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Please post 3 things that you find not fun. 

These things could be interesting, realistic, or else, but not fun for you. 



1. Xxxxx - not fun, because

2. Yyyyy - not fun, because..

3. Zzzzz - not fun, because..





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1. unrealistic fires at the moment, the ability to play with your fires. They should be harder to control and especially not a tool to play with. 

2. Trafalgars, there are none :( that aint fun.

3. Shoot the sails simulator instead of fighting, i totally get it but yet it is boring to have 99% of the PVP battles start of as a shoot the sails contest.

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1. fires - Not fun because you can easily put them out, at best they are trivial, at worst they can be used to hop in and out of fire shock keeping an enemy line in constant fear


2. Trafalgars(and other battle events like the one fellvred are running) - (this is a very personal opinion) not fun because there are people which jump in and dont follow the rules or the spirit of the battles(custom lobbies will solve this)

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1. Новые модули не крафтятся и почти никак не доступны.

2. Новые корабли не крафтятся и почти никак не доступны.

3. Нету простой возможности отправить корабль в другой аутпост.

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I think that the next patch will go a long way to solve several of my main issues with this game, but I'll still write some up.


1. Empty port battles and ports with no value

2. Unbalanced economy and ships (3rd rate being uncommon while 2nd rates are common)

3. Fireship mechanics makes fires too much of a cheap and easy tactic



EDIT: quoting Wind



5. I can't see if that ship is fishing Captain. Add an icon or net around/behind ships who use fishing button. 

This! And make fishing ships sail slower in OW.

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I had to post 2 sets of 3. :D


1. Ship sinking and destruction are too simple. Ships should have larger sinking animation variety. Also, there should be floating debris after ship is sunk. (Floating broken masts, planks) Add timer so it will vanish after ship wreck sunk. If ship exploaded have debris on fire floating around for a short time. 




2. Poor variety of loot. It's so much not fun to end the battle and get a grey mod. Where is Junk loot (rings, goblets, necklaces,,,)? Make leveling fun and rewarding. Make game more interesting.


3. It's not fun to sail through the storm and not feel heavy thunder, lightning and wind on your ship. (Add torn sails look after/during storm sailing). Also, It would be awesome if we could see distant storm clouds with lightnings moving closer and closer. 


4. Chasing NPCs and waiting for them to sink. It would be nice if you could speed up sinking speed on NPC ships only. 


5. I can't see if that ship is fishing Captain. Add an icon or net around/behind ships who use fishing button. 


6. Same boring wind sound. Add more wind sound variety such as howling, whistle, breeze etc... 

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1. The XP grind. I am sure it's the number one complaint on steam reviews as well. This doesn't mean it needs to be made easier or faster. There's fun grinds (like WoW) where time just flies and not fun grinds (like Korean MMO's).


2. No ships delivery system of sorts between outposts. You have to either resort to quasi-exploits to teleport ships or AFK sail the same old route for 40 minutes. No fun.


3. I assume this is subject to change (like the things above) but the map GPS (coordinates) really took the fun and sense of accomplishment out of navigating the map on your own.

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1. non-aggressive bots (ie unable to tag PvEers in OW), not fun, because it makes PvE OW boring, unsurprising, un-suspenseful 

2. bots that are not smart enough in combat instances, not fun, because it makes PvE Combats less interesting

3. lack of early 18-C ships, not fun, because their ornament / naval sculpture really shine


4. lack of exploration and non-combat missions atm, not fun, because it's also fun to try and avoid hunters and do other things than combat in OW 

5. lack of storms (and fog)  (in OW and instances), not fun, because it creates variety. 

6. A known OW map, not fun, because too predictable.


7. Fire and leaks aren't deadly enough, not fun, because risk is fun. 

8. Speed in instances, 6th-rates and unrated ones seem a bit too fast, frigates a little bit too slow, "not" fun, because... well.. speed matters.

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1. Wind system - predictable and boring, need to be more randomly and unpredictable also sea states in battle must change and stormmaps should be added again

2. No big event/mission the lack of a custom duel/battle room the lack of escort/search and destroy - anything fun to do with your clan or friends besides port battle/OW pvp/ai missions
3. As alpha tester not getting the chance to test new ships/paints/upgrades, only because of bad luck. We are alpha tester we need to test  :P 
4. No Dutch ships in game, for obv reasons

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1 - The boarding mechanic is not fun - It takes you from an action packed battle with lots of variables, to a sequence that kinda breaks the immersion and is more a clicking game.

