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  1. Preferable a Dutch ship from before the Napoleonic occupation, as they all really started to look the same after that. Pretty but a lot like each other.
  2. Well, I'm biased towards the ship I have been working on of course (Leeuwenhorst / Edam). Happy to hand over all I have done so far.
  3. Looking nice so far. Watch out you don't use too many polys
  4. By the way, Het Rijksmuseum has a whole bunch of photos on their site of ship models. They're not drawings maybe, but could help with the construction of the 3D Dutch ship models. Like this one of the 44-gun frigate Euridice: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zoeken/objecten?p=7&ps=12&f.hnrCode.section.sort=Special+Collections&f.hnrCode.hall.sort=0.13%3a+Marinemodellenkamer&ondisplay=True&ii=1#/NG-MC-663,73 This particular model, as the description tells, was used to teach young sailors about the names of all the rigging and could be operated. It was a detailed copy of the
  5. I found this drawing of the bow of De Beschermer, "the Protector". But judging from the port hole configuration it cannot be from either the 1783 or 1735 ships:
  6. That one looks different from the 1790 drawing (built in Harlingen from 1769 to 1770), in which it is said to have 24 guns:
  7. here's most of the pages of the book Dutch Warships in the Age of Sail: https://books.google.nl/books?id=i-WZBgAAQBAJ&pg=PA286&lpg=PA286&source=bl&ots=XCviqDfcDH&sig=v-L5q6YDnurmZ3RFjtP5Wrgxp_E&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiZuJWju8bLAhWHXhQKHc4xCQUQ6AEIMDAE#v=onepage&q&f=false
  8. The database is nice, but the national archive site I just linked in the post before you
  9. For some high-res scans of the ships in this thread you can find at: http://www.gahetna.nl/collectie/archief/ead/index/eadid/4.MST/open/c01:0.#c01:0.c02:0.
  10. I found it here. More stuff to be found in there if you wanna go through the whole thread
  11. Nice work, Freddy! Could you give me a few pointers on how to make a ship 'dev-ready'? Even though it may not be the most desirable ship, I'd like to finish my yacht, so I could maybe move on to a bigger and more desirable ship. I work in Blender though
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