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  1. Is the clan warehouse bank system (so transacting money from your purse to the clan) also included? Last time I checked, Aves had been no free town. Do you want to make Aves a free town?
  2. Dont think that would be a wise decision - Even between clans is a lot of bad blood. Further, most diplomatic talks are between both partners and not for the community to get read.
  3. So swedes fought no war with pirates? We helped you against them cause you needed it. They kept attacking us. They kept attacking our PB fleet / hostility raising fleet. This actualy counts as war actions mate! For your information: We didnt even know about that the pirates struggle when we set the campaign to free the bahamas. Further please tell us who told you about the "planed" backstabb of our nation against yours. Im a council member and I did not hear about it at any point. If you would be as honorable as you say you are, you could have told us earlier about your problems with our campaign. You knew about it. But you did not. Your actions again prove that you are not telling the truth there. You were able to set up the document extremely fast. Dont tell me or anyone that you could wrote it within 30 minutes after you called for our diplomate. That was planed for at least one day. You also had to talk with your nation about this matter and discuss everything. I know that you are not single ruled! This is a direct backstab and nothing else!
  4. Finally a true word - you backstabed us. The Swedes had no intention to do that at any way. But actualy I do not wonder: From the time when VLTRA moved from Spanes to Danes I expected this thing to happen! Danes are not truestworthy.
  5. Than why did you attack Grand Turk when you already saw (and knew + agreed on it) that we went to take those three regions in the bahamas? Your statements and actions directly contradict themselfes.
  6. I am talking about our minimal buy contracts from NPC's! (When we set a contract to buy goods)
  7. @admin Since the last patch my contracts (all shown at the shop) are not filled. I made sure, the whole day, that every contract is placed first the whole time and I noticed that the amount of ressources raised in the ports where my contracts have been placed. (I am talking about 8 Contracts in different ports which worked the whole time since the wipe - same ressources.) Can this be a bug? That is the only reason I can get when I think about this matter. If yes, this needs to be fixed! Thus, it is nice that you fixed a bug where contracts where not shown in the port but before that you need to fix that at least the contracts get filled!
  8. Didn't know whe had a solo pirate server oO
  9. Twig


    Dear Devs, I just noticed the following: As you can see, the Island is hiding the ship but the reflection still shows the ship at its full length. Its not trivial I just noticed it and thaught that it might be a good idea to tell you about this funny bug See ya around! Faithfully yours, Twig
  10. Unsere Taverne: "Zum garstigen Deutschen" bietet noch viel Platz für weitere Trunkenbolde
  11. I also got at the first event near the dutch lands on pvp eu almost the same drops as you got. Sadly I did not got the BP but everything else.
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