2 - The ship mods/perks - The fact you can have two identical ships one being absolute rubbish and the other top of the line is a bit odd. The differences should be closer together, with less perk stacking possible, so skill is the winning factor.

3 - PB's should also give incentive to use 2nd and 3rd rates 5th rates and 7th rates, As of now you have either all 1st rates, all 4th rates or all 6th rates. Fielding anything inbetween is like second choice, and will reduce your chances for victory.

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1. Current tagging system. Favors players who weren't in the original tag circle and joined by sailing into their respective faction circle in OW, allowing them often join the battle closer to the enemy ship than the tagger. In addition, defensive tagging allows a defender to escape without ever being in range of the aggressor assuming he's paying attention. I'd like a tag circle similar to suggestions I've seen from Hethwill (I think it was Hethwill) where the "circle" is an oval and extends farther in front of you than behind you, as a way to simulate the will to engage on the part of the tagger.


2. Upgrades/Perks. In general I don't mind these, but I get annoyed by how incredibly powerful stacking as many bonuses of the same type can get. Ex fir/speed/copper plating/master or pirate perk makes some ships go insanely fast to the point where sailing anything smaller loses meaning because suddenly your Constitution can catch or escape nearly anything. In general, ships feel too fast in battle instance. Similarly for extra pumps/pump master, allowing ships to float for 10+ minutes with side structures completely gone.


3. Balance between carronades and long guns for 12-18pd frigates. Currently, double charge perk feels required for a ship using longs, otherwise the carronade armed vessel of equal size can demast the long vessel from a longer distance. The range advantage for long guns seems to only apply for shooting sails, and effective range feels less than that of equivalent carronades in the 12-18pd frigates.

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1) lvl grinding. The level grind can get very boring and repetitive and the only reward you get is more crew to have a bigger ship.


2) Crew cost. I think crew cost should change based on your level to make it easier for newer players to deal with as the money spent on crew just to learn to play is very harsh. Think the full price should be for flag captain and up and half for 1st lt to captain and 1/4 cost for midshipman to 2nd lt.


3)Fire and fireships. Fire can be some times a small thing or it can be a big problem. Also find it WAY to common in a fight to get set on fire or set someone on fire. Also think fireship fittings would be worth it if you had a way to light the fire yourself or have your ship blow up at your command. This could be done by adding another crew station and it takes time for the crew to set the fire/blow up the ship but you can still try to do it on your terms 

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1.  Sailing directly thru an AI warship fleet and not getting attacked - there should be a small aggro radius on AI enemy fleets

2.  Boarding mini-game.  You go from super - realism w/ physics to button pushing.  

3.  resource glut.   Sailing around to ports to find rich players have dumped huge amounts of items on ports.   

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1 - Upgrades - Disproportionately expensive to craft in terms of labor hours (the number of mid grade notes); and the number of non-craftable upgrades.  Why does it matter?  Because it is yet another reason for players to hold back from pvp.

2 - Weather / Environment - Lack of storms, fog banks, wave sizes, wind strength....  The elements are not as dangerous by themselves, and the constant weather reinforces the dynamics that all players favor the same ships - as ships that would do better in certain conditions are not given their chance.

3 - Ports - Lack of uniqueness of character (resources, people, design, goods, ships...)

4 - Passive AI - AI should attack

5 - Lack of unique AI - Lack of powerful unique AIs (i don't just mean number of ships)

6 - Omniscience - Knowing that a ship is a player by just clicking in the OW.  Again, the spyglass could be put to much better use to allow players to see if a ship is a player, the ship type, the type of guns,....

7 - Lack of knowledge - Not knowing where the action is - I understand that this could easily be abused - but its hard to find a decent fight in such a vast map with so few players.  I don't have the time to play the game for more than an hour at a time.

8 - Lack of customization - Ship paint, ship names, ship flags...

9 - Limited time windows for PBs - Name of the game is to put PB hours at 4 AM making it impossible to get a PB at normal hours.

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1) Leveling is far too easy. The patch where the exp difference between the levels was drasticaly lowered really destroyed something of this game. Most player in the max level cant even sail them properly. Even more, the challange to get to the next level and to achieve something was totaly destroyed. Hate that! It killed the fun factor! And for them which had to go through the full amount of level earlier, that was not fair! (weeks of grinding gone). Actualy I think that this was the point were the game got boring!


