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  1. Preferable a Dutch ship from before the Napoleonic occupation, as they all really started to look the same after that. Pretty but a lot like each other.
  2. Well, I'm biased towards the ship I have been working on of course (Leeuwenhorst / Edam). Happy to hand over all I have done so far.
  3. Looking nice so far. Watch out you don't use too many polys
  4. There's very little to find about the ship(s) unfortunately. When trying to search for it, I can only find that drawing in our national archive, and mentions of the ships in documentation/books from the Brits about Sir John Balchen encountering the Dutch who joined the British, telling that the ships carried 54 guns (probably not counting stern chasers), like here, here and here. Apparently Leeuwenhorst was commanded by Rear-Admiral Reynst, and Edam by captain Fransel/Frensel or Vice-Admiral Schryver (1744). Also found a Dutch book mentioning the same history.
  5. I haven't worked an awful lot on it since then, I'm afraid. Been distracted with other stuff, like a part-time job. And I feel a little uneasy on how I should model it (both because of little info about the bow and inner parts, and the how-to guidelines from the devs). Don't know if they would actually want to get this one in the game.
  6. It may be possible to be seen that way, but doesn't FEEL that way. And I'm not talking about automating it completely. So instead of pressing the A key until your ship is pointed into (roughly) the degree you wanted to go, you click the compass and watch the ship turn until it reaches that heading, while crew calls out the heading to you to confirm the order. Maybe same for sails: instead of pressing W a couple times until you reach full sail, you click one of the few options and an officer will call out the full sail order to the crew. Optionally the developers can give them keybindings that can be remapped by the player. This is Silent Hunter III by the way:
  7. As a captain one is not holding the steering wheel and steering the ship him/herself. Instead one of the crew members is doing so. Depending on the size of the ship there may also be a navigator on board to give commands to the helmsman? In any way verbal orders are given. Why not represent this in the form of being able to click on the compass what direction you want to go to? Same style used in Silent Hunter 3 for instance (maybe also other games, but this one I know). There you steer the submarine either plotting a course on the map or clicking the compass for a course. An officer will call out the direction for the helmsmen, same with depth, by the way. I think this will help with the immersion when directions are called out by an officer or the helmsman. Meanwhile you can keep the normal WASD steering for everyone who might dislike that system.
  8. Ah, I did not know that. Thanks for the clarification. That explains indeed the reasons for doing so.
  9. To come back at the general issue here of a review that accumilated enough momentum to be in the top recommended ones, yet sprouts such an unpleasant amount of untruthfulness that it makes developers uneasy about its existance. However I think, as done here, the best reaction to it would be to kindfully respond with a link to your reply and keep it that way. Flagging it as "off-topic" or any other way only fuels the fire that which you attempt to extinguish. As shown in the comments of the respectful "review", if you can call it that, such actions only underline their suspicions of censorship and what not, as only all the comments that go against the review are filtered out by the reviewer. Best is not putting any more energy into this matter, other than what you have done with this thread. Because anything you put energy in to will 'grow', figuratively speaking. So whether this is positive energy or negative you will make it bigger than it was. Good things become better, bad things become worse. So now you've laid it all down and wrote the post, I'd recommend to get it out of your system and focus on things that matter more and lift you up, like developing the game you envisioned to make, rather than the things that bring you down.
  10. That's because hardly anyone that has it uses it. Free basic cutter is easier alternative. Everyone who bought the game before and at the launch of Steam Early Access has one that can be redeemed at any time.
  11. Looking very interesting. Will this mean that crew (including sailors) will "level up"? Or gain veterancy? Comparable with how it was handled in NavyField 1?
  12. In World of Warships they act as a "buff". Since with internet and voice commands the real use of signal flags as a means of communication is kinda obsolete, I feel that signal flags could have a passive effect maybe.
  13. Understood, so less range for double shot, but was it a historic fact that every now and then added an extra powder charge to add more penetration/range to a single shot? They weren't afraid of any rupturing then? And will we at some point also get a choice between cannister and grape shot? And Bar and chain shot?
  14. I thought that with double shot (two cannon balls instead of one) they did not want to use two charges, because they were afraid of rupturing the cannon breech.
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