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  1. Good luck guys, make Britain great again and I do like the picture, would you mind putting it one of your traders
  2. Hi Lannes, you would be more than welcome, if you contact myself, Pierre McDuff or Edmund Dante in game we will invite you.
  3. Guess they are off to the Caribbean as well and someone forgot to tell them or maybe the other way round.
  4. Well he was always full of it, but it wouldn't be nice just to single him out, I can think of a few more that could also foot the bill over the years.
  5. Weak Council? is this coming from a nation that used to be a dominant force, I do remember the Brits could do what they wanted when they wanted, now that isn't the case, maybe its time to sort out your own affairs before you stick your fingers in other peoples pies.
  6. I do remember the days when you must have been the only French player on Global we spoke a few times via pm, The French on Caribbean are a pleasure to play with, although I do not understand French, if I speak in English they do respond in English, I spoke to Comonche last night regarding TS and again a real Gentleman. I am happy with my choice of nation.
  7. After a lot of discussions and deliberations it took about 5 minutes to decide what nation we would go to, It was the fact that we don't speak French at all really convinced us. Clan, European Imperial Eagles at your service Sir
  8. Thank you for the welcome. A few of us have moved over so far and started an English speaking clan, sorry we don't speak French hence the clan but the French nation have been courteous and spoke to us in English when needed.
  9. Sounds good, looking forward to it in game.
  10. {ASP} Atlantic Society of Pioneers 8 active members
  11. You bring the wine and I will sneak over and borrow some Beer I'm sure the Danes wont mind indeed they can even bring there own providing there is some left let the party begin, Friday is way to far away,
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