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On 13.02.2018 at 9:00 PM, H2O said:

I read it somewhere here on forum that NA engine could not handle flags and that is why they were removed from Towns and yes towns used to have flags shoving it's nations. This includes flags on OS. From what I can tell many needed features could not make it in due to weak game engine. Maybe someone can confirm it or find the post it would help (somewhere inside topics about flags or FPS).  

I don't think what the animated flags on ships are causing drop of FPS in WO .

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@admin a nice way to implement it is that the nation flag is the same so you wont get confused in battles (even though colors and names are there), but you can change the main mast flag to an other flag which you have gained through achievements? for example: Win an epic event fight with atleast 1 second rate and the reward is for Prussia it could be a unique flag or as a pirate it could be an iconic pirate flag. Just so you could personalize your ship and show your achievements sort of. It would also encourage players to do explore the game if they know in the end they get a cool reward for it.

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But it would be nice to see a portuguese flag under Britain's faction, since Portugal has been in a alliance with Great Britain since the 14th century under the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty of Windsor, they all aid each other whenever they needed. Since it wouldn't be right to add a new faction, would be nice to be able to fly the Portuguese flag under Britain's influence, players should be able to create their clans and role play as Portugal itself.. Here are some of the flags from 17th century and the one represented the alliance between the two nations (not historical accurate one, since I didn't find anything online, but it would get the job done).

The Anglo-Portuguese flag


17th century Portugal flag




The Royal Portuguese Family arriving in the coast of Brazil escorted by a Brittish Men o' War portrait.

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10 minutes ago, Cortés, o Corsário said:

Mais il serait bien de voir un drapeau portugais sous la faction britannique, le Portugal étant lié par la Grande-Bretagne depuis le XIVe siècle aux termes du traité anglo-portugais de Windsor, ils s'entraident à tout moment. Puisqu'il ne serait pas correct d'ajouter une nouvelle faction, il serait bien de pouvoir arborer le drapeau portugais sous l'influence britannique, les joueurs devraient pouvoir créer leurs clans et jouer le rôle du Portugal même. Voici quelques drapeaux. à partir du 17ème siècle et celui qui représentait l’alliance entre les deux nations (non précis, car je n’ai rien trouvé en ligne, mais le travail serait fait).

Le drapeau anglo-portugais

dernière? cb = 20090831120732

Drapeau portugais du XVIIe siècle

Flag_of_Portugal_ (1667) .svg



Magnifique peinture au passage. De quel tableau s'agit il ?

Cordialement, La Fayette

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I don't know if I understood what you asked, but.. the painting was made by Geoff Hunt, here's a more in-depth explanation of the painting:



"Geoff Hunt RSMA

The Arrival of the Portuguese Royal Family in Brazil, 7 March 1808

Late in 1807, Portugal, threatened with invasion by Napoleon, took the decision to evacuate the Royal Family to Brazil.  A British Squadron, together with many units of the Portuguese Royal Navy, provided a strong escort across the Atlantic.  They made landfall at Bahia, the onward journey to Rio being delayed while a suitably imperial reception could be arranged.

In this painting the Portuguese flagship, the Principe Real, 84 guns, has just come to anchor in Rio de Janeiro harbour.  She has on board the Prince Regent and his retinue, and flies the Royal Standard at the mainmast.

While a swarm of cereminial barges and small boats approaches, gun salutes boom out from the forts and from the British flagship, Marlborough, 74, at the left of the picture, which had arrived earlier.  To the right, other ships of the Portuguese squadron are coming into anchorage: the Alfonso, 64, Rainha da Portugal, 74, Conde D. Henrique, 74, the frigates Medusa and Urania, and various lesser ships, accompanied by the British Bedford, 74."


I hope this answers your question, La Fayette.

Sincerely, the Corsair.

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1 hour ago, CITOYEN Julien said:

do not be slaves but free ... a real Portuguese nation in game 😉

When one fight against the Revolutionary France, one can't be free.

