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  1. So this is in form of a mission, so I take it that other players cannot interact with the mission from OW?
  2. Tjena! Ypsil är en helsvensk klan. Skriv till mig i spelet (samma namn) så kan vi snacka mer!
  3. If they are made no-pvp-zones then they must be reduced drastically in size.
  4. A suggestion for the teleport fee. The price could be based on range. Within a certain area it is free (for crafting and resource gathering) It would save alot of time when crafting becouse most basic resource ports are kinda close and it would be beyond annoying having to sail/pay for that.
  5. I remember when resources was more scarce. I made a good profit hauling coal to the capital. It was a risky trip, full of pirates and the french. I remember when there was a coast guard, patroling around our ports and keeping them safe. I remember when there was a clan effort to build SoL. I miss the olden days of NA
  6. This sounds so amazing, having nations form treasure fleets to move currency around. Even if its not 100% historical accurate (Admin mentioned banknotes in another post) it would still be so much more realistic than what we have now. A big + from me!
  7. I like this, it sounds really good. There is however a small issue that I see. The issue is with the "recently killed" status. Say I only have 2-3 hours to play per day. I go on one of these missions and sink. I now have the "recently killed" status. If I want to complete this mission I have to go out again and deny my enemy the rewards for sinking me. It seems very unfair to the other combatant. Maybe remove the "recently killed" status while sinking on these areas?
  8. Hello! I have an idea regarding these new "special trims" on crafted ships. Right now these special rewards are given at random to crafted ships, and it can also get more perm upgrade slots. How about if these new special trims were given by special ports but the random number of upgrade slots would remain RNG? For example: If you build a ship in Jeremie, it gets a random chance for more perm upgrade slots but it will get agile. Agile ships will always be from Jeremie. The benefits of this would be: * More reasons for holding ports. * Would create more high value target ports like ex. Cartahena. * Would move ship crafters away from the capital and safezones. * Would create more traders moving around OW. Ideas? Suggestions?
  9. I think that buy contracts for ships is a better way to go.
  10. As this is no longer such a big problem it dosent matter. And it wasn't about prussia, poland or russia. It was about small nations not having a chance...
  11. Thank you for listening! This solves the problem and is a really nice solution. Well done!
  12. Ah yes, 2 years from now Prussian players will be rewarded with a Victory mark, huzzah
  13. And what will happen after these 3 months? All will be fine and dandy? The problem will be solved? No, the problem will remain.
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