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  1. I'm afraid that the "real" newcomers won't make the endurance, let alone the final exam. What rank would you get when you do the 4 tutorials and the 3 exams? In the tutorials you play as a brig, so I think that the Basic Brig would be more appropriate.
  2. I'd happily write a 3 liner for every Ship currently ingame, to atleast get the Ship line-up up-to-date as it the website is in a pre-Trinco, pre-Santi state. Say, if that would help you and I'll do it. It ain't much, but it would be something.
  3. Why not? I didn't know hoping for a nice boarding mechanic was a bad thing, but if you say so... Srsly: I never said ships should not sink, I never said they all should be captured, BUT being able to sink within less than 3 boardsides of an equal ship is neither fun, nor realistic, nor economically well structured. All the time you need to gather ,materials, craft, level up ship knowledge, join a fleet & sail into action, join the battle, take formation only to be utterly destructed within 2 minutes as a player making a heeling mistake must be trumendous fun for inexperienced players. Sure, if you make a gameplay mistake you'll have to suffer the consequences when your mistake is exploited by the enemy, but sinking a SoL with a single boardside? Please no. Capturing ships vs sinking them: It is connected to the trading & crafting mechanics and also to fleet gameplay meta (what to do with captured ships after the battle?), I am aware of this. That is why I already wrote that this is difficult to implement.
  4. As my previous post seems to be overruled by countless accusations of "game fault" vs "you suck" followed by "offensive liar": Naval Action's main goal is to recreate the naval combat of the 18th century with proper manouvers, historically correct ship models etc. Sinking Ships of the Line in battle - especially with single boardsides- was anything but realistic.* Yeah, some reasons for this might also include the inability to aim naval guns for such precise waterline shots and the unwillingness to sink expensve ships, but rather to capture them. My two shillings: Sinking first rate ships within a couple of minutes should not be a thing in game, and I can imagine that changing the mechanics will be difficult to archieve in a balanced state. *In the battles of Saints (1782), First of June (1794), St. Vincent (1797), Aboukir Bay (1798) and Trafalgar (1805) a total of 245 SoLs participated of which 49 ships were lost: 44 captured, 2 exploded after out-of-control fire, 1 after being set on fire by the own crew 1 scuttled after capture, 1 blew up after surrendering only 1 sank, after 4 hours of intense fighting This list based soley on wikipedia entrys TLDR: Sinking ships by leak sniping is a very potent and destructive thing in game, that IMO should not be possible in its current way
  5. This particular battle aside: Sinking ships of the line with one (even five) boardsides is just wrong. That is not how combat worked back in the day. Mechanics that allow leak-sniping first rates (or any proper ship for that matter) are in need of an overhaul, imo. I can only imagine, that this will be quite difficult to archieve, however.
  6. BlueEagleGER


    Not only Admin is back, but me too. I just recently ended my 1.4 year break from Naval Action and once again enjoy it. Having played during the Sea Trials, my honour was at stake during the tutorials and (after 2 trys) completed endurance and then (aka 10+ trys and two videos😁) the Final Exam. I just want to leave this short phrase here: I returned, because this game just has too much potential to ignore and I want to support the developing team as this is not an easy task. Keep up the work and all the best, lads BlueEagleGER
  7. I'm pretty sure build strength gives extra HP and planking is just lower leak chance and lower water income per leak.
  8. Just seen this, and now there is your post As I already discussed in the video's comment section, here is an really interesting article on the War of 1812, with the British and the Canadian view at the time together with the US one, written by a British historian for the Smithsonian webside (and thus for US readers, but for the whole world aswell): http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/british-view-war-1812-quite-differently-americans-do-180951852/?no-ist Enjoy
  9. I thing craftable is too extreme, maybe a drop chance when crafting the ship it would fit on like: Basic 0,5% Common 0,67 % Fine 0,8 % Mastercraft 0,9 % Exeptional 1% But I don't see the problem with it being event drops only, it's alright for me.
  10. In the tab of Craft info / General Crafting Information you listed Speed Bonus and Planking Bonus. I suggest you add Armour Thickness and change Plancking into Structure, as it could be misleading with the Planking characteristic. As your source use guide from Wind: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16327-wood-thickness-and-characteristics-guide/ From this you can also add the characteristics of Stiffnes (incl. the mast HP and hull armour bonus from 9.94, see: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15862-patch-994-alliances-new-ships-new-features/ )
  11. Well, the whole event spawn aside, in the patch notes for 9.93 Admin said: ( http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15485-patch-993-bucentaure-acceleration-rework-and-many-other-things/ ) Thereby implying that in the future the ship BP learning chance has something to do with the ship origin. You cannot have a game in which certain ships are only available to specific nations, you would have the US players capped at the Constitution or maybe the generic 3rd rate, while only French have the Bucentaure, Brits the Victory and Spanish the Santissima. It just would not work.
  12. I got one times: Exeptional light carriages. Nice competition, although apparently some guys got 3 exeptional upgrades and a paint sceme (out of multiple chests?) I think the idea was good, but it scertinly needs reworking.
  13. Well there was a letter speaking of a "leaking flagship". Maybe it will be a storm event. oh, btw Yes, I am back. :-)
  14. Is not actually released yet, it will be done in the upcoming large patch. That's when we will have the ability to craft it.
  15. Here you go: All pictures in full resolution here: http://imgur.com/a/rHHqu Some examples: HMS Grampus, razeed 50 gun SoL, formerly HMS Tremendous (1784), 74 gun SoL HMS Black Eagle, formerly HMS Firebrand (1831), paddle vessel HMS Glasgow (1814), 50 gun frigate, among HMSs Princess Alice, Poictiers, Malacca and Albatross
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