And when one fight later for Napoleon, one can't be free either. Speaking of that, here is a another possible addition to the French flags, assuming NA accepts land flags (I don't know if it serves as a naval ensign) :


Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814)

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Hello Sailors,

one question ... there was a treatise in the forum how to modify your nation flag. It seems to work.

But only you can see your own nice flag.

Now my question: With the new Flag DLC more than on nation flag can be choosen and everyone can see your choosen flag. 

Were are these flag files located? On your PC?

Would it be possible to modify one of the flags ... of course  only if you bought the flag DLC .... and everyone can see it?

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Flags of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

For future reference , hopefully maybe a Mega Update including the Knights of Malta as a faction among other nations like Portugal etc , or just a new Flag DLC including these Maltese flags that could be used under the French or Spanish Navies .The Knights of Malta had strong Links with both nations ,  actually the Knights bought and managed  4 islands in the Caribbean , Saint Christopher , Saint Martin , Saint Barthelemy and Saint Croix thanks to links with French aristocrats so the French link makes sense , the Knights also had a lot of French nationals in their ranks . Spain had a good relationship with the Order too and many Knights were also of spanish nationality .Back in the Mediterranean It was the King of Spain that gave the island of Malta to the knights and later on the Knights and Maltese corsairs fought side by side with the spaniards in several naval battles.  These Maltese flags could hopefully at least be introduced in the game under one of these two nations like Portuguese flags could be introduced under the Spanish Navy.


The eight pointed Maltese Cross Flag of the order used by the Grand Masters.


Prominent in the Maltese Navy. A Galley flying the Maltese Cross Flags  :


Model of a Maltese Carrack with the eight pointed cross :


The eight points of the cross represent the Eight Languages of the Order of St. John. Moreover, the eight points of the cross also symbolise the obligations and aspirations of the Knights :

Malta Knights.jpg

The Flag and Ensign of the Order of Malta . A white cross on a red background , the cross is in the center of the flag , its the only difference from the flag of Denmark . The Danish flag has an off centered cross :


Valletta and the Grand Harbour :


Painting showing the Knights of Malta Flag and Ensign used by the fleet :


The Flag used by the Knights and Maltese Corsairs , this is the flag of the coat of arms of Grand Master Manuel Pinto de Fonseca ,  often flown on the stern, together with the Order s flag ensign :


A Maltese Galley with Grand Master  Manuel Pinto de Fonseca Flag :


It was Common to see the current Grand Master s colours flying on a ship of the order. This is the Flag of Grand Master De l Isle Adam which can be seen flying on the foremast in the painting below :



The Pennants of the Order :

1869329571_Naval_Flags_Sovereign_Military_Order_of_Malta(1).jpg.7e77fbbf1a29872ae018eabc4169de90.jpg    smom_gf.gif.b4611d28642e24bd9b9f1d75b0b183c5.gif


Pennant with golden image of St. Mary with child, nimbed, standing upon a lying crescent and surrounded by a golden aureole.


The flag of Jerusalem  to signal Holy Mass was being celebrated on Flagship.


This red flag with two white crescents and two golden stars was used to call all surgeons to report on Flagship.


Round tailed guidons bearing the Maltese Cross.


Man-of-War Battalion , Grand Masters Colours  , a white square flag with the coat of arms of the order’s Grandmaster Manuel Pinto de Fonseca (1741-1773) in its centre. The shield is topped by a crown, lined black. 


Men-of-War Battalion  , Orders Colours . a pink square flag with the coat of arms of the Order of St. John in its centre. The shield is topped by a crown, lined black and is superimposing two crossed black anchors.


Battalion of the Galleys , Papal Colours , a white square flag with the coat of arms of Pope Clemens XIII (1758-1769) in its centre.


Battalion of the Galleys , Order Colours , a white square flag with the coat of arms of the Order of St. John in its centre. The shield is topped by a crown, lined black and is superimposing two crossed bundles of three palm leaves each in natural colour.


