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  1. Yep, ESC or F11 and sometimes it helps to just put an "enter" in chat.
  2. Strange. My boys created characters on the PVE-server as pirates yesterday and did some missions in the evening (around 16:00-18:00 servertime). They had no troubles at all with entering as group. Didn't try attacking OW-AI though, only missions. They even got the Le Requin there too and are in 7th heaven.
  3. Thanks for all the work! If we should ever meet: the drinks are on me!
  4. As some others (including me) had troubles with the recent Kaspersky update, could you please post your "fix". It's great, that it's working again for you but posting your solution could help others. My fix was adding NA's client.exeto "trustworthy programs" only and setting the exception: "Do not scan entire / encrypted network traffic", which I do not really like.
  5. I had exactly the same after updating my antivirus-software a couple of days ago (Kaspersky 2019, General Data Protection Regulation update, ) Setting exceptions for steam and NA (client.exe): didn't work Shutting it down: NA started without any problem "fixed" it with adding NA's client.exe only to "trustworthy programs" and setting the exception: "Do not scan entire / encrypted network traffic" Hope, there'll be a patch for the AV-software soon...
  6. Sir John's NA-Bellona: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjN7yYquinw Would be awesome to have a replay-function like the Il2-series has it. Will watch some of Mysticpuma's vids again.
  7. I'd say a fresh Commodore/Rear Admiral/Brigadier/Jefe de Escuadra/Devil/Curse whatev' who never sailed a 2nd or 1st-rate before is pretty inexperienced too, as far as these ships are concerned and has again a lot to learn, although he has the advantage of experience, so he's probably learning quicker. If you want to reduce them, what about missions being tied to the knowledge slots AND ranks? Up to 3rd-rank all safe, from there on for example: "2 (or 3) knowledge-slots on your Bellona? No more missions in this ship for you, Sir. Go out and play."
  8. Admin explained a few weeks ago, that because of the time-compression in OW and thus the high ship- speeds and packet-delivery the ships often aren't really at exact the location you see them. I have this very often when comparing ships-locations with my boys: "Hehe, I'm ahead of you, loser!" "Watcha talkin' about, you're 2 ship's lenghts behind me..." As soon as you're in the battle instance, everything's there were it should be, as long as there's no lag... And concerning a certain player: he may be annoying as hell, as he attacks everything that floats (even low ranks in basic cut
  9. I'm not a fan of magical stuff like weather-changing ghost-ships or "the Kraken". The time of the extreme clipper was the 2nd half of the 19th century, so quite outside the timeframe. Although imagine being able to sail something like the "Great Republic", "Cutty Sark" or "Thermophylae"... I don't really get this calling for more content. Coming from flight-sims, main content there (for me) is to bring down the guys with the other country-code. Sure, there's stuff like escorting, patrolling, recon-flights, bombing-runs, but most of this is possible to do in NA too. Maybe for a b
  10. Brings back memories of Pete's "Tour-de-Farce" back in 2016. Good luck to all participants!
  11. You should try some flight-simulations No problems with the gaps, but I do agree about the safe-zones. My boys (very casual low-ranking players) almost stopped playing because of being attacked while learning and grinding slots on new ships and I see their point. Why not make the reinforcement-areas really safe for low ranks and for higher ranks till the got the 2nd or 3rd knowledge-slot of a new ship?
  12. Iirc the F9-highres-screenshots were deactivated a long time ago (in 2016) because of causing freezes in the game. Now it's only "p" (<drive>:...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Naval Action\Screenshots) or F12
  13. Thanks again for your letters! I'd pick a Pickelhaube for Prussia, a Matryoshka for Russia, no clue for Poland, Pierogi perhaps, but only because I'm getting hungry now... Enjoy your holidays! And stay safe (especially if you're not joking about the destination...).
  14. Why does that remind me of a certain scene from "Life of Brian"?
  15. Ah, "making-Monday-afternoon-in the-office-bearable-man" strikes again. Thanks!
  16. Haven't seen a spanish player on global so far. Jeheil mentions poor Dave and I read of the sighting of one in chat, unconfirmed though ;), Do you know about the Iroquois Confederacy?
  17. Happy birthday! Long live her Majesty, Jeheil and the letters! PS: I hope, the hangover's not that bad...
  18. Up to date, finally. Thanks a lot for these letters and all the work and thoughts you put into it! Learned a lot (and not only about spider-throwing and your sprinting qualities).
  19. Whiskey Tang...?! Last episode I found time to watch was Episode 23 from August, 31st, 2016! No time for anything except real life-struggles since then. There goes my new sparetime again. But guess what: I think, I'll highly enjoy it. Some episodes tonight to catch up, with a glass (or two) of Cardhu...
  20. Yeah, and above them the skysail and then the moonraker/skyscraper Just noticed, that a description of the "skylight" is merged into the "shrouds".
  21. These letters make Mondays enjoyable. Thanks! Do you think there'll be angry comments about 12:15-14:15?
  22. Hi! Won't touch anything there these days, because with my current luck the whole page would disappear into nirvana. small error in http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Modules extra pump, as far as I know, is a regular module
  23. a bit late to the party, but: "Happy birthday!" And "Thanks a lot" for your effort and work!
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