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  1. I love this simple idea. Make it a toggle like the protractor, that way if you don't like to use it, you can turn it off! Toggling the sextant could be accompanied by a nice graphic of an officer using the sextant.
  2. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with framerate, but I don't know much else. I have the same problem with Sea of Thieves so if anyone has a detailed answer, I will be listening also!
  3. Remove the term "clan" from the game. Squadron for groups of a small active playerbase and Fleet for the larger ones.
  4. I'd love to see the size of the ensigns increase. As well as adding more choices for different flags per nation - Pennant, for example.
  5. The DLC is a bit pricey considering a player tends to stick with one nation. Nevertheless, I was suckered in. Need more ! Also, any history folks with insight into the appropriate flags to fly, especially in Royal Navy ships? For rear Admiral, Vice-Admiral, and Admiral I tend to favor first the Blue, then the white (which give me a break is nearly identical to the default), and then the Red for highest ranking admiral. That's the closest I can divine the meaning according to the custom of the day, but welcome correction.
  6. Need more realistic terminology in-game. Get rid of the word Clan altogether (Looong overdue!) Perhaps Squadron for smaller "clans" and Fleet for bigger ones. Embrace your niche, Game-Labs. Give opportunity for history of the period to really shine. I've been watching those flying simulator games with Airforceproud95 and among all the hilarity they really go for realism in their communications. Maybe this is more of a complaint about the community, but one shouldn't feel like a LARP'er for using terms anyone can find in Dean King's lexicon, or online at https://www.historicnavalfic
  7. And the geographical companion, Harbors and High Seas. Indispensable.
  8. What we got here mates could become a great meme! More!
  9. 1. Give gold and XP for damage done, win or lose. 2. Add tool tips and Hints with your fancy new UI. NO NEED for tutorial, just space to practice and make it rewarding. 3. Make ships cheaper and easier to produce, *as promised* for the 1 dura system. Have them scale up in cost/difficulty, sure.
  10. Listening to TS in NA videos is annoying. "Roger that", etc. Ah so using aye sir is probably too RP for them but let's Roger dodger for an hour and half.
  11. I think Game-Labs needs to hire all of you wonderful chartmakers. At least temporarily! Very impressed with the talent of Naval Action players. Anyone out there know how to design and implement a beautiful, tasteful looking GUI?
  12. I hope they make capturing and inspecting more user friendly. Well said, Pancake. I lost a prize in the same manner, it's just beyond clunky.
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