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  1. Partially agreed. In larger scale naval battles, the main body of the fleet were 3rd rates. 1st and 2nd rates were the tip of the spear. And frigates and sloops in support. So i would suggest we need more 3rd rates harder then we need more 1st and 2nd rates.
  2. I've noticed that AI has the nasty habit of going against the wind, just before they die. As if they're trying to deny you your prize.
  3. You should do this more. Show the players that you are actually working on the game, instead of leaving us to our theories about where this game is going, or if this game even has a future. 2 more tips... A little more professionalism towards your clients might go a long way. (Since we buy your product, we are clients) Remember, games need players to work, and we as players have more than only this game to choose from.
  4. that's no use. Any evidence a player can present can be shoved aside by the devs with "you likely pressed a wrong button"
  5. you're supplying arguments that support you narrative. You say that you don't see anything in the logs. But until i see those logs myself, i'm not inclined to believe it. Yet, the B and H buttons are too far away from the WASD keys that we use to be pressed accidentally by experienced players
  6. show me proof that he pushed B on his keyboard. he expressly mentions that he did not touch his keyboard when his sails were going into battle sails. If this video is no proof of a player cheating because nothing happens visibly, it can't be used to say another player fatfingered the B button on his keyboard, unless you can provide logfiles of key entries in that battle. the LGV was at full sails, and then for no reason the ship went to Battle Sails (without pushing any keys on the keyboard) well, i don't speak Russian, so unless a translator translates what he said, i can't trust any claims made to that point.
  7. So, @Hethwill We have a clanmate of mine, in the video sailing an empty FIR/FIR LGV, with Gazelle bow figure, Bovenwinds refit and Cotton Sails upgrades, no cargo, no cannons. He's found an angle on the wind where he's faster than the constitution. and suddenly...his sails go to Half Sails. https://youtu.be/k9i-Wks8c2c?t=6653 Look at 01:50:55, the LGV's sails are going up, while trying to get away from the constitution. Now, explain to me, how does this happen if the player is not touching his keyboard...
  8. Greetings, Once upon a time the developers proclaimed that you cannot hack/ cheat in this game, "because the client only renders the world and registers your input. All calculations are done on the server." And yet, I've got reports from players that have 1000+ hours into this game and are experienced players of very strange things happening when in battle against certain individuals. These occurrences include but are not limited to: Crew assignment changing to repairs, or guns being disabled. Sails being depowered or set to 0%. The ship not responding to any player input via keyboard, total loss of control of the ship. So, if the developers keep their stance that the game cannot be hacked, then the only conclusion can be that the hackers are the developers themselves. This would make a certain amount of sense, since they have the tools and more direct access to the server than regular players. So, @admin@Ink ,myself and my fellow captains would like an explanation for this. With the recent changes to the game, it looks as if you're trying to kill this game as quickly as possible and these "impossible" hacks are contributing to this. I've heard rumors that this game might be "finished" in your opinion and that another project might be in the pipeline. If this is the case, grow some balls and at least admit it and don't hide behind these game-changing decisions that most of the players hate. I'd hate to spend all my time in a game that is essentially, going nowhere, or rather backwards.
  9. This would have some footing in history. Turncoats/ deserters/ traitors were not kindly looked at, not even by the nation to which the person has deserted or turned Difficult to trust a turncoat...after all, he might turn coat again to another nation...
  10. As if these dev's give a rat's ass about our opinions... Time and time again the community wants to go right... And the dev's answer: we understand, but we disagree with you, so we'll go left.
  11. At the rate they are going...they'll release a game for exactly 0 players
  12. @admin Pushing your own views on how the game should work when the majority of the players disagree, is a very good and sure way to drive your players away. News Flash....a game needs players to work. You might want to think about keeping the players that you have, which is laughably low in numbers, instead of kicking your player-base in the shins.
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