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  1. Would make capturing a ship from an enemy nation way more compelling, but since you can craft them, capturing ships only suits the basic instinct... Having a ship to do more battles. Also, refits... one of the biggest game changes in that era, we don't have. We can only craft and destroy, but never upgrade it or better fit it, I wonder why. And don't get me wrong, a lot of players will say that limiting ship choices per nation would limit gameplay, but you gotta ask yourself.. Would it? I mean, you would get more options to bring into a battle. Instead of sink it, you can capture it, refit (maybe rename it :C) and put it into your national enterprise fleet to better fit your clan port battle/rvr formation. Having crafted ships locked to their own nations would make players engage more in pvp, would make boarding a more viable choice instead of simply brawler gameplay, and adding something like refitting into the game, maybe renaming ships even more enjoyable to play. IMO.
  2. I wish we would only suggest flags that were actually used around the West-Indies, tho.
  3. Sure, why do we even need nations.. at all, right? And yeah, I'm currently playing on the PVE server, but that doesn't mean I don't also play on the PVP server. I do. And I want to see the PVP server actually work and prosper. Seems like few players actually want a proper game, not just a battleground. The old days of instance battles are over, this is an MMO now with Sandbox elements to it. If we do have nations in the game, it should be FOR the nation, not for a bunch of players to profit from it, but the whole nation. If you can't understand that, well that's just too bad, but that's just my opinion, you can hate on it or simply move on.
  4. That divides even more the player base within the clans itself. And I don't agree with 11 nations being available aswell, don't get me wrong. Clans should be like an enterprise, but it should not hold responsibilities over national matters. Being that clans right now hold a lot of responsabilities from the Port Battles over nation, being able to tax and overthrow other clans that it doesn't get along with is beyond my imagination. If you're capturing a port, it shouldn't be your clans responsability, it should be national and everyone, EVERYONE in the nation should benefit from it. Clans have too much power in their hands, and they can control the whole port with taxation and friendly clans, small clans and clans that don't really get along with that clan simply does not benefit from it. What's the purpose of all this? Clans should be a way to create a trade route and warehouse to make money AND make that nation even more richier than it is. The nation should benefit from all of it without being limited or forced to beg for the clans friendship just to be able to gain access to the port bonuses, that kills even more the game. If it was a national matter and responsability, clans would get together and work together to capture ports so they can all benefit from it equally, no clan should be above the others. That's my opinion, but whatever.
  5. Open world and instance definetly needs a revamp. Weather should always be a factor in either battle or travelling. If you're caught up in a storm, you should be teleported to a instance, where you actually go through the storm like in a battle (but yourself), masts should get damage if you keep full sails lowered. Heeling should be also a thing in battle, the bigger the ship, the stable it sails, since it's weight should counter-balance the heeling. There should be more islands with different designs, maybe some mountain-wall that dives straight into the ocean, instead of it being completely uniform from low-high-low point of view with tons of florest around. There should be more rivers cutting straight into the island that we could sail through. Port Battle should also include 2 phases, one being; you gotta fight for the 3 points, keeping the enemy fleet from taking it. 2; taking the forts at bay and harrassing the city with cannon fire from the ocean. 3; sending in the long boats to take the town. (This would go hand-in-hand with the Port Battles coming to the PVE server) Also, forts and towers should be nerfed down, a fort/tower shouldn't be that much of a threat if you're counter-attacking it's cannons, the reload time should be nerf and the amount of cannons you take from the fort should be more realistic. I've tried taking down a fort by myself few days ago, I got it to mid-hp, but everytime it gave me a full broadside like I was battling a goddamn ship of the line, and my hp was going down quicker than his, which is insane. Forts and towers are not that strong. Looting shipwrecks should be always on an instance, like in battle. You sail close to it, anchor your ship near the wreck and loot it like looting a ship recently sunk in battle. Also, looting ships. We should be able to anchor down and send in long boats to do the looting. I still don't understand why we need to get that much close to a ship in order to loot it, it makes us lose time and effort. Let us anchor down near the location and have the option to send in long boats to retrieve the loot. It doesn't even need to be animated or graphic. Just make the circle of looting around the ship bigger and instead of it being "Inspect the ship hold", do something like "Send in the long boats" and we're good.
  6. *laughs in portuguese* Instead of making 1st rates the goal of end game, harder to craft or obtain, now you can simply gank a solo 1st rate and simply capture it for yourself.
  7. Clans shouldn't have this much power over national matters, I've been saying this for a very long time now and I still say it, clans should only be a secondary order for players to supply themselves with the help of overs. Port Battles, RvRs, Hunting missions, PVE missions, Capture or Sink missions, Privateering should be the focus in every nation in the game. Right now clans are more powerful than the nation itself, players submit to clans, not nations and it's hello kittying wrong.
  8. Although, many of my suggestions are specifically for the PVE server.
  9. I appreciate the efford you guys put in, the reason I mentioned you guys wouldn't care about reading my suggestions is because many of them would literally change the dynamics and the gameplay itself from what it is right now. I've been suggesting those types of things from few months now. I've been suggesting the adittion of the Letter of Marquee for pirates (which by the way, shouldn't be a Nation, but a status) to become privateers for the nation of their choosing. But because this game doesn't emphazise NATION, but CLAN, we don't have national missions, campaigns, port battles and RvRs are only done because of clans, so I don't see how it would be implemented. And how can you change a game people are already accustomed to playing for something completely different, even more after release...? That's my dilema.
  10. The reason why historically accuracy was ignored in few ships, is because they're not assigned to us like they were back then, we pretty much craft or capture the ship we want and sail it, so the balance between them for a fair gameplay is a must-have. I too wish there were more historically accurate systems, such as actually being able to choose between being a Naval Officer, Merchant or Privateer and serve the nation as the actual position I chose, but since there's no option beyond Naval Officer, I can't complain, It would be hard to change that now. Some things that I wish was different aswell, was the possibility to recruit officers, and your crew choice would also benefit the status of the ship. But instead we have upgrades. Choosing your officers and crew would benefit speed/trimming (being making sails faster, trimming to gain 1 or 2 knots more than maximum), repairs, gunnery (being reload OR accuracy), boarding, etc. But perhaps, ships shouldn't be based off existing/historical ships, but makings. A frigate should be called a frigate, not a Belle Poule, not a Endymion, but a frigate. By crafting them, we should've been able to choose how many cannons (based off the maximum, we could refit it with less cannons than the maximum), so if the Endy carries 52 max, we could refit her with 48 or 42, giving her more speed and maneuverability, but less broadside power. By making a system like that, naming your own ship would've been way more accurate than right now, with 20 ships of the same serving in a battle, which limits our imagination and immersion. And I still believe with a ship system like that, once the officer/player reaches a certain level, the Admiralty should assign him a ship based off his rank, and players shouldn't be able to sail other ships or have a collection of ships, which by the way, gives no purpose or sentiment of losing it on a battle, it makes the game a grind, and makes people not care about them at all. Anyways, I could go on and on but I don't think the devs really want to read these type of suggestions, since they got their own vision for the game, which isn't clear for us yet, but I digress.
  11. One thing that I may suggest that I never undestood why, is; why is capturing a ship less rewardable than sinking one? Meanwhile back in the days, you gained more money by capturing ships, and experience aswell by doing that. I know "Players can keep the ship, they don't need to return it to the Admiralty, so that's why it doesn't reward the player, the reward is the ship itself". Common.
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