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  1. I dont know if its just poor optimisation on the CPU side or server side. But I just wish a good framerate could be maintained even on a 25v25 on a system that is high end, somewhere around 45-60 without having random data loss where cannons dont even show coming out of the cannons due to server overload.
  2. They need better servers. Still getting massive FPS drops even on 7v7 battles. Dips as low as 25fps. 1080Ti, 8700K@5.1GHz..... really frustrating.
  3. Im all for it. But honestly, we need mroe ships in general.
  4. There are so many 5th rates, why is this class even mentioned ? 1st rates, 2nd rates, 3rd rates is what we should have an increase in variety.
  5. No warning or reply post, just completely removed. Just wrote a review that they cannot censor though, thank you steam.
  6. Got it all good, thanks. Yeah its off, and I'm kinda annoyed looking at that.
  7. Can't see anything in Beta options. Why don't I have it ??? Correction: Enter the Beta key provided. I thought It would be displayed first, then a key had to be entered.
  8. Is it possible to merge Christendom with Jean Pual Vilvenue ? That would actually be epic.
  9. It is a problem for you, because your ports are being taken as a result of this broken agreement.
  10. French broke agreement with Pirates as well. Simple. What goes around comes around.
  11. Attend to PB's, try and then we might have some sympathy to give you guys a break.
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