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  1. Partially agreed. In larger scale naval battles, the main body of the fleet were 3rd rates. 1st and 2nd rates were the tip of the spear. And frigates and sloops in support. So i would suggest we need more 3rd rates harder then we need more 1st and 2nd rates.
  2. I've noticed that AI has the nasty habit of going against the wind, just before they die. As if they're trying to deny you your prize.
  3. This would have some footing in history. Turncoats/ deserters/ traitors were not kindly looked at, not even by the nation to which the person has deserted or turned Difficult to trust a turncoat...after all, he might turn coat again to another nation...
  4. There's no lack of people ready, able and willing to bitch and moan about pretty much anything in any gaming community.
  5. some mods need to be scrapped. like the 6% open world max speed on for example. the impact is just too much.
  6. 90 minutes came and passed, and still the server is listed as "Update". Is their merge taking up all this extra time?
  7. what is the idea behind the "regions" on the map? and why does sometimes cause difficulty when trying to select a port. Sometimes, not the correct port gets it's icon enlarged, yet it shows the info from another port.
  8. indeed, you can't have a war without the economy to pay for it.
  9. Wind and currents in the carribean today. Currents seem like a b*tch to implement
  10. would be realistic though but then we would still be missing realistic wind and sea currents
  11. would that mean having sideways drift on OW aswel?
  12. and he's Prussian...does that mean we can sink him?
  13. well, then the dev's should rename the ship to Chronprins Gustav Adolph
  14. The Bahamas have a huge percentage of ports that produce Live Oak for example...that should be spread out a bit more
  15. Here's your list with 1-2 rates for England http://felipe.mbnet.fi/html/_1___2_rates.html I can only work with the information available to me...
  16. Now...Live oak or evergreen oak is a general term for a number of unrelated oaks in several different sections of the genus Quercus that share the characteristic of evergreen foliage. The Live oak mentioned in the game is most likely to be Southern Live Oak, or Quercus Virginiana and it grows only in a small portion of the US. I see no reference anywhere to Live Oak growing in the Bahamas/ Haiti / Dominican Republic...yet they found it necessary to add it to the resources there. The same goes for White Oak, or Quercus Alba, which grows in the following region. Teak,
  17. I believe there was a time where you had ships with Wood + planking, and then a trim extra, like speed or turning or crew space
  18. i would not mind premium ships in the game. I would resist premium ships with premium stats however. I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars/ euros to be able to build a Santa Cecilia (and make it non-tradable). Shouldn't be too hard for the dev's to make the Santa Cecilia somewhat like a paid DLC and have it give a redeemable Santa Cecilia Blueprint. @admin What is your opinion on this idea? Please make it a positive one :-)
  19. Seems a recurring theme...The Dutch fighting outnumbered and outgunned battles at sea, yet winning....
  20. If this ships gets into the game with the original cannon sizes/ weights/ calibers, she'll have a broadside weight just below the HMS Victory's in the game. (while only having 80 guns compared to the Victory's 106 guns) 1293 lbs vs 1296 lbs (HMS Victory) Armament 1798/07/28Broadside Weight = 1188 Dutch pound (1293.732 lbs 586.9908 kg)FWAS1786 Lower Gun Deck28 Dutch 36-Pounder Upper Gun Deck30 Dutch 30-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle2 Dutch 60-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle6 Dutch 30-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle14 Dutch 12-Pounder
  21. Seems there were 3 "colonies" in the North-America region
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