Flamma Torchina ,  a plain blue hanging triangular pennant of ratio estimated 1:2. ,  not a lof of information on this one but according to source: “Al Caleese di Maestro” or “All’ Asta dello’ Stendardo” or “All’ Andriuello” it was a  signal pennant for the use of the galley squadron“,


Red , Flamma Torchina  a ,hanging pennant, vertically divided into red and blue of ratio estimated 1:2. 
According to  Captain General of the galleys Giovanni Battista SPINOLA, 1700 this was used for Galleys .
Probably both Fiamma Torchina hanging pennants had been hoisted at the end of the yards of a Galley.


Historical Signal Flags of the Knights of Malta .


(1) Standard (al Galcese) of the triangle sail / Sign for retreat.
(2) Galley (Sensile) standard unfolded at the (Galcese) of the main mast and a longish smoke / Sign for asking help.
(3) Flag at the small boat of the main ship; departure one day later; (un tivo di cannone e trinchetto alla cola) departure one hour later.
(4) Flamed flag at the (Galcese) of the triangle sail during the "hunt" [i.e. the following] / the galleys which were in front had to (louar Remo) or to lower (?) the sails.


(1) Raised in the bows (del Fanale): sign for shooting. In haste [raised] above the helmsman: sign that the other galleys have to follow the main ship.
(2) Raised in the bows (del Fanale): sign to "make the middle mast" [prob. to hoist the sail at the middle mast]. In haste [raised] above the helmsman: sign to "make water" [prob. to speed up]
(3) At the helmsman: raised once: hoist the "Marabutto" [small sail for hard wind]. Twice: the "Marabuttino" [sail which must have been smaller than the Marabutto]. Three times: the "Mezzana" [sail at the middle mast]. Four times: the "Veletta" [=lookout; prob. somebody had to go there]. Five times: the (Treo) go/move at day (G) "Maestra" [prob. main mast] (e non facendosi, de un?). Sign to make the [unreadable]
(4) In haste above the helmsman: sign to give wine to the rowers.


(1) Raised in the bows (del Fanale): sign to hoist the "Marabutto" sail.
(2) Raised in the bows (del Fanale): sign to hoist the "Veletta" sail.
(3) In haste above the helmsman: sign to take the (Rimburchio) / After the taking of the (Rimburchio), placed again on the same place: sign to leave it.
(4) Raised in the bows (del Fanale): sign to go on land, and (maneggiato = fixed?) the triangle sail … the galley (sensile al galcese) of the triangle sail. Sign that the (Gol?) wants to negotiate with the (Padrono Reale Alberata) at the "Antenna" [sort of mast] of the triangle sail. Sign to [unreadable] with (Artigueria) in its (Resto) of the (Pennatto Sagno? Di salueraschi) with the (Moschetteria)


(1) Galley (Sensile) standard indicating to the main mast: sign to unfold the sail / Standard shown at the triangle sail: sign to unfold the (sospetta) sail.
(2) Galley (Sensile) at the (Penna) of the triangle sail, and then taken to the (Gol?) on the wind (?). [Smoke:] Sign of recognising at day: galley maintaining two smokes.
(3) Flamed flag at the (Calcese) of the main ship. Sign for the armament of the crew (sopra coperta). 
(4) Flamed flag at the (Penna) of the triangle sail. Sign to land (di Fontaria). After the landing placed again: sign of re-embarkment.

Galleons , Galleys and frigates of the Knights of Malta in the Grand Harbour.


More Flags of the GrandMasters of the order , Most of the time these Flags would be flying on the foremast , near the ensign or as jack.

