). Previous owner: UWS (Pirates)
  11. Not blocked. [05-09-2019 14:42 UTC] The port battle for Cayo Vacas (Pirates) is scheduled for 6 Sep 2019 14:38 UTC. Defender: UWS. Attacker: SNOW. BR: 1500 [05-09-2019 13:52 UTC] The port battle for George Town (Great Britain) is scheduled for 6 Sep 2019 13:49 UTC. Defender: EAR. Attacker: HAN (Russian Empire). BR: 20000
  12. If players cannot united for kick Russian Empire from Caribbean then players will fight against NPC. I think it is more correct. All topics can be rephrased. We are so lazy, let the developers do something with the Russian Empire
  13. I missed Marsh Harbour which open door to these regions.
  14. For reduce population of Russian Empire need to capture only 6 ports. Rum Cove North Inlet Kidd's Harbour Saint George's Town Flatts Somerset Maybe Saint George's Town and Kidd's Harbour will be enough.
  15. Can we see recent port bonus chart please?

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