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  1. from what i see, you can chose to play US or UK. Don't quote me on this though, just what i gathered from the website
  2. Looking good, definitely even more excited for this after seeing the site
  3. I am definetely looking forwards to this, feel free to add me to the list!
  4. Im guessing you should also recieve xp if you leave the battle before it is done right?
  5. Problem is, you cant have it exactly like NA due to the very different nature of the games.
  6. I have noticed that sometimes i dont get any experiance at all after a battle, how is XP calculated right now? Right now it feels like you have to have a kill and win the battle, which IMHO is very unbalanced for XP gain and id say that the old sea trials method of damage is probably be the best(with a multiplyer for win)
  7. Is there any NDA or similar for the closed beta test?
  8. allready one on the way, 90 gun SoL, christian den syvende
  9. lemme make it worse. The Germans, the guys that had a rowboat for their navy, got a ship before the dutch... And now, yet again, the dutch seem to be getting what? Nothing... because ofcourse we need another french ship, because of course there are none in the game. Oh... wait...
  10. As pietjes list... the dutch have 0 ships... The spain i somewhat understand, they only have 1 ship, the swedes, danes all of that, somewhat understand, but the french? The Americans? The British? They have 5+ ships, which is an infinite amount more than dutch ships... You gotta give the dutch at least a bone... its been way too long and the only thing the dutch have gotten is a swedish merchantman that the british used -.-
  11. Why do we have people suggesting french and british ships? Dont we have enough of them already? Whats next? Yall gonna be suggesting even more american ones?
  12. And that is why the Dutch have more ships than the Spanish, because the spanish are 100% ignored while the dutch are flourishing with ships. Oh wait.
  13. But there is 1 swedish ship on the testbed(ignoring other chapman designs like the yacht and the indiaman) and there is 1 danish ship in development. Nothing on Dutch, Portuguese or Venetian ships
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