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  1. I'm not sure where to post this but I found this incredible site for information on historic smooth bore cannon. https://www.facebook.com/groups/778434452503624/
  2. Or what city: a Middelburg foot and an Amsterdam foot differed...
  3. The Yanks are simply a bunch of "versetters en dwarstrekkers". That's Dutch/Afrikaans for basically a Rebel but with much more meaning. They cannot play by the rules. They just re-invent everything just to be difficult. Look at their sport...and then they call it World Series and stuff...😝 🤣
  4. Skull and Bones is a graphical feast...but that's pretty much it. Its a silly rinse and repeat game with zero depth. Sea of Thieves was exactly the same sea of boredom... What I like about Skull and Bones apart from the obviously stunning graphics and atmospherics is the sense that you are on the deck of a real ship. The decks are full of detail, some a bit much...fiery torches on the deck, really?...the crew avatars are cool, as are the shanties, all giving the impression you are on a living & working ship. Depth of game-play it seems to have none.
  5. My suggestion is that once you are at the top of the log and start obtaining goods this cannot be overridden. The current mechanic is contrary to any real world bid scenario and frankly is just silly. The next guy bidding can bid in the que but not override the current winning bid which is obtaining goods. Just imagine in the real world you win a tender and get awarded the contract and while midway through fulfilling your obligations somebody (after the tender is awarded) outbids you and your contract gets revoked... 🤣 Limits to contract volumes will reduce exploit of this.
  6. Really? I suggested to add that to game? Did you follow the context of the conversation. I think not. doh.... The string of posts was in reaction to: Starting with: Read all the relevant posts and you may understand the conversation. I'm not going to post them all here. Please do try and keep up!!!
  7. Agreed The Captain would indicate his intentions and his officers would relay the relevant commands.
  8. Cosmetic DLCs would be huge in this game. The ability to customize the look of your ship (not a free for all Priscilla Queen of the Desert thing, but within the historical context) and have custom pennants and ensigns would simply be freakin awesome!!! How about the ability to name your own ships as a DLC? In sort the Devs would double their revenue overnight and please the player-base no end. C'mon guys... you know you want to!! Edit: And options for different figureheads!!! You know you want to!!!
  9. For the sake of immersion can we please get the ships bell sounding when we hit shallows?
  10. Now that the grid is gone from the map can we please have additional navigation tools. At the very least a set of dividers so I can measure on the map and also the ability to place markers on the map. I assume that the trader tool distances will always remain in map so therefore I wont ever be needing a Chip Log or Traverse Board used in Dead Reckoning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chip_log https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traverse_board https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_reckoning
  11. Each gunner would also fire on the upward roll and timing was important. Therefor introduction of the flintlock firing mechanism was vitally important to time each shot precisely. The Captain did not time each shot. Each gunner did. So the game needs to compensate for that fact.
  12. Also, generally speaking in battle, after the first broadside, it would be up to each gunner to "fire as you come to bear". Effectively, once in a melee, its something more akin to a continuous random fire. In battle, full broadsides would be for specific occasions, for instance stern raking.
  13. Really? I would love to disagree. In my opinion the Dutch built the most beautiful ships by far and cast the most beautiful bronze guns. However, realistically, there was not much difference between the ship designs in the 18th to 19th centuries. You must know that Peter the Great traveled to both England and Holland to gain vital shipbuilding knowledge. Himself working in shipyards in those countries.
  14. Also at one stage the Pacific was to be considered to be part of the game. I think that idea was abandoned though.
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