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  1. Didn't say that, just get rid of the modern Dutch flag should have given you a clue of which time of the Netherlands I would prefer... Amen
  2. For heavens sake please no... Nederlanden brrr Already bad we have to sail with a modern Dutch flag...
  3. @Ink Sorry to mention it again (and again) but I'm still stuck in Battle Screen with no crew and a sunk ship (which in fact was a near mint one with adequate crew when battle ended)...
  4. @Ink still stuck in (mission) battle screen with no crew and a badly damaged ship... while in fact I had more then 448 crew and a near mint ship
  5. Thanks for the hotfix! Will see this evening if I will get out of battle-screen lol
  6. It was a joke.. the emoticon should give it away
  7. Same here mate Same situation then, was also a combat mission. The thing is if they want us to test this patch and let us starve to death in battle screen there isn't much to test
  8. I got the same issue and it says I have 0 crew, while in fact when I left battle I had somewhat below 450 crew and the ship was fine. Result: stuck in battlescreen for like 13 hours now Did send a report and await some help (or tips) see below.
  9. No. As Hethwill said the correlation is: PvP One - PvP EU PvP Two - PvP Global PvE One - PvE So just create before the wipe a character on all 3 servers, do 1 battle with each character to sync your xp and you're done After the wipe you go to the server you desire and claim your xp by redeemables.
  10. All just a pack of lies to lure us in!!
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