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  1. ....and the seventh day the God of Naval Action created Banished Privateer (or Peter Gold...something)...so that every other player could feel smarter, more skilled and intelligent
  2. Was so much fun...thank you to the people involved on both sides o7! Judging from your avatar you smoke too much...and probably not high-quality stuff...
  3. Absolutely +1 about that!!! Moreover saving people time will help Naval Action to get some players back! Forcing people to do boring things when they have time to play, has almost killed the player base.
  4. Really Excited about the next patch !! With tow service back in the game and reduced safezones the game will turn more funny and less time consuming . Totally agree about that!!! Amen bro!!!
  5. no need to comment such an "enlightening" answer...
  6. Would be lovely to have "Tow to port" or "teleport to capital" feature enabled at least for a few days to help people move their assets quickly and easily. We have almost deserted servers atm and we want some old players back...let's try to make things easier for everyone. Btw...where is it possible to find an official and up to date version of new map?
  7. Alado, that's exactly the same bug I'm experiencing. I've tried almost everything: logging in/out the game, restarting my pc, using a ship traded to me by one of my clan mates, using teleport, logging out at sea....one interesting thing to note is that I got the "raising/furling" sails bug before experiencing the "super-speed/ghost ship" bug. Dunno really if those things are someway related tho.
  8. Thank you for your reply, Anne. I'm experiencing that kind of bug with all my ships (from reno to bellona and endymion too). I've already sent an f11 report. Hope it could be solved as soon as possible .
  9. Hi all! Reporting a bug I'm experiencing since servers restart. My ships seem to get super speed in OW and everytime they get that speed (apparently that issue is not continuous and my ships seem to behave normally for a few seconds), they become invisible in OW (moreover I can't tag enemy ships or join battles or missions when in that state). Me and my clan mates tried to do some missions together and everything worked ok inside the battle. To sum up, it seems to be some sort of OW bug (it's quite similar to the super speed state every player get exiting an instance). Obviously I've alre
  10. Thank you Koltes !!! A great and useful guide!!! Absolutely love it!!
  11. +10000000000000000000000
  12. server down again...I'm really p***ed off right now :-(
  13. Thank you for your answer, mate ...I definitely hope so. Atm only way to log off is "x" close the game window or the "ctrl-alt-del" combo.
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