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  1. Didn't say that, just get rid of the modern Dutch flag should have given you a clue of which time of the Netherlands I would prefer... Amen
  2. For heavens sake please no... Nederlanden brrr Already bad we have to sail with a modern Dutch flag...
  3. It was a joke.. the emoticon should give it away
  4. All just a pack of lies to lure us in!!
  5. For sure enlist in service of the Dutch Republic on atleast one server, prefering on Global - if there will be enough enemies of course - but will go where ever the wind and clan takes me. New in-game name: Lancella Dutch de Wildt
  6. This looks good! especially since you're doing this for only 3 months, keep it up and keep on sharing!
  7. Indeed a curious thing you would say, although it was more or less common to adorne larger British and Dutch traders in every aspect (that included rudders) with ornaments to display the splendour and to impress 'natives' overseas presumably for the benefit of trading and 'keeping them in line' This rudder however indeed looks from a different standard especially considering the size.
  8. The thing that striked me is, although its age, the remarkable condition of the woodcarvings considering the location where it was found. The waters around England, Netherlands etc. do tend to have more microorganisms and oxygen in their waters then for instance scandinavian waters.
  9. Identity of so-called Swash Channel Wreck revealed as Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame After more than a decade the identity of a 17th Century ship wrecked off the Poole coast has been revealed. The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour in 2004. Experts believe it to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame which foundered in a storm in March 1631. The wreck is significant not only because of its age, but also because of its distinct carvings, indicative of high status and wealth Links: Dutch: https://erfgoedstem.nl/1
  10. Amen! Towing my ships to LN as we type!! lol
  11. Nice, looking forward to all these changes Gonna cherish my 3rd rates and up coming weeks then
  12. Would rather have a particular Dutch ship of the line instead of a merchant
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