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  1. some mods need to be scrapped. like the 6% open world max speed on for example. the impact is just too much.
  2. what is the idea behind the "regions" on the map? and why does sometimes cause difficulty when trying to select a port. Sometimes, not the correct port gets it's icon enlarged, yet it shows the info from another port.
  3. well, then the dev's should rename the ship to Chronprins Gustav Adolph
  4. The Bahamas have a huge percentage of ports that produce Live Oak for example...that should be spread out a bit more
  5. Here's your list with 1-2 rates for England http://felipe.mbnet.fi/html/_1___2_rates.html I can only work with the information available to me...
  6. Now...Live oak or evergreen oak is a general term for a number of unrelated oaks in several different sections of the genus Quercus that share the characteristic of evergreen foliage. The Live oak mentioned in the game is most likely to be Southern Live Oak, or Quercus Virginiana and it grows only in a small portion of the US. I see no reference anywhere to Live Oak growing in the Bahamas/ Haiti / Dominican Republic...yet they found it necessary to add it to the resources there. The same goes for White Oak, or Quercus Alba, which grows in the following region. Teak,
  7. i would not mind premium ships in the game. I would resist premium ships with premium stats however. I wouldn't mind paying a few dollars/ euros to be able to build a Santa Cecilia (and make it non-tradable). Shouldn't be too hard for the dev's to make the Santa Cecilia somewhat like a paid DLC and have it give a redeemable Santa Cecilia Blueprint. @admin What is your opinion on this idea? Please make it a positive one :-)
  8. Seems a recurring theme...The Dutch fighting outnumbered and outgunned battles at sea, yet winning....
  9. If this ships gets into the game with the original cannon sizes/ weights/ calibers, she'll have a broadside weight just below the HMS Victory's in the game. (while only having 80 guns compared to the Victory's 106 guns) 1293 lbs vs 1296 lbs (HMS Victory) Armament 1798/07/28Broadside Weight = 1188 Dutch pound (1293.732 lbs 586.9908 kg)FWAS1786 Lower Gun Deck28 Dutch 36-Pounder Upper Gun Deck30 Dutch 30-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle2 Dutch 60-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle6 Dutch 30-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle14 Dutch 12-Pounder
  10. Seems there were 3 "colonies" in the North-America region
  11. i just mean...adding other nations is a valid thing to do. But i believe it could have been timed better, such as in when the game actually releases, and if the population numbers actually are able to support current nations losing players to new nations.
  12. yeah, no sense in it really...splitting up an already small player-base in yet another 3 extra nations. we can miss that as much as an anvil being dropped on our heads. PS: You forgot the Prussians.
  13. i'll reply with this http://felipe.mbnet.fi/html/sol_1700-18601.html the website also has lists of ships per nation on the homepage.
  14. Mate, there's currently 2 nations in our waters, being Danes and Swedes. And in both cases, they run when they don't have a 2:1 numerical advantage on their side. I don't know what you call it, but i ain't calling it PVP From what i can see, there's little "real" PVP players active. Most of them are (gankers) looking for easy PVP mark farming.
  15. Never in the history of this game, was the VP ever so large that it needed to send ppl to other nation "to balance the server" Get your facts in order mate.
  16. Naval Action = MMORPG with Age of Sail era ships Naval Action Legends = vehicular combat MMO with Age of Sail era ships (like for example, World of Warships) and of these 2 games, only Naval Action Legends is wholly focused on PVP action. So for all the people that are nagging that they only want to do PVP and nothing else, sorry, but Naval Action is not your scene, Naval Action Legends is. Since Naval Action is a MMORPG, there are certain elements that are core to the game, being the RPG elements such as crafting and PVE content. People in the "PVP only" mind
  17. Yngvarr

    Clan issue

    they did not dissolve the clan when switching nations, and they switched nations 2 times So there are actually 3 PPP clans Dutch French Swedish
  18. Yngvarr

    Clan issue

    Problem is that the creator is not even in the same nation anymore...
  19. Yngvarr

    Clan issue

    Hi, We're having a small issue in the Dutch Nation. There's the PPP clan, that was originally Dutch, then moved to the French Nation, and then moved to the Swedish nation. The problem is...the clan leader of the Dutch PPP clan, is Unknown Legend, who has since moved to the French and then Swedish faction. Now a friend of mine want to re-use the PPP Clan tag, but this is not possible because it still exists. Is there any solution for this? Could the PPP clan on the Dutch side be dissolved? Thanks in advance. Yngvarr
  20. strange thing is... it was commissioned as a 74 gun ship, but had gunports for 102.
  21. Please remain civil to one another please. Pointing fingers does not help anyone or resolves anything. The fact is that a large part of the Dutch PVP players, which weren't all that many to begin with, have left the nation. LIONS went to Prussia, PPP went to France and then to Sweden, 7UP went to the U.S, etc... One of the reasons behind this is that many PVP players felt that the nation was lacking in initiative to engage in PVP battles, and were more occupied with PVE. So they left. Problem now is that we have very little experienced PVP players left in t
  22. "Microtransactions[edit] In the eyes of gamers, sometimes microtransactions are done the right way, and sometimes they are done the wrong way. Data shows that most gamers (77%) like microtransactions when they are done “correctly”, mainly supplying cosmetic items and other non-game changing products. The other side of the argument is those who believe games that require microtransactions to be successful are what ruining the gaming industry. Certain companies like Blizzard and EA, and a variety of other smartphone companies have had vast amounts of criticism due to there choices with micro
  23. You can extend it to music played on open sea, like sea shanties. Or perhaps implement a "wear" slides like in War Thunder, making it possible to choose how faded or new your ship looks.
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