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  1. Lol you are not the only one hahah, makes you feel stupid sometimes. I ve only heard possitive reactions and i think everybody would like to see something like I suggested, i also dont see that much of a problem (but i know nothing about coding), still i hope the devs will focus their time more on these kind of things - improving our battle experience instead of to much non-battle mechanics and thingys.
  2. Ahoy captains and dev captains, I would love to see a more complex cannon management system We should be able to select what we want to load in each deck on each side and if we want to put man on reload on each. This way alot more skill and loading management comes in place and alot more complex setups are possible In addition to this system we should add an earlier suggested idea: Shoot with Space bar stop shooting when stop holding space bar (maybe with some delay) To explain my suggestion ill use the santisima as example: Santisima gun options in battle: Left side and Right side Bottom Gun Deck - 1 Chain 2 Ball 3 Grape 4 Dubbel 5 Charge 6 No reloading (meaning no crew on reload and no reload) 7 No shooting (The F5 function we have now) Middle Gun Deck - 1 Chain 2 Ball 3 Grape 4 Dubbel 5 Charge 6 Nothing Top Gun Deck - 1 Chain 2 Ball 3 Grape 4 Dubbel 5 Charge 6 No reloading 7 No shooting Weather Deck - Bow - 1 Chain 2 Ball 3 Grape 4 Dubbel 5 Charge 6 No reloading 7 No shooting Stern - 1 Chain 2 Ball 3 Grape 4 Dubbel 5 Charge 6 No reloading 7 No shooting Possible gun setup in battle: Left side Bottom Gun Deck - 2 Ball (enough penetration dont need charge) Middle Gun Deck - 2 Ball (same) Top Gun Deck - 1 Charge (to get more pen) Weather Deck - 1 Chain (low dmg but usefull to slow enemy down) Right side - Bottom Gun deck - 4 Dubbel (passing enemies close on right side and want to do max dmg) Middle Gun deck - 4 Dubbel (same) Top gun deck - 4 Dubbel (same) Weather deck - 1 Chain (9pd low dmg but good to slow them down) This way you can use your cannons in a more efficient way, higher skill capp to master the game, when you are low on crew you can cancel reloading on the cannons that dont penetrated the enemy and have a better reloading on the cannons that mean something etc. Maybe an option should allow you to choose between old system and new one (for new players and ships with only 1 deck) Please reply with usefull feeback or suggestions about this idea, what you like, what you dont, what should be added or removed etc. Also think about how this should be controlled - should we select it by mouse or keys? and how can we display it without costing to much space on your screen. If you think the current system should be replaced but on a total different way also let me know. Thanks for reading
  3. Nice ill contact you in game. But this also proves more people getting the same paints over and over so maybe thers something wrong with the rng dices
  4. 1. If you use the function - exit to friendly port around Rio Chico you will either be tped to caracas or la orchilla (as dutch player). Its like Rio Chico is not in the port list 2. 6 of the 8 paints i got were belle poule? Starting to feel like theres something than bad luck happening here.
  5. I suggest to change the ship every week. And all ships should be possible to be selected. So one week you have to fight in a santisima and the other in a basic cutter. So everybody gets their favorite ship from time to time and if there s a ship selected you hate to sail you just wait a week. P.S. still waiting for more gametypes (demasting, boarding, most dmg, etc (co-op??))
  6. Yea, it was a waste of time for alot of players today. Anyways, thanks for the info ciao
  7. Today we sailed with a 4th rate fleet to attack the port of santa marta. Most of us sailed the Hamburger and at the port we found out you cant join PB with it.
  8. Yes, and in the main time please repair the dutch britsh alliance with a patch or something, this has taken to long ..
  9. I agree my solution doesnt solve anything since the 2 dura you capture will also be lost if you get captured, so only if you sink its safer. Great idea, lets hope we get something like this and maybe make 7th/6th rates 2 duras and rest 1 dura
  10. Sorry i thought the reason would be obv. But the reason behind it is i want to put mods on captured ships (ofc i can do this now but its easier/safer to just build a ship with 5 duras). Another solution would be to make all upgrades craftable as otto was saying. Atm im not sailing captured ships I only put them in my fleet from time to time or break them up
  11. Hey devs and fellow captain, I think we should change the Dura on a captured ship from 1 to 2. Also being captured should cost you 2 duras. Sinking should stay 1. Ofc first rates dont count. What do you think?
  12. 1. Dutch Ships (no fish boats) 2. PB last longer - eeeee we win o wait in 1.5 we magically lose 3. Raiding - 5-10 ----------- you log in - you want to do something fun - you are with small group - best you can do is rasie hostility in nationaly effort - eeeeew we dont want to do boring PVE stuff - logg off - we need raids - or anything else which is a small group effort 4. More freedom - name your ship - lobby room to setup PVP - 5v5 clan wars - 10v10 clan wars - PB exercize - battle commander try out ----- W/E - custom clan sails - etc etc 5. You name it
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