2) Outposts! We've got only 8 and I can not understand why. Ive tried to have an outpost at any corner of the map but thats just not possible. We need more of them! 10 or even more should be fine. I dont care if they cost more gold (Hell, I'd would even buy another one for 5 mio and the next for 10 mio)


3) Clanwarehouse - It needs a change. The bar is not proper for any object within it. It is a hell to withdraw gold cause you always have to take the bar and will not be able to find the amount you need to withdraw.


4) Offizier - I belive you've already announced it, but we need a second offizier sothat you can just switch instead of skilling again.


5) Update - Yeah I know, we should be happy when the update comes but it was asked what kills fun! And to wait for an update to happen any time for more than a month is frustrating. This pretty much killed a lot of fun I had in the game. I do not dare to switch my outposts, only in free towns. I do not dare to grab my ressources from the only national port I've kept to collect them there cause they all might be deleted.

6) Ports - We need more unique ports. The all look like the same right now.

7) Interface - This grew shit sucks!

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1) No battles in bad weather while there is a storm in OW: kinda unrealistic
2) A much brighter sun when it is nice weather, reason: we are in the Carribean and I want to 'feel' the heat  ;) 
3) More variation between ports and how they look should like (historically Dutch harbours looked different then Spanish for instance)
4) An egocentric one: possibility to buy a dock in order to store more ships, reason: I like to collect ships and I'm willing to pay for it :P
5) Be able to customize name of the ship (includes names on the models if possible), could even use a prefabricated list of shipnames to choose from

6) And last but certainly not least: need Dutch ships to sail with! Only nation which hasn't a ship of his own ;)

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1. Boarding system is immersion breaking because it is not graphical like the rest of the game and seems to be dependent on click timing to the second.... not realistic really.


2. Pvp join system and hide in after battle screen - Well this has been discussed to death so I will not elaborate. Apart from saying the three options I thought may work were .... small + large circle, BR limit for the defenders joining only equalling the BR of the attackers, expanding circle to 8minutes sail with correct entry vectors, no time limit and joiners have a entry co-ordinate calculated in relation from when the battle started. Hiding in after battle screen should not be allowed with an announcement of when they exit but them allowed to be invisible IF they wish for a set period. I would however prefer exit to be based on an extrapolated co-ordinate from in battle time.


3. Speed of the open world. Time it takes to sail places. We really need trade currents to allow faster speeds in the open world to different sectors. A lot of my mates will rarely play because - 20 min - 2hr sail to action, 1hr battle, sail back = potentially 3hr sail for one battle. Try to improve the time sink without destroying the immersivness.


4. Wind variety both in open world and battle. Wind direction and how it prevents tacking and general planning and speed in the open world.

Wind in battle also. With the current system I cannot plan a large tack or even a small one without having the wind change making my next tacking leg slower than it should be. Winds should be more consistent for longer periods... the regular spin actually makes things SLOWER imho rather than faster. It also prevents raiders predicting the most likely trade routes being used through wind speeds. Also want lighter and stronger winds to allow larger and smaller vessels advantages at different times. Currently the META ships are just boring, it's simple rock paper scissors, renomee/rattle, connie or ingy. Although I must admit I have seen a lot more variety lately as people get bored and don't care about losing ships. 

Wind in battle of varying strengths and speeds that reflect preventing the same META being carried out again and again. i.e. renommee run.

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1.) Ship Building, crafting, quality and the whole economic process plus RnG is terrible and basic, unfortunately the whole system is terrible and needs major work so the rest of the ship combat and RvR actually makes the game tie together.


- I like the wood type idea giving different characteristics but that should be the only determining factor, quality of ships/ modules plus the whole RnG should be thrown out as it makes the game not function properly, you effectively make people not want to use their idea of a perfect ship for battles as they don't wanna risk the use of it which has created a domino effect of people using broken mechanics to avoid battles all together.


- Modules should be broken down into your permanents that can be stacked and your regular/ general that are also used but not stacked, POTBS i feel did this better without going over the top, look into that for ideas.


2.) Perks, poorly implemented and more broken mechanics and traits


- You have introduced perks into the game as officers and while some ideas have merit most have a negative affect towards game play, this game used to be about skill now its turning into a game of broken mechanics and an old word that was thrown around as magic in other games where its all starting to become a game of abilities and crazy modules and unbalanced things, things that alter mechanics need to be implemented as a mechanic for everyone not just those who have it as a perk. 


