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  1. I'm not sure where to post this but I found this incredible site for information on historic smooth bore cannon. https://www.facebook.com/groups/778434452503624/
  2. Or what city: a Middelburg foot and an Amsterdam foot differed...
  3. The Yanks are simply a bunch of "versetters en dwarstrekkers". That's Dutch/Afrikaans for basically a Rebel but with much more meaning. They cannot play by the rules. They just re-invent everything just to be difficult. Look at their sport...and then they call it World Series and stuff...😝 🤣
  4. Skull and Bones is a graphical feast...but that's pretty much it. Its a silly rinse and repeat game with zero depth. Sea of Thieves was exactly the same sea of boredom... What I like about Skull and Bones apart from the obviously stunning graphics and atmospherics is the sense that you are on the deck of a real ship. The decks are full of detail, some a bit much...fiery torches on the deck, really?...the crew avatars are cool, as are the shanties, all giving the impression you are on a living & working ship. Depth of game-play it seems to have none.
  5. Really? I would love to disagree. In my opinion the Dutch built the most beautiful ships by far and cast the most beautiful bronze guns. However, realistically, there was not much difference between the ship designs in the 18th to 19th centuries. You must know that Peter the Great traveled to both England and Holland to gain vital shipbuilding knowledge. Himself working in shipyards in those countries.
  6. You Sir, were a very naughty boy...so all your privileges have been revoked...
  7. Although I tend to agree with you, the Viking Longships crossed the North Atlantic via Iceland to Greenland and then onto Newfoundland. They too had low free-board but were remarkably seaworthy as attested by the numerous sailing replicas. Perhaps the Zebec could similarly ride the seas due to its lightness of structure. The basic lines are not drastically dissimilar.
  8. Rather give me other more relevant things to do whilst at sea. Add dividers to navigational tools. I'm sick of using my index and little (pinky) fingers as dividers on my screen. Then other relevant things a Captain needs to check on. Manifests, trade agreements and such like. Immersion chaps immersion.
  9. Yes. I would suggest that the ship's default state be gun-ports open and the guns run out: battle stations as it were. And during battle, therefor only in battle instances, only the guns re-coiling and running out once loaded be added to the animation sequence. Far less intensive than the smoke and cannon ball tracking of each cannon ball in the air. Therefor gun-port lids never change.
  10. Just a note: The port lids would not close between reloading otherwise the you would not be able to use the ramrod. They would open at "beat to quarters" and stay that way for the duration of the battle. But you have a point: a re-coiling gun could hardly be as system intensive as each gun's muzzle flash and smoke. Smoke is notoriously resource intensive.
  11. Yup true. I try to manage efficiency and time to chance of drop per battle. Most efficient seems to be 5th rates and particularly BellePoules, although I know its random. @AeRoTR Thanks for your link o7. I'll look into that.
  12. I would say that operational costs of rated warships should be high and exponential. First rate ships of the line should be hugely expensive to build, operate, man and maintain. As was the case historically. And so the operational cost should be decreasing the lower the rate of ship is. Save on costs by putting the ship into "the ordinary". To re-activate the ship would be some cost too. I would even suggest refitting be required periodically at a certain cost. Rebuilding a ship, which was historical, would be an awesome ability too in game with the option to change certain ship characteristic
  13. I have effectively solved the loot issue. I go out in an Endymion or any other highly maneuverable ship in company with a fleet ship like a Bucentaure to take all the punches and dish out the damage. I easily handle 2-3 Frigate AI fleets with 4-5 small ships no problem and have no issues with looting them all. I want to try the Endy with 2 heavy fourth rates. Devs, I apologize for my emotive post above.
  14. Something like this. I think physically landing troops is over complicating things. Once you have destroyed/incapacitated enemy fleet go on to destroy port defenses...job done.
  15. I was in a Traders Lynx and was tagged by Sayid in a Prince right next to Carlisle. I called reinforcements which appeared in a Navy Brig right next to him. Silly me not having guns or repairs as I was in a low key trade run. The Brig did some damage but Sayid had no problem whatsoever outmaneuvering him and reducing my ship to 43% sails. I only survived thanks to support from nation players. In my opinion the AI reinforcement was of zero value in this case.
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