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  1. The Wren

    Global chats for the main languages

    This could be the perfect opportunity for Esperanto to make it's second debut!! It could work this time!
  2. The Wren

    Suspect alt/friend farming

    Didn't Thomas Shelby win a contest not too long ago for the fastest take down of an LGV using only a Basic Cutter?
  3. Mod stacking Unbalanced Economy TAXES MOD STACKING Over the years through many mods and wipes this game has been marching steadily towards being a joyless slog. I really enjoyed this game when I first started playing. Things were fairly inexpensive gaming wise, meaning that I got to level 50 crafting so I could build whatever I wanted to sail and fight. I had enough spare gold to build a ship for anyone who wanted one. I sold quality ships at fair prices and I gave away loads of free ships. One of my favorite things would be to give a new player one million gold to get him started. I really enjoyed using up my 2000 labor hours each day and that alone gave me enough reason to log in every single day to maximize their usefulness. It was fun being a part of a clan and supplying materials and equipment while being trained on how to properly sail and fight a ship. Losing was actually fun sometimes and I actually made friends with several "enemies" after having a good fight with them because losing a war ship or an Indiaman full of goods wasn't a completely devastating and crippling loss. The game was very playable and it seemed that everyone was willing to fight at almost anytime because it didn't hurt to lose a ship that could be easily replaced. Then the powers that be decided that this game didn't mean anything unless it hurt. It was said that there needed to be a consequence to losing a first rate or any ship for that matter. There were no happy winners unless the losers were punished in a meaningful way. So the economy was trashed, ships got to be very expensive in both gold and materials along with notes and permits and bureaucracy and friggin' taxes! I pay enough damn taxes in real life without this game bleeding off an extra 10% on both sides of a transaction. Now when I rebuilt and went out I was ruthlessly ganked into the poor house more times than I cared to rebuild. I've tried several different nations and also went back to my Pirate roots for a short while. Now I'm stuck in a nation where English is hardly spoken and I'm kinda stranded lol. This game successfully turned itself into an actual chore for me and I've completely lost interest in ever playing in the PVP server again. What's the point? Once in a rare while I drop into the PVE server just to sail around for a bit and admire the beautiful ship models and do a quick trade run or blow up a few AI ships. Then I'm gone again for weeks at a time. PVE server used to be a lot more fun but now you can't even talk to someone from another nation that you run into on the open sea. NA Legends brought the slightest glimmer of hope for a short time. It was like my air combat game IL2 where planes had their own strengths and weaknesses but there are no ridiculous mods or books that make one Bf109 superior to another Bf109. The difference between the planes was the pilot. But that looks like it has been abandoned also. I guess they noticed that people were actually having fun so that had to be put to a stop. I apologize for the long rant. I do miss the old days in this game when it was fun. Well. That's my story of how I went from a very happy enthusiastic player of this game to someone who really couldn't care less about it at this point. (It's just so damn pretty to look at though)
  4. The Wren

    HMS Kingfisher - with an amazing history

    Kingfisher was rebuilt at Woolwich in 1699, as a Fourth Rate of 46-54 guns. She was hulked in 1706, and was broken up in 1728.
  5. The Wren

    Basic Cutter

    So then kill them. If it's such an issue then get a few guys together and hunt him down and make his life in that area miserable until he goes away. Everyone has ships and cannons. Use them.
  6. The Wren

    Basic Cutter

    I always enjoy reading the ideas of people who want to enhance their game by penalizing or restricting others. It always makes for a fun conversation!
  7. You had 2 ships in fleet already. Isn't that the limit?
  8. The Wren

    [PvE] What if pve server...

    If someone gets toxic on the PVE server, you simply block them in chat and it's like they've been magically removed from the entire universe. Once chat blocked they have zero power to affect anything in your game at all.
  9. The Wren

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    You win for killjoy of the month. 🤡 Thanks for being a fun sucker. 🙄 I especially appreciate being called ignorant for trying to have a little fun on the forums. What a guy.
  10. The Wren

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Whole different can of worms! I stick with 24hr time because of work but mainly because it pisses my wife off to no end.
  11. The Wren

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Well when you write out the date in longhand or say it in a sentence do you say "Today is July 5th, 2018." or do you say "Today is the 5th of July 2018." ? I know there are a few of you wout there who are using the Julian calendar so today would be 2458304.500000 Personally I think that the stardate calendar is way more accurate so have a great 47634.44 https://www.stoacademy.com/tools/stardate.php
  12. The Wren

    Stop using mm/dd/yyyy

    Whose flag is on the moon? And you can keep your metric system too! Lol
  13. The Wren

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    Finders keepers.
  14. The Wren

    Intentional Griefing in Patrol Zone

    I guess you can say that I assumed it when you previously posted the link for the steam code of conduct. Violating that code will result in Steam suspensions, since you linked it I figured that you brought it up for a reason. If you linked it for other reasons that are not clear then I guess I just don't understand. Cheers.