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  1. You should be able to put contracts for everything.
  2. Have crew be a cargo item you can buy and put in the hold and move to the warehouse. Crew experience would have more relevance in a more realistic game than this. Crew are infinite, available everywhere, dirt cheap, have no maintenance, can be resurrected with rum, and boarding actions continue until the last man with the winners crew decimated. Historically, England had such a shortage of sailors they resorted to boarding American merchant ships to press crews. Crew should be a commodity that you can put contracts on. Crews would want to work for the highest bidder.
  3. You mean like what the meatspace pirates did? Don't want to have any "realism" creeping in and mucking things up.
  4. A Treatise on Naval Gunnery "In consequence of the loss of force which the balls, in all these experiments, sustamed by striking the water, it has been inferred that, if a shot be fired with such a depression as a ship's gun will bear, it will not penetrate into water more than 2 feet ; and consequently that it will be impossible to injure a ship by firing at her under water."
  5. Good thing none of the trees across the street got blown over.
  6. I would make all NPC trading player controlled. No trader spawns. You can have your trade ships set to automatically go between ports.
  7. " Why not? There is only 25 of the high value goods. The rest are the cheapo $500 ones. Do I have to keep checking in to see if there is 25 more. It will take a ling time to fill 3 Indiamen. Major trade nerf. Lucky I just switched to consumables for income, which seem to be experiencing inflation.
  8. Sea exploration: Randomized map is generated. All blank when you press m. Sailing around in a grid square for a while creates a level 1 chart of that square that appears in your inventory. Having this chart with you reveals the map and protects against navigation hazards like running aground in shallows and random mishaps. Maps can be sold or copied. Mapmaking can be leveled up for better charts that protect against hazards better. Land exploration: Ports begin terra incognita. You can build an explorers camp that crafts exploration points from explorer commodity and hardtack. W
  9. Remember zoom level in open world when in port. Not have to set crew again when you set main in a fleet.
  10. Not serious, but I would like to see players control the commodities instead of drops and automatic port buying. Players make commodities. Population in towns is tapped for labor hours. Towns grow or suffer emmigration based on commodity availibility. Towns consume commodities based on pop and supply/demand curve.
  11. Have other ships in fleet shown in the Open World view.
  12. That's part of why I posted. If production is finite, I can make my own private clan of alts, but my port only produces 3 ships per day, I get diminishing returns from the excess. One possibility for alts is to have xp decay and make crew size linear with xp so that 1000 xp in 5 alts is worth less crew than 5,000 in one alt. Make outposts and fleets unlimited but you have to pay a daily rent on each slot.
  13. Let new players be able to be hired as captains to control your fleet boats*. You go to the capitol and post a captains wanted ad that can be perused. After a chat they control your other ship. Also multi crew. One steers, other shoots. Instant action, no inflation from magic giveaways. Players can post quests. Bundle a trader brig, load a cargo, state a destination and reward and put it in the quests. Broke guy can pick up the brig and sail it to destination, and get reward. Also player created patrol missions. Drop a cheap boat and some money to get someone to patrol a zone that it woul
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