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  1. I'd love to see the size of the ensigns increase. As well as adding more choices for different flags per nation - Pennant, for example.
  2. 12.34kn is rated Very Fast? Is that with or without cannon and repairs?
  3. Major Annoyance The extremely wonky chat/clan/mail/friends/tab interface has not changed since '16! Also, annoyed that I have not seen it mentioned by the Devs.
  4. Very pleased with the UI, but I never see it mentioned - When is the ancient chatbox going to change? The wonky blue clan box...the one with the player list...some players show rank, others do not, or the wrong one. Cannot see info of player, many little things to iron out. @admin is this on the roadmap for change? It should match the beauty of the rest of the game. BTW, your artist who does the paintings is amazing! I love it. A beautiful chat with a nice font would be much appreciated.
  5. The DLC is a bit pricey considering a player tends to stick with one nation. Nevertheless, I was suckered in. Need more ! Also, any history folks with insight into the appropriate flags to fly, especially in Royal Navy ships? For rear Admiral, Vice-Admiral, and Admiral I tend to favor first the Blue, then the white (which give me a break is nearly identical to the default), and then the Red for highest ranking admiral. That's the closest I can divine the meaning according to the custom of the day, but welcome correction.
  6. Need more realistic terminology in-game. Get rid of the word Clan altogether (Looong overdue!) Perhaps Squadron for smaller "clans" and Fleet for bigger ones. Embrace your niche, Game-Labs. Give opportunity for history of the period to really shine. I've been watching those flying simulator games with Airforceproud95 and among all the hilarity they really go for realism in their communications. Maybe this is more of a complaint about the community, but one shouldn't feel like a LARP'er for using terms anyone can find in Dean King's lexicon, or online at https://www.historicnavalfiction.com/general-hnf-info/naval-fiction-glossary You are now released, and fine tuning the realism experience should be on your to-do list.
  7. What would it hurt? You seaworthy veterans could just ignore it. That would give you another thing to brag about, think on it!
  8. It's not only pixels. This is the worst argument I see around here. In this game, more than any other I play, these "pixels" represent hours upon hours. Of real life, that could be spent doing something that actually produced something of value. Yes, life goes on, it's just a game. But it's more than pixels, it's time spent. When that is not respected by a game developer, the shop closes.
  9. Looting is one of the worst mechanics in the game. Swinging your mouse around looking for the little yellow X....not to even mention the ridiculous positioning it takes. SOLUTION: Know how wrecks work? You're far enough away to send a boat and the big colorfully illustrated "TAKE" button appears. Loot is taken. For the life of me I don't understand the need to make things so grating, painful, and obtuse. As a matter of policy almost, or a point of pride? The battle's over. Loot auto
  10. Well, it's been fun, but once I'm called a sissy ass on a forum for an ostensibly mature game, and the moderators let it slide, I take my sissy ass out of here. Fair winds and following seas to all of you, Godspeed.
  11. That's why I can't play anymore. They promised it would be cheaper with one dura.
  12. This brings a laughter filled tear....well done. I'm no longer playing the game but my the forum is enjoyable because of posts like these.
  13. I took a Peruvian wormhole and rode with Paul Revere. I was wounded at Lexington & Concord, then retired and joined Benjamin Franklin's book club.
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