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  1. Hi everyone. As the header says, my suggestion would be to make skins little more common. I loved the skins for Bellona and Endymion but now those have been the only skins ive seen and even those are very rare. I hope that dev-team will bring ship appearance customization with the new port UI. This would create new purpose for crafting and new crafting items. Or the skins can be achieved by doing certain things. Flags on top of masts could be part of skin too. Skin achievements: - X days on the sea: Traveller - Your ship has sunk X times: Defe
  2. Thank you for your reply. Yes Ghost ship might be little extreme and im not sure about Clipper as you said its little too new ship class but they could bring bigger cargo ships since there really were bigger ones. Also at the moment we need something more for people to do. Daily missions would be nice. Like kill X amount of enemy ships or do trading and shipping between main city and some other city. And as i said before they could try to advertise the game more or make players help with advertising, I understand they dont have many team memb
  3. Firt of thank you for your reply. I wanted Clippers to be in game since they are still in sail ship area and now i mean the early Clippers, NOT the ones that had engine. I think making whales rare would make the experiance better and not so "just got used to" experiance. Like Sealed Bottles you might sail 9 hours and only see one.
  4. Yes it does and to some people it might be relaxing but to others it might get boring. I dont wish huge amount of stuff to change or be added but just stuff that will randomply happen and will be little happy experiance. It would make my day if whale family would visit me while i sail and transport goods. Wandering Ghost
  5. This might be true but as i said this would be just an example. There could also be hostile fleets who attack or somethign else. Thank you for reply. Wandering Ghost
  6. Hello everyone. Lately many players have been complaining about lack of content and how there is not much to see on the sea and islands other than water and trees. Also lack of Events and other things are making this game more like pvp smash with trading than interesting game with bigger amount of content. This is why i would recommend game developers to create some thing that would make us feel like we are surrounded by naval creatures like dolphins and whales or have some events happening that make it interesting to watch the seenery like on land conflicts when
  7. Red flag: This was most feared flag since it meant, that the ship sailing under this flag will not show any mercy and will kill all men on the enemy ship(s).
  8. This idea seems nice but will cause some lagging since every ship can be something unique and server needs to load those complicated ship settings every time you enter into instance like open world and battles. I would like to see this preview in game and the slider system tested.
  9. I would want to see these updates in action and test them. Seems really interesting.
  10. To readers: Please feel free to comment and add suggestions and fixes that you guys think that this game needs. Remember to use polite language to keep possible admins positive interest in this post. Also please keep your suggestions neutral. Updates wont favor any nations. I will try to ansver to any comments and questions you guys post.
  11. Thank you for this reply. And I agree that some may want this but they can also choose to stay in ports that are in risk area. I just think that every nation should have capital so that everyone has some kind of resting place and where they dont need to be afraid of getting attacked. These areas may not be needed to players who do purely pvp but those who do ship building and misiions do need it.
  12. Hello dear developers! During recent updates me and many other players have noticed that most of your updates have been affecting game community negativelly. For example, now it is hard to get Victory marks and for some nations it's next to impossible. I think Victory marks should be able to be made some other way too than just being top nation on the map. Also nations that dont have capital should be given capital since now them not having capital pushes them to the edge and forces them to dangerous waters while others can sail safely in their capital area. Next thing is a
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