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  1. Hi, I had 2 Art of Cargo distribution and was trying to SPLIT them so I could trade one with a friend who had Art of Steering by rudder. I clicked in the box SPLIT but instead of splitting them I USED one. Maybe I had some sort of cursor lag or something, but a warning or second click should be neccessary when important items are involved. Please can I have my Art of Cargo back, I did put in an F11 at the time. thanks, Hans
  2. Devs thought going "pay to win" would save game. instead it's killing it. Requin can still sail away upwind at 50% sails , and let's be honest it's nearly impossible to hit its sails anyway. I'm playing less as a result of this stupid "No skill , just money" ship., and there are 2 factors involved in this . 1. Less enemies in ships that can actually be fought properly, with a realistic chance of sinking it. 2. Less friends playing the game now as a result of 1. Shame
  3. Fantastic post by Massimo there. This ship has ruined the game in my opinion. nearly every battle now is just a pointless chase after Requins, which can attack and escape with impunity. It's a shame, you spend 3 years+ developing a game very slowly, and then you ruin it overnight because your eyes were full of $$$$$$s. You asked for opinions and that is mine
  4. Second time now this has happened . Henry Turner and Munja were attacked by 7 spanish just outside zone of belize. Cpt lynx, john keats and I were right next to the battle and unable to click on the X (it failed to bring up Join or join circles). we tried logging out and in, but by then it was too late. As a result not only did we miss out on what would have a been a fair and good fight , but our friends lose their ships. Please fix this urgently. It takes long enough to get a battle , and this sort of bug could be the final nail in the coffin for me with this game.
  5. Well, I was enjoying the requin until I was next to an enemy that blew up with any warning (fire shock), I guess his magazine exploded. It's a shame that all my crew died instantly and therefore even though my ship sailed along intact I lost it (captured on results screen). As I said up till that point very nice ship addition to game. Thumbs up to the Devs for this ship (brief though it was) Hans
  6. @Graf Bernadotte You admit your friend did the damage deliberately to me , and I said I was reporting it. I find the fact that you want me to suffer some punishment for doing the right thing strange "Therefore Hans the Hawk has to be accused of a misuse of tribunal by intentional deception of Admins" Maybe you would have the good grace to apologise to me for this statement, just as I have apologised to Unknown user for reporting him (even though it is admitted he shot me deliberately.) I respect you guys, I enjoy playing against you (it's a challenge), and I certainly hold no grudg
  7. My apologies, didn't know that, probably to late to do it that way now. Hans
  8. Hi, i don't think i deserve to sworn at multiple times for trying to help someone and asking people to come to ts so I can find a battle. Do you? Thanks Hans
  9. Hi, Sorry was too busy reporting the green on green to see the apology. Fair enough, if I had seen it in time I would not have reported it, as it was clearly a mistake by Unknown user. Please take no action on my behalf Ink, I consider myself a fair player and don't want to land people in trouble for no reason Thanks Hans
  10. Hi, Joined a battle and friendly (or not so) Ocean on my team unloaded a full broadside into me right after battle started. We had been fighting spanish all night , so he knew exactly what he was doing. His name was "unknown user" a 7UP clan member.
  11. Just give me the money, I have no interest in words anymore Money talks , bullshit walks. I'm loyal to my nation, to hell with my friends
  12. yes , i did bug report it , as did my friend who was in the same battle. i can build another no prob, so it's not a urgent . but i still would like it replaced and the bug fixed so it doesn't happen to others. More annoying to me is the loss of the PVP marks I was about to get. hans
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