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  1. Ok problems has been sold, it was a default of BPL boxes if this can help someone
  2. Hi Ink, many thanks for your fast answer, So after turn off Bitdefender, Windows Defender, opened all ports in TCP and UDP of the internet box, no K9 or parental filter and no soft teaking a lot of connection (only teamviewer some times and a Nintendo Swift 😛), the result is the same, no brig in tuto, and no control in battle. I asked him to launch a test from steam : NAS-1196333
  3. Hi everyone, one of my mate have a lot of majeur issues with Naval Action : - "Each time i launch the gunnery tutorial, just after the spyglass exercice and the explanation of the CTRL action for clicking on "OK", the text panel in the right become empty and around 15 seconds, game closes the tutorial and makes me back to the port. Just before the brig spawn" Already try game restarts, reinstall with deleting Appdata files + Reg information, new characters. After that, he tries to go in open sea, no troubles but each time he wants to enter in a battle instance, it is impossible for him to rise sails, shoot guns or do anything else. 20s ou 30s after the game close the battle and he comes back in OW with aerror message like "no control detected" or something like that At this point he can see other ships moving ... but he can do nothing. Like if server information downs well, but nothing comes up. It is a new player for the release and I really hope someone will help us to find a solution. A ticket has been mad for the Tuto (player name Kodje or Kodj today) Many thanks in advance
  4. I dont think its a good idea, cause of battle screen campers, and for players who dont have a lot of time to play after a battle, i think the "exit to frendly port" is friendly user and stop losing a lot of time for nothing.
  5. I think killing communication with enemies in battle and OW is hard, but saying that we ll stop this game because of this is much harder. Stop assist player because of one guy crying " He said i am a noob ouin oiun" Gamers make the game, some of them will leave, some will come. But i think we need to communicate with at least one enemy in private message.
  6. Totally agree. All my little clan and me (arround 15 ppl) stop playing the game after 1000/2000 hours of play time. And i think we are not alone We are all waiting the first wipe to test new features and we ll come back in the game for the release. And we dont care if it takes 2 or 6 month or even more. Take your time, stop fighting against troll and kidds on this forum and steam and make the best sail sim ever !
  7. Fisrt wipe will be on end of april, so can we hope an ETA for the release 1 or 2 month after? Just to have an idea and of course not contractual
  8. Important problems to be solved Make AI more human, and whe nwe leave a (free)port in enemy water, we need to be "afraid" by AI AND players, not by the number, but the quality More than 2 mins for leave a battle pls ! you can join a friendly port now after a battle so we need to have 3 or 4 minutes before leaving or exit a 500 m radius circle before. No rare blueprint ! Rare paint yes but not for ships ! Features (additions or cutting) Possibility to drop cargo in battle or open sea, and pick up Storm in battles AI fleet only for trader (player) and cargo hold for fleet More little event on open see, random, like building on the cost (loot) or wreck on the sea....
  9. Planking does not increase armor, only decrease the number of leaks and quanty of water per hole. Stiffness increase armor and build strenght the HP of your ship
  10. Muskets fire can slow maneuvers of the crew ? turning mast, up or down sails, reload... and of course kill 2/3 guys on the deck
  11. Personally and for my clan, we findt the new system with fine wood is good, it requires us to pay more attention to ships that we craft. With a good organization of a half dozen players, we can crafter any ship in gold. The regoinnal bonus give on some ships in basic better performance than gold one. The only suggestion I would make is to choose what kind of resource you want to craft with a forest a forest: - Craft mahogany log give you like today the mahogany and compass and fine - Craft of mahogany give you only live mahogany with a bonus of + 10 / + 50 / + 100% (200 mahogany log 50/75/100 give you live mahogany)
  12. Just had the same probleme vith a trader cutfer ia
  13. Pay day !! Oh sry patch day !! need the patch notes
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