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  1. Question. On the war server map, I can see what ports have been upgraded with ship building bonusses. However, on the peace server this data is absent. Any particular reason why? Example
  2. Partially agreed. In larger scale naval battles, the main body of the fleet were 3rd rates. 1st and 2nd rates were the tip of the spear. And frigates and sloops in support. So i would suggest we need more 3rd rates harder then we need more 1st and 2nd rates.
  3. I've noticed that AI has the nasty habit of going against the wind, just before they die. As if they're trying to deny you your prize.
  4. This would have some footing in history. Turncoats/ deserters/ traitors were not kindly looked at, not even by the nation to which the person has deserted or turned Difficult to trust a turncoat...after all, he might turn coat again to another nation...
  5. There's no lack of people ready, able and willing to bitch and moan about pretty much anything in any gaming community.
  6. some mods need to be scrapped. like the 6% open world max speed on for example. the impact is just too much.
  7. 90 minutes came and passed, and still the server is listed as "Update". Is their merge taking up all this extra time?
  8. what is the idea behind the "regions" on the map? and why does sometimes cause difficulty when trying to select a port. Sometimes, not the correct port gets it's icon enlarged, yet it shows the info from another port.
  9. indeed, you can't have a war without the economy to pay for it.
  10. Wind and currents in the carribean today. Currents seem like a b*tch to implement
  11. would be realistic though but then we would still be missing realistic wind and sea currents
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