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  1. No , but https://www.amazon.com/Guleryuz-Ottoman-Sailing-Galleys-Galleons/dp/B00RWU30EE 5 pages show what is inside. Seems like it might have a bunch of publicly available blueprints stuffed inside and searchable info of that era. Would not pay $150 for it for sure. That 1st rate BP shown \/ can be found online. Found on pinterest...
  2. I have originals, but will not make you fool in front of everyone. I wish you luck in 2018.
  3. I am talking about everything in general including turning through the wind. Empty oceans, no entertainment and long complex sailing mechanics. Sorry to say, but you guys failed to deliver a so promised product, you made 100s of changes to the original title and trashed most of the ideas along with amazing fans who supported you from the start. I waited long enough and I believe 100s more feel the same. I will avoid your dev company in the future and let others know. I will gladly support any skilled company who will try to return of a true Naval MMO and not a bugged simulator with no content. P.S. I gave my money to CCP for 1 year sub. There I get everything that this game couldn't provide. That is $132 that you will not get. Also as promised I will provide an honest detailed review about NA development adventures. ---> Think about what you are saying here. Veffels lost due to beaching or grounding(broken mechanics that we can't fix) or captured or destroyed due to (broken mechanics that we can't fix) beaching and/or grounding will not be recovered or replaced by the Admiralty and Support services.
  4. This post basically says we can't program - Unstick button, so if you for some reason get stuck we don't care. P.S. Game is so slow now, especially in larger boats.Title should be changed to Simulator and not MMO game. I guess my days are over here. Farewell.
  5. My whole clan is back to EvE and World of Wasrhips, we have epic time compared to NA. Still checking NA here and there with slight hope of something good.
  6. is there any living source for these paints? PvE events, Fleets, PvP drops? Or we will expect never returning people to sell them to public? 600/120000 , I don't know what you have in store for us, but how do you want 600 to become at least 2000? Any particular strategy, just curious.
  7. All these forces and not a single weather indicator. Where are weather conditions and their effects and bonuses/penalties to sailing characteristics? Still far from realistic. Wind in Caribbean is always blowing with 100% strength. Fix it before you update text in Steam page to realistic. How about this, tiny spinning icon with numbers next to it that will show players wind force and wind direction>? -Low Winds ( + xxxx, -xxxx) -Normal Winds ( N/A , N/A) -Heavy Winds (+ xxxx , - xxxx) ----------------------------------------------------- Also list the revised data sheet again as promised. Good Patch.
  8. 1% of the world you mean? oh yeah what a great content opportunity for the rest of 99% of players. It's like I have a bunch of friends on different nations and every night we have planned battles, same place, collect pvp marks, show them to public - 'look you guys we are getting so much action'. You guys don't know **** learn to play this game is awesome. We live in a 1x1 small box of awesomeness and who cares about outside world? Chieftains wake up!
  9. 1 guy posts pictures of pvp marks and everyone else is dancing around him even chief is there. Can't be better than this. I sailed from Georges Town to Aves along the coast all I could find was 1 player cutter , 1 trader lynx. Same boring NPC fleets, no variety. Empty long boring sail. There is no visible change to OS speeds, npc content, events, or player activity. Whatever devs doing is not bringing life to NA.
  10. Can't agree more. Adding few new ships won't change anything. Yes it is content, but it doesn't help game live. Even stupid potbs had fleet drops that were worth millions. What can NA offer? Nothing. @admin needs to take a look at EvE online https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ghost_Sites introduce similar concept in NA and you are all set. Have mark, BP, rare mod drop chance in each mission or expedition and even rare sails and ship note. RvR is good, but that should not be a priority. As of today NA rating 48% from 60 recent reviews. Percent Letter Grade 73 - 76 C 70 - 72 C- 67 - 69 D+ 63 - 66 D 63 - 0 F People are not happy for some reason. Very sad.
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