3.) Lack of activity, ownership/ Investment in RvR


- RvR has no real purpose without player investment, ownership of ports and infrastructure, weather its a clan/ navy based region ownership of areas and players can go invest and know that they will be safe in to conduct trade and building, the more investment the faster a region grows for hiring sailors, more raw produce and manufactured goods being created, certification and ship building via order system, Ships stamps to stop thieves, so a clan created ship is locked to a clan till its like the old term payed off/ released to the player or public, you could go into alot more depth with it but hopefully i can leave that to you guys.


I could go on about many areas but this i feel is what keeps me away from playing the game, now i have written based on back when i last actually played the game back in maybe June and have only really been looking at the updates and so far there is nothing in them that remotely touch of areas that will make the game fun for me, i heard a quote the other day "As wide as an Ocean but as deep as a puddle" this game has great potential but atm just lacks any real bearing on solid headway and movement forward, so far since EA from where we have been back in sea trials the patches haven't really changed the game majorly, forgive me if i'm wrong but it doesn't feel like its changed much at all since EA, Sure Alliances, Fishing, Damage Model, Land in Battles, Crew/ Resources Production have been features added but they haven't changed much of the overall game giving the rest purpose.


We need a proper functioning economy to make the rest of the world work!

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1) Having too many PB's where the same ships are allowed.  Connie/Inger for most deep water, 1st rate for the rest, and Brigs for shallow.  i.e. make Niagara, small frigates (and other ships) more needed.

2) Boarding mechanic - looking forward to anything better...

3) Frustrating port timers - 5am pacific USA time for all the Dane ports on PvP2.  Can you say uncompetitive?

4) shallows in port entrances - some are just awful...

5) trash talk in chat.

6) the need for TeamSpeak - this should be an integral part of NA

7) Blue Print progression - too easy, too quick at the moment.  Some of the top ships should be VERY difficult to craft (eagerly awaiting new patch to see what changes - but the issue is nearly everyone has all the BP's already. 

8) Teleporting between outposts - how many outposts can you visit in 60 seconds?   the bane of the game as far as I'm concerned.  SHips popping out of port to look around and disappearing to the next...

9) Fires - especially the lack of damage to sails.

10) Instant (or very quick) repairs in battle.  You knock the heck out of your opponent - trash his cannons - and a minute later the ship is magically repaired.

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1) crafting...way too much based on randomness and luck. I'd like to be able to determine each feature of ships that I craft. Moreover too many ships now uncraftable or almost uncraftable.

2) possibility to stay in battle result screen endlessly...irritating, deeply unfair.

3) boarding mini game...it doesn't match the greatness and depth of this wonderful game.

4) lack of storms and fog into instances...it would be great to use fog to run away/hide from a stronger enemy or fight into a huge storm.

5) Ui...same reason of point 3). Naval Action deserves a better Ui.


Ok, I put 5 points instead of just 3 in my post ;):P , but things I love about Naval Action are way more than five...this is still a great game to play :wub: :wub: :wub: !

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3 things I find "Not fun" in this game. 


1) I wish the speed in OW was a little faster and distances could be covered faster when searching for wrecks and trading etc. 

2) I wish more upgrades where craftable like Gold Powder monkeys, marines, to mention a couple and more craft control for builders. For example a 3/5 gold ship could cost and extra note. It would be really nice if some upgrades designated permanent or regular could be cross complatible for exampe enhanced ballast could be either a perm or regular upgrade. 

3) the lack of special events that of a wider variety of items like paint, upgrades, could be so much more fun (like sealed bottles) but everytime I have tried to get a Deadman's Chest I only found empty ships. Those events attract allot of players which I noticed have decreased from the few events. 

4) officer perks as mentioned before. 


Things I find fun:


1) What  I do like is the realistic sailing and combat dynamics (contrary to other posts), nicely done. 

2) The ships are wonderful and I really like the look and detail of them.

3) The collabrative aspect of battles and going into battles with friends, I wish there where more battles types in PvE, for example port (AI) battles where teams could take on AI/NPC fleet and fortresses challenging teams to use a variety of ships. Some with mortar boats and others protecting them. 


Thank you very much for asking, it shows your commitment to the players.

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