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  1. Madre de Deus (1589) is out of the game's timeframe for ships by more than 100 years. She will be slower and weaker compared to the Indiamen we have, and also less armed and with less cargo capacity. A quick google search lists her capacity at 900tons, while the Amsterdam, on which the Indiamen is based, is listed at 1150 tons. If put into the game, Madre de Deus will NOT be larger than the traders we have ingame, nor will she be better at sailing or combat. No
  2. I'm afraid that the "real" newcomers won't make the endurance, let alone the final exam. What rank would you get when you do the 4 tutorials and the 3 exams? In the tutorials you play as a brig, so I think that the Basic Brig would be more appropriate.
  3. I'd happily write a 3 liner for every Ship currently ingame, to atleast get the Ship line-up up-to-date as it the website is in a pre-Trinco, pre-Santi state. Say, if that would help you and I'll do it. It ain't much, but it would be something.
  4. BlueEagleGER


    Not only Admin is back, but me too. I just recently ended my 1.4 year break from Naval Action and once again enjoy it. Having played during the Sea Trials, my honour was at stake during the tutorials and (after 2 trys) completed endurance and then (aka 10+ trys and two videos😁) the Final Exam. I just want to leave this short phrase here: I returned, because this game just has too much potential to ignore and I want to support the developing team as this is not an easy task. Keep up the work and all the best, lads BlueEagleGER
  5. Here you go: All pictures in full resolution here: http://imgur.com/a/rHHqu Some examples: HMS Grampus, razeed 50 gun SoL, formerly HMS Tremendous (1784), 74 gun SoL HMS Black Eagle, formerly HMS Firebrand (1831), paddle vessel HMS Glasgow (1814), 50 gun frigate, among HMSs Princess Alice, Poictiers, Malacca and Albatross
  6. I still have some photos from the Figurehead hall of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, Once I have them organised, I'll post them here.
  7. http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/ships Kameradenschwein, while the current infos are not that developed yet, the Naval Action wikia started by OlafDeng has pictures dor all the ships.
  8. Well, it was a quick google image search and it says: Plans for the Mosquitobit, the name under which the Lynx served in the RN. According to wikipedia (I know, I know) the RN mounted 8 carronades and 2 guns while the original version featured 6 guns, but you know...wiki It can also be that you wrote your post before my edit applied.
  9. Those are from google, so please check before using. For my unschooled eye they look acceptable: HMS Bellona, Royal Navy 3rd rate SoL Lynx, US privateer / letter of marque (this is the plan for the Lynx refitted by the Brits as HMS Mosquidobit)
  10. Pretty heavily armed, that streamlined beauty
  11. Last year it was a seperate thread, wasn't it. I think it was way better structured and more user friendly. It was like this when I recall correctly: 1st Proposals 2nd Initial poll 3rd Final poll We already have Mercury btw...
  12. Nothing huge and important here, but something that should be quite easy to change: National flags/ensigns need to fly right under the gaff, not haflway up (like on Mercury atm).
  13. Jasyaryar, the battles are in instances, meaning that you need to attack/be attacked to be able to use spyglass, guns, manual sails and all the other good stuff from the sea trials. To attack sb, click on his vessel, sail close to it and press attack. As for a map, many use Booyaah's google map (gameplay discussion->open world discussion-> maps, it is pinned) Hope, that is helpful
  14. When using the telescope on a mercury towards the front, well it gets interesting: You can see the figurehead hovering in the over the water and when you further look down, there also is the bow wake, just without any hull. Yes, I also f11-ed it.
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