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  1. You ignore all the PBs when a nation cant bring full BR. That Port Battle has 0 players of that nation inside, because their 10 are not enough. So you cut gameplay for this 10 Players. And more than that: The other side, lets say russians, bring 25 Players wich have no enemy to fight and get bored. But with BR limitations they could have at least 10 Players to fight, because the enemy can also fill the BR.
  2. It is exactly like @Intrepido said: When devs decide to have a variety of nations to sell more game copies, wich brings more players..fine. But that makes it a mandatory task to bring an ally system to keep the server health in terms of balance and RvR. @admin seems to igore every request for an improved/dynamic ally system wich can give the low pop nations a tool to really work together. Because of the lack of such a system, the RvR died. Yes, there is a Port Battle here and there, but remind the good old times when we had much of PBs every day. Now we have some smaller nations not able to participate in RvR and that is a bad game design mistake in my oppinion. And YES: The problems of too expensive ships or too much grind or too high pb-br are things that make the problem even bigger, but the main problem ist: We need support for low Pop nations to come together and unite. Because i dont see the will of the devs to solve that problem, or simply accept there is a problem, i see no future and no reason to play the game anymore.
  3. Oh, you are so right. This is the "complete edition of biggest game design fails in NA". I cant agree more, but I lost hope that the devs ever understand that.
  4. Yes and that decision was a complete failure. 1 or 2 more development iterations could have fixed the problem. Instead they've chosen the easy way: just drop it. The result is a superpower nation and the rest leaves the game (like i did).
  5. No, the problem is not they are too lazy, they have no ally system to realize a stable opposite faction against russia.
  6. I stopped playing because of the massive Imbalance of the nations. As some people already said, smaller nations cant do anything in RvR without the will of a superpower. So, without a balance in nations, the RvR will never wake up again. The Question is: How to balance nations? With the current mechanic I see no way. The Nation Switch DLC makes it impossible to switch a big clan without splitting it and loosing players with that. On the other side: Why are the smaller nations don't group up against the superpower? Because the lack of of an well designed ally system, wich is supporting that. That is the most important thing to fix in my point of view. @admin already stated in several posts they tried to improve RvR, but always failed. And with that I come to my second point why I stopped playing this game: The devs looks like they have no idea what to do, to fix the problems above and gave up. But for me, the RvR gameplay is the core of content creation all over the carribean. Of course there are other things, like the massive grind wich need to be addressed, but without a healty RvR, there is not enough content, and without content there are no players and without players we have the situation like Graf wrote: "I like the teamplay most. But my team is gone …"
  7. Exactly! I stopped playing the game because of imbalanced nations. And i dont play until they implement some kind of ally system to make the server healthy again. What they do is to wait and hope the players solve that problem. But players don't! Edit: Sorry for the misuse of your thread.
  8. The completely out of balance situation and the devs who dont give a shit about that, made me quit the game. Could be solved by the players itself, but that isn't realistic. So this game needs a mechanic to do this or at least to support and push that.
  9. Oh I think there are more players having this problem. For Example, this sounds very similar: He is questioning for a solution with a timeout at battle instance start. After that he found himself at the Open World. Because Adlatus have no problems with any other game, we cant see a general connectivity problem with the PC settings or his ISP. Also there were no problems in the past, all starts at one point with a NA patch.
  10. Klingt ähnlich wie das Problem eines Clankollegen, der allerdings wegen diesem Bug das NA Spielen beenden musste..
  11. High PB BR is bullshit. Most Players agree with that, but devs don't care^^ btw..never read a reason why the previous system was changed
  12. Yes, with completely fix allied nations. Nothing dynamic. Ally system must be player driven with conditions how much and wich options a nations have, dependant of their strength / success to make a real balancing possible. But i think that is too much for the devs.
  13. Sadly, I think the same. (maybe except port raids)
  14. Yes, but it is too hard without an alliance system provided by the game mechanic. It is too hard to mobilize enough people to help Nation X against another one if your (mostly new and unexperienced) players get ganked daily by Nation X. An Ally System would make Nation Balance so much easier to do, but devs ignore that or dont understand the need of that.
  15. I wasnt talking about the static one from admin with the voting. I was talking about an alliance system wich we had in the past with improvements to make strong nations has less and weak nations could have more allys.
  16. I am missing the much needed improved alliance system. @admin Do we have any chance? RvR balance is very important, espacially atm.
  17. Adlatus still suffers under this problem. I fear we will loose a player because of this. Today he had a disonnect while starting a battle again. I had a view on the clan list at that moment and it shows "Adlatus II; Officer; Battle, Unknown". Then he reconnects and "unkown" was changed to ship type "Rättvisan". Dont know if that Information brings an idea. The evening before the last server crash he had a stable game and played some hours without a problem, the same as it works all the 3 years before. But after server was online the same problems occured.
  18. Hey Admin. Was that a dream or did i read about a roadmap wich should come?

  19. Like the Port System all nations should have a base set of Points, letz say 50. 20 Points a nations Needs to ally up with another one. So every Nation can have two alliances. As smaller and weaker a nation is, as more points it gains and as more alliances it could have. As bigger and stronger as less points. The Question is: How to indicate a strong or a weak nation. There must be several combined values wich have an influence on this indicator. I could imagine a mix of population, port counts, won and lost pbs, strength of clans (we have leaderships), and maybe more. Because of the first two values are most important, from my opinion, they must have more weight than others. All there results in the "Indicator of the strength of a Nation" and increase or lowers the free ally Points. That is neither static nor random, that is dynamic in dependant of the game Situation. @admin maybe you had thoughts about such a system in the past?
  20. Doesnt matter if russians or any other nations is the zerg..there is always a zerg. Because of that we need the ability to group up the smaller nations. Only effectivly possible with an ally system.
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