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  1. Been working my way through the academy since getting the game last week, and for the most part enjoying it immensely. A few thoughts below on the missions that have stood out most to me so far, both good and bad: Sink the Raiders Definitely the hardest one I've done up until I reached the one last night to build a BB/BC/CA and destroy two modern BBs, a BC, and their escorts. Feels just right in terms of difficulty to me, while still being very engaging gameplay-wise and having multiple ways to win. Speaking of engagement, my most recent attempt with 2 armored cruisers c
  2. They added more servers due to an issue that wasn't actually there: people AFKing ingame and causing other players to wait an inordinate amount of time to log in. That was solved by AFK timers, not by adding more servers. The game was also fresh off Steam release at that time, with all the hype and population surge that comes with it. Look at every game launched since Naval Action on Steam. Massive initial population as all the lemmings move to the next "New" thing, followed by a steady or in same cases immediate drop weeks or months later as the next "New" thing comes out. The game was not ma
  3. I disagree that this is a question of ship or crew size, or a question of level. Even a basic cutter can go trader hunting, or make itself useful in a team battle. I think it's a question of player confidence and skill, which will be different from player to player. My advice is to tag lone enemy AI traders (but not Le Gros Ventres)/take lowest rank missions, learn how and when to use the various ammunition types, learn to demast by shooting those predictable and barely maneuvering AI traders, learn how your ship handles on different points of sail, and most importantly, learn how your most li
  4. I agree with a lot of the changes you've suggested to crafting in general, but I do disagree on a few points regarding rare reward/event ships and blueprints. Firstly, those blueprints will very likely be accessible through events on all servers, post-rework. And given all the event ideas I've seen over the months, I doubt it would be hard to create more events accessible to different playstyles (trading, PVE combat, etc.). Second, nothing is stopping players on PVP2 from putting together their own tournament, as the PVP1 tournament was originally a player creation. It was later sp
  5. The post being used as "evidence" was taken out of context at a much earlier stage in development, and the reviewer was using that post to insinuate that these would be mystical pay2win premium ships. And then the reviewer turns his comment section into an echo-chamber hating on the devs instead of informing players about the game, removing any comments that offer a counterpoint. That's out of line, and I have no issues with admin or other staff calling them on their bullshit. The customer is not always right, and when they deliberately misrepresent things like this it hurts the rest of us by
  6. Personal opinion from someone who's played a lot of betas over the years. Often times (and I personally believe it holds true for NA as well), early development is not a good place to say "we will never introduce premium ships/skins/insert microtransaction item here." The reason for this is that microtransactions are a business model just as much as an avenue to game content. At this point, Naval Action's business model is purely "buy once - play forever." No subscriptions, none of that recurring income that F2P/P2P games use to fund their own continued development. The devs' attitude here
  7. Events were available on multiple saturdays with date and time known well in advance. After being pulled for rework, one of the changes promised in the rework was that events will be at random locations and times so that people in different time zones and in game locations have an easier time participating. There will be more chances in the future to get event ships. At the end of the day, unless you had a life threatening emergency, it was a choice to do something offline instead of spending an hour or two in the game. You had the opportunity, but chose to spend your time on something else.
  8. Quite a big difference between being hit on the hull by another ship at relatively low speed, vs wind pressing on canvas far from a ship's center of gravity. Too much canvas, and yes your gunports will go under and you will founder. Remember the Vasa?
  9. Except that you could find notes hinting at the position of enemy ships by AI, these notes were often posted to chat by the community and in some cases even recorded on the forum, DAYS in advance of the event. You literally didn't even have to hunt for notes, with how many people were posting them to chat. Event time slot was an issue yes, but when it was removed for rework one of the things said by admin was that event times would be made random so that different timezones and areas on the map get (easier) opportunities to get the prize. You had, and will have in the future, full access to th
  10. Personally, if we're already removing most ships in player docks, I'd rather go full hog and do the full asset wipe. Avoid all this bickering and whining about compensation for an action that SHOULD be implicitly understood to be part of early access development.
  11. From the perspective of a crafter who built primarily for himself and gratis for clanmates, and a primarily PVP sailor, I like the proposed changes. Now instead of having X yellow ships whose only differences are the upgrades installed on them, I have much more room for customization that isn't dependent on RNG. Both good for me and good for the recipients of my crafted ships, since now I'm not eating loss after loss when the requested exceptional 3/5 LO + speed build comes out once or more as 2/4 stiffness and the recipients don't have to wait weeks or more for me to slowly and painfully do m
  12. Will bridle ports ever be able to function as chasers with their real fields of fire, 45*~ to the right or left of the ship's bow? Or is the area control perk considered to have fixed this mechanics wise?
  13. The caveat is the new ROE and lack of timer. All of a group's ships MUST be in the pull circle in order to join a battle initiated by one of their own. Even with invisibility present, an aware captain will see the ships around him before the battle starts and be able to take that into account, possibly putting distance between himself and any heavier members of the fleet since positions are all translated into the battle instance from OW. None of the "get pulled into battle, then a gank fleet spawns right on top of you thanks to join circles" that we dealt with during 5 minute timers and 2 min
  14. This is a two-sided coin, because people can camp the battle with no risk to themselves and with ships set up to counter the combatants' thanks to TS/nation chat, and OW compressed time. The difference being that unless another friendly is outside the battle watching, the players inside have no idea what is waiting for them. Believe me, there has been a lot of discussion about this. Put the shoe on the other foot for a minute. You engage an enemy ship in an even fight, and emerge victorious. Or you cap an Indiaman that was silly enough to AFK sail with no escorts. You take your prize, then
  15. The "you start on your side and I start on mine" is going away with the new ROE though, since the only players in the battle will be those that were in the pull circle to begin with. OW position is then translated to the battle instance. So the dance in OW to get the upper hand before the tag timer runs down is still an important part of the combat set up.
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