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  1. Well done mate, as someone who recently started these video is a great way to stay updated on whats happening and has happened.
  2. Here is some banners and heraldry used by the Swedish Navy historically (including Source). Source (Swedish): http://waslingmedia.se/nationalism/sveriges-flagga-genom-historien-del-2/ Background information : Upon the new reformation and formation of the Swedish fleet, King Gustav Vasa and the government proposed this flag to be used, between 1545 - 1600. Background information: One of the potential flags used by the Swedish Navy used between 1525 - 1580. in 1525 the Swedish Navy implemented the first waved ''banner'' with a cross however Swedish sources do not
  3. Seems FIRE is a Finnish clan, or am i wrong ? I happen to be from Sweden :=
  4. I'm very new to Naval Action and very eager to learn, as of now i'm trying to master everything there is to know. I've heard good things about SoB, could i possibly join if so, is that done in-game ?
  5. Is this clan only for Germans / German speaking people or could Scandinavians join in as well ?
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