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  1. The in-game compass rose currently has tick marks every 15 degrees, which means that the full circle is divided into 24 pieces. With the current in-game compass, there are two tick marks between North and Northeast, dividing this space up into thirds. A traditional compass rose is divided into 32 points. Each point has a specific name. Halfway between North and East is Northeast. Halfway between North and Northeast is North by East. The traditional 32-point compass is a cornerstone of age-of-sail lore. It appears everywhere, including books, paintings, carvings, tattoos, and everywhe
  2. With the new crew focus system, the marines act as an additional "subsystem". The marines are effectively locked into being set as "marines", and don't help with any of the tasks on the ship. For one thing, I don't believe this is historically accurate. Marines would have helped with manning the guns and handling lines. But let's ignore that for now. The purpose of the marines is to help with boarding combat. Shouldn't they at least help with the "boarding" subsystem? If I switch on "boarding", a bunch of my non-marine, able seamen leave what they're doing (guns, sail handling, et
  3. I love the modeling of the rigging in this game. I have never seen anything else come as close to NA in terms of realistic rigging. That said, there are two major types of lines that are missing from the ships: braces and sheets. Braces run from the tip of a yard (the "yardarm") to a different mast. They are used to control the rotation of the yards. Sheets run to the tip of the boom of a fore-and-aft sail, and are used to control how far out the boom can swing. These lines seem especially relevant given that these are what the player is controlling when the player presses Q, E, Z,
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