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I don't know if it is historic but I believe current US naval ships are able to fly pennants that represent Unit citations. Perhaps with the coming of Guilds/Port Battles/Nation directed missions the random pennants could be replaced by ones with meaning. I would also love to see the implementation of rank flags.

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Woah, that three-tongued flag looks awesome.

Aye, it was Sweden's offical state and war navy flag.


Mid 17th century - 1815 state and war navy flag. (This one should be in-game)                                        



  1815 - 1844 state and war navy flag. (Union with Norway)



Merchant navy flag. Until 1844.                                                                          Merchant navy flag. Used for ships in distant waters. 1815 - 1844.                                                                

5a24e924a8fb4a63b71fa35f0e638e73.png                          Unionsflagg_1818.png


Admiral ensign. 1815 - 1844.                                                                              Vice Admiral ensign. 1815 - 1844.


 no~1815a.gif                 no~1815v.gif


Rear Admiral ensign. 1815 - 1844.




Commodore ensign. 1815 - 1844.




Commander of a Squadron. 1815 - 1844.




Commisoning Pennant. 1815 - 1844.





NOTE: I do belive the rank ensigns looked the same before 1815 just without the red/white cross in the corner.



I hope this helped you abit.  :D



Sources: https://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lista_%C3%B6ver_svenska_flaggor


Edited by Olof Rudolf Cederström
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A red flag with a golden lion with a silver axe was used on Norwegian ships and fortresses from 1500. Last time in was mentioned was in 1698 when it was flown over Akershus Fortress. In 1748 a decree was made that stated the Dannebrog (danish flag) to be the only legal merchant flag. So the Norwegian flag could have been used until then.


This is a flag designed in 1905 by Eilif Peterssen. The original one would have the old lion as the Norwegian flag from 1814. 


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We don't like fake features and we believe that signal flags that give commands is a fake feature (unless you are sending a special message to an enemy team, or showing off). 

fake feature - feature that no one uses because there is something better or you can achieve the same result by other means.


for example - Oliphant Indiaman or Halifax Schooners in Potbs are fake ships. They were done, coded, integrated but noone uses them. 80% of ships in POTBS are fake features because noone sails them. In World of Tanks for example almost every tank is usable and can wreak havok with right usage. 

In World of Warships a series of signal flags give a boost/buff and this could maybe be applied, alas maybe in a different way, in Naval Action. Most famous is of course "England expects that every man will do his duty".

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Signal flags could be used to conveniently give movement and attack orders especially, rather than having to switch to chatbar to type out 'focus ____' or 'look out i'm right in front of you'.


How this would work, in my opinion, is that you'd have a set of commands (like the repairs sub-menu). For instance, you could press '0' and a list of signals would come up. 1= make more sail. 2= reduce sail. 3= charge. 4= retreat.


So on and so forth. This wouldn't have to involve advanced commands, but convenient ones - especially 'get out of my way!'  or something similar :P The flag would run up on your ship, and a message would pop up at the top of the target's screen saying the command.


That's just a concept, but as I've said elsewhere about my concepts, if you think it needs more detail/more ideas in it, I can flesh it out on a separate topic. 

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Hi at all,
there are many italian players on this awesome game, but the italian flag does not exist in it. There will be a chance to have it? I 'm talking about the "Regia Marina" flag. This was used from 1846 until 1946, because before this period we were more kingdoms.
Hope you can help us.
Thank you.

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This is only slightly later than the time frame of the game but here's the Aussie one of the time:

Australian Federation Flag (1832-1883)



NSW Ensign / Australian Ensign - A flag chart contained in an 1832 book, New South Wales Calendar and General Post Office Directory included a flag that was captioned N.S.W. Ensign. It shows a white British ensign with a blue cross overall upon which are five 8-pointed stars. This flag is believed to have been widely used as a local merchant shipping flag in Sydney and on the east coast of Australia, becoming known as the Australian Ensign.  The flag however was unofficial and in 1883, the British Admiralty prohibited its continued use by vessels due to its claimed similarity to the Royal Navy's White Ensign.
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Take notice of the number of stars in the Old Glory that is used as well. The one that is used in-game should fit the later-end of the time period NA takes place (the early 1800s).


However I thought one of the earliest Navy Jacks was that of the one in my signature: (The red, white, and blue striped one in the middl



The colors in the center of your signature is the Serapis ensign.


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I would like flags for your clan so you have your main flag (wich represents the nation) and then a smaller second flag wich represent the clan. I get that allowing all kinds of custom flags wil not be easy so you could let them choose flag provinces of that nation.

Or a clan tag on the nations flag.

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why not use a vector map creation system like they have in a bunch of other games for personalisation, like Call  of Duty and Battlefield.


of course that would mean the inclusion of Dick-Butt flags... 


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