         Jean de la Vallete Parisot 


                      Antoine de Paule   


   Emmanuel Marie de Rohan-Polduc


                Alof de Wignacourt                                                                    


                       Nicolas Cotoner   


              Ferdinand von Hompesch


                Ramon Perellos y Roccaful


            Antonio Manoel de Vilhena 


           Martin Garzes, Castellan


        Louis Mendez de Vasconcelles


                         Didier de St. Jaille


       Jean Levesque de la Cassiere


                  Claude de la Sengle


             Hugues de Loubens Verdalle


                  Juan de Omedes


                       Pierino del Ponte



 The bustling  Grand Harbour , looking over from Valletta with the three cities of Vittoriosa , Senglea and Cospicua on the othe side :                                                                       1041632245_GreatHarbour.jpg.aba9e7dcb00ff479e5c8b12db9e353dc.jpg

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On 12/13/2018 at 12:28 AM, Marquis de la Fayette said:


En principe, vous pouvez grossir cette photo. Voilà encore quelques idées de drapeaux et fanions pour nos développeurs.

Cordialement, La Fayette.

And I think I have a hard now when I can't tell a  Dutch from French flag through a telescope.

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Would love to see some repainted pirate flags in the flag dlc. 

The Henry Every had a red flag option : 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor henry every red flag

Also would like to see the flag of : John Phillips. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor john phillips pirate flag

its also possible to add the flag of Hayreddin Barbarossa. 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor hayreddin barbarossa flag

Also the flag of pirate Laurens de Graaf could be added ;



With kind regards. 


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Сразу скажу что не обладаю знаниями о возможности игры на раскраску, поэтому просто как пожелание а не задачу к исполнению.

В игре неплохо реализованы флаги нации. но не задействованы такое хорошее поле для любых эмблем это паруса. Тем более что насколько мне кажется они требуют переработки, если уже не возможность  поставить на них картинки или придать им другой цвет, то пересмотреть как выглядят паруса стоило бы. Визуально они плотнее чем корпус корабля, мне кажется как минимум прозрачность их стоит усилить (возможно это станет общим облегчением для требований игры). А если всетаки есть возможность красить паруса и ставить на них картинки то как новая тема для ДЛС вполне подойдет.

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On 2/9/2016 at 10:45 PM, vlissinger said:



( i wanted to post a pics. here but it was not allowed )


There should be red privateer flags in the game for the Dutch ships if you want to be accurate ( this means ofcourse that you should be playing as a privateer for your nation to fly it )

I would love to see my home towns privateers flag ( the flag is my profile pic ). ......let me make my case.


I'm from  a tonw called Vlissingen ( Flusshing in enlish) in the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. 

This town i awlso the birthplace of Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter our countries biggest naval hero. ( there where more naval heroes from my birthplace but i wont get in to them )

Privateers flew a red flag and a large amound of the dutch fleet where privateers . 

and from those a lot of them where from privateering compagnies who came from Vlissingen , most of them i think.

and they flew their own Flag so the prey knew who where chacing them 

Our town stil uses this flag to this day

in a lot of old paintings where Dutch ships are in battles you almost every time you see the red flag of privateers in them granted usualy you see a red flag with a arm holding a sword or somthing , but i realy think our 

So to be accurate in the game when portraing The Dutch fleet there should be red flags to 

I'm in to history and when i make a case for my Vlissingse bloed vlag ( flusshing's Blood flag )  its not just becouse i would like it but it realy was used and capitans all over the world knew it and the privateers from Flushing they where realy good in wat the did 

And the did operate in the carbeein


to make my point have a look at this link below and read wat it says behind the word Flessing




this is from a book called The sea rover's Practice, and if the word for a person or a ship from Vlissingen/Flushing to be a synonym for a privateer or pirate says it all i think

Even the Porugese had the same synonym  .."Pisselingh " which meens pirate and/or some one from Flushing.

oh and this "Pechelingue" is the spanish term for dutch privateers named after Vlissingen

I hope i did not bored you and that my spelling was not to bad , if you want to know more or need more pics/info let me know.


Thank a lot and i realy love your game


Johan van der weele aka. Vlissinger

So glad for your post.  My family origins in North America are a kaper, native to Vlissingen (Kanarievogel was his ship, raided in the Caribbean from New Amsterdam, settled at Flushing, Long Island.  His son was a privateer for the British.  This is an amazing way to "get" what the family business was all about.)  Dank je wel.

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