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  1. Well, this is just speculation so dont take this as official word. But considering how modable unity games are in general unless specifically made with moding in mind(like KSP) this is not gonna be that modable. also judging by the previous ultimate general games.
  2. If you look at price/performance, AMD is totally dominating right now, and there has been multiple times that AMD is ahead... dont make assumptions just because intel is ahead most of the time, amd is just bad, because news flash, thats not how this works. Look at the individual parts and decide on that, dont go by "its from x company thus it must be bad", thats just blind fan boyism which is bad for everyone. Also, i have also played with both and really, the drivers are just as good... the performance on the top end for nvidia is better yes, but mid range? amd provides better value ATM
  3. Well there is some misconceptions here and some outright wrong information here, so il go a head and clear some stuff up. How so? AMD CPUs right now are extremely solid providing excellent core count for your money, single performance isnt up there with intel right now, but zen2 is promesing. GPU front is disappointing in the high end, but rx 570 and 580 still provide excellent value. As someone that has used AMD until lrecently and am currently on a gtx 1070ti, at the moment, on windows, they are about equal (with AMD with the way nicer UI), on linux, AMD is the clear winner atm. Id reccoment getting a crucial mx500 for SSD, the sandisk SSD is only good if you can afford literally nothing else, it suffers greatly from only being 120GB (your specific model) and it is also a DRAM less model, not great. the crucial mx500 is the best all around SSD available right now. In terms of memory, as others have said, aim for at least 3000MHz (regardless of intel or AMD, ram speed is about equaly important for both, with it being a bit more important on ryzen) also, id highly reccomend at least an 8 core for recording and streaming, the 1700 or the 2700 are great options. This is coming from a guy ATM recording with a 1700. Asrock hasnt been an asus branch in a long time
  4. For video editing and rendering, i recently switched from Adobe premiere to Davinci Resolve, i would highly reccomend Davinci Resolve, its free, it makes good use of your computers resources, and its a powerfull tool. I also concur with everyone else regarding OBS, OBS is amazing, can take a bit of setup, but flexibility is good and you can easily tune it for your hardware
  5. OOOOO fancy, I like how its looking
  6. from what i see, you can chose to play US or UK. Don't quote me on this though, just what i gathered from the website
  7. Looking good, definitely even more excited for this after seeing the site
  8. I am definetely looking forwards to this, feel free to add me to the list!
  9. Im guessing you should also recieve xp if you leave the battle before it is done right?
  10. Problem is, you cant have it exactly like NA due to the very different nature of the games.
  11. I have noticed that sometimes i dont get any experiance at all after a battle, how is XP calculated right now? Right now it feels like you have to have a kill and win the battle, which IMHO is very unbalanced for XP gain and id say that the old sea trials method of damage is probably be the best(with a multiplyer for win)
  12. Is there any NDA or similar for the closed beta test?
  13. allready one on the way, 90 gun SoL, christian den syvende
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