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  1. Shamefull display. Outragous! Cant believe we gave up quicker than the Brits. We dont even fight for our main crafting port, we just give it away because were tired
  2. The point is, Britain has been losing, consistently in OW battles and in PB battles. Sweden has been winning consistently against you. This is not gonna stop. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking for myself only, I'd like to see a cessation of these hostilities. I've often found myself allied with the Brits against numerous enemies. It is a shame that our alliance was brought to an unfortunate ending through an unclear understanding, between both the Swedish clans and captains and the British, of what kind of alliance there was negotiated OW or RVR or PVP and where to draw these limits after RVR is over. In my opinion RVR Alliances are better because you cannot expect every player to uphold full OW/PVP alliances, it is far easier to control large fleets this way and these kind of RVR Alliances are the only ones you really want lest PVP becomes stagnant or single countries and playerbases are targeted because of this. I dont like to see Truxillo taken. With building costs so high the amount of doubloons and hours lost makes it so prohibitively expensive and detrimental to the health of the game and playerbase in general, not just for the British, but for all of the playerbase. But when push comes to shove I'll be there. I'ts not like nobody has ever tried to take, threatened to take or actually taken my own crafting ports. I dont think demanding Mosquito Cay and Old Providence are harsh terms, I'd expect the Brits would do the same to for the sake of 'bordergore'
  3. The settlement of the British and Swedish problem, which can now be achieved, is in my view, only the prelude to a larger settlement in which all the Caribbean may find peace. The question of Anglo-Svenska relations is of the first importance for the 2 countries and for the Caribbean. We regard the offer proposed last night, and a future Anglo-Svenska Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again. We can achieve peace in our time!
  4. I think the larger alliance politics should stay in players hands. Even if we force nations to be allies there's no guarantee they will help eachother, maybe USA is to far away from the French. We have seen this before in the previous alliance system and even before and after that with clan diplomacy alliances, where people will try to help eachother but cant due to distaces or timezones. If we could have a system where clans can make alliances with other clans, leave nations out of this, that would be I think the best solution. Give power to the players
  5. What if this loophole was used by the main account of other people, as in, not an alt of some russian/pirate/french player, would you change your opinions? Would it make sense to change your opinion on the matter? I think not.. Some of you people here are trying to find a 'loophole' to ban the other people that are "abusing" / "exploiting" an existing mechanic that the devs forgot to take into account when making the fronline system. If I where to use my main account to abuse this loophole, would that make everything alright? I think not. Some here are defending the people abusing a loophole in the mechanic as if this would speed up or force the devs to change things faster.. which seems just as insane to me I would say however, abusing the loophole in the current hostility mechanics is testing the game in bad faith. As far as I know the bug/loophole/exploit was found, was then reported and was then not used by the initial reporting player. The devs see the report, will work on it. To keep abusing the mechanic like this under the guise of testing/forcing dev action is, I will say again, poor conduct and testing the game in bad faith.
  6. No love for this topic lately. Recently came back to the game. When I found out my favourite ship the Surprise is now a shallow water ship I couldnt wait to give it a go in the patrol zone
  7. You cannot compare current state of affairs with the how it was years ago. I think what Joint ment to say with "awesome" was when the VP had other nations leaders kowtow before DAS/BOAT. When you are discussing the fate of other nations in your own council meetings and decide to be magnanimous in victory, to spare the crafters and pve'rs the folly of their nations politics and therefore not 1-port a nation, thats awesome Now you dont even have the bay of maracaibo. I think we all miss the days when we had thousands of active players, just look at the state we're in now 😉
  8. Who ever even thought up the possibility of the Dutch allying with the French must be high out of his mind and not even considered the Dutch position on the matter. As the French are our mortal enemy favorite most hated beloved adversary I feel like I can speak for the entirety of DAS if not our great nation and say no thank you.
  9. Sounds perfectly reasonable for you to expect 49 other people waiting on you to log in and start a full battle/Port battle when you do Theres always the small/large battle event btw, which has become increasingly popular
  10. When DAS reformed into the small clan it once was and now is again there's a reason why most of Squadron 6 did not join you after we've made the name which has now become abundantly clear for all to see. I kind of hoped most of us would rise above this kind of petty squabble. This entire downward spiral of bickering with each other is poor for the cohesion and cooperation between our clans and members of our nation. I wasnt there when this started, I have no clue what happened to cause this kind of rift between the clans but I still have hope we can overcome our dislike for eachother and still cooperate, if not in eachother fleet, at least in the grand scheme of things, for the good of our nation and the ruin of our enemies. You have a strange sense of humor Pellasgos but I at least respect your skills as an organiser and your ability to lead a fleet, although, I do dislike the constant CAPSLOCK in nation chat
  11. DeWoudt

    Nerfing Dutch

    Funny Jorge, you cant really say that its "British helping the Dutch" when Spain is assaulting both our holdings in Panama & Columbia. Their help kicking Spain out of that region is as much self serving as it is helping us. The British 'help' on our western front is unfortunately not representative of the general help they give us on our eastern front.
  12. DeWoudt

    Nerfing Dutch

    I've heared some traders are asking 2 to 4 labour contracts for these mythical special ships, though, this is only a rumor.. I havent seen one in any case, blueprints or ships
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