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  1. Question all resources stored in ships (most players use traders as extra storage) and upgrades equipped on ships are these also transferred to redeemables? If not then most players have to make sure to store everything in their warehouse beforehand.
  2. and is there any update about this problem?
  3. List of Ports that are on the anytime capture window: Willemstad: Capital (logical) Mitara: Transferred from pvp 1 Sinamaica: Transferred from pvp 1 Captured ports and lord protectors: Scarborough: Tweakymercury7 La Blanquilla: Dynagrum Fort Zoutman: Smellybeard Yaguaraparo: NLguinnessNL Cabo de la Vela: Skinner Santa Marta: NLguinnessNL Barranquilla: NLguinnessNL Cartagena de Indias: De gouden Leeuw The ports we captured all had a timer set from 16.00 to 18.00 server time or 18.00 to 20.00 server time. This because it's the prime time of the dutch nation so we are able
  4. Dear Devs, We as the United provinces have a major bug to report. We have a lot of ports which had timers set been reset to anytime. We know for certain that we had decent timers put on them mostly 18.00 - 20.00 server time. How come all of the sudden the ports are set to anytime without the lord protectors resetting them?
  5. Dear Admins and Devs, Alas the current clan system isn't fully working of how it should be. It's very nice to have the option to make a clan and to have more captains work to a common goal! But when the Clan leader goes afk or even stops playing the game theres no possibility to promote players or even kick them from that moment on. The officers in the clan can invite people but can not kick or promote people if they want to. I would like to suggest the following: - Clan leadership transferable internaly - Add clan ranks to give more options for example a rear admiral can do exa
  6. Yea im also staring to thinking about it actually i just hope the devs/admins actually take a look at the servers and have any thoughts about it.
  7. Dear Devs and Admins, I have some sad news which i hope you already noticed but just to be sure im making this post about it. PvP 3 EU is almost always empty of players. Lots and Lots of players made a switch to PvP 1 eu because there is more action going on (logical today (24-3-16) PvP 3 has 50 people online and PvP 1 is already on medium). Yes i know the servers will be merged at one point, but im just wondering why not merge the server asap? lots of people are losing intrest in the game because PvP 3 is more a dead server then an alive one. U cant organise port battles or nice pvp
  8. does the alliance concern most of players of both nations? if yes then il change it to alliance or else it remains neutral imo
  9. The problem we have with this is that we have no idea why they shifted so sudden, on the one hand we have rumours that the devs/admins asked them to (Devs nor admins deny or respond to this). And that the swedish claim to be threatend by people and when we ask them they deny it and we get a different story. And to answer your question my assumption is that the Swedish didn't expect the dutch to put up any restistance and we did! so that's why they stopped their plans for the Brits so far.
  10. Dear Sir, If you doubt his words then i hope you trust mine that when i tell you this Alliance of us (Dutch and Britain) has been made without overrulling nor ordering individual players of both nations. And indeed we both do not have any authority to speak for our whole nations but neither do you good sir! And the players are still Free to do as they see fit and please, but may i remind you and also all the other players that there is proof and good intention into a British-Dutch Alliance. Before the Swedish nation came to the Dutch borders they were destroying France in matter of days,
  11. He didnt say middle of the night but at night and you know just as i do that the swedes managed to capture Las aves at 5 in the morning when they failed to take Zoutman before at 4. So actually the Swedish and in special the SEIC are steamrolling the server. They have even admitted that they do this because they dont wanna wait in a queue in the other PVP servers. Anyways the Admins/devs interfered when the french had this exact same problem im wondering whats taking them so long of doing it now. just like Vegito said the game should be fun and ofcourse you can lose some but the rate the s
  12. these stati are based on Ingame info, indeed the game has a FFA element but if for example the spanish agree with the US to not attack each other i would call them NAP towards each other. Or like now the British and Dutch are helping each other out so they are Allies. and that's why i hope the devs implement a diplomatics mechanic so these things can register and are easier to keep track off. \ @ Svartschegg well Major clans are clans who have multiple players active, for example a clan of 5 people isn't a major clan compared to a clan of 15 or even more. but well if they represent alot th
  13. I wish it was a rumour but it's really strange the swedish didn't finish of the french and all of the sudden made a jump towards the Dutch. And now they are allow the French to take the whole SE part of the map and even gave them 2 ports.
  14. Question to the Admins of PVP 3 server word has reached the dutch players the Admins FORCED a NAP on the Swedish towards the French. The reason behind this was because the swedish were owning the french and they werent having fun. And by forcing the NAP they made the swedish players/clans go down towards the Dutch. If this is true how come the admins think this is fair for the dutch because now we have the French and the Swedish pilling up on them. Anyways i would like to ask the admins to take another look on the diplomatics of this server.
  15. Im willing to keep track of the diplomatics status in server but i need extra info before i adjust something. I would like to know the major clans active in each nations and how many members they have so we can keep track of that and also to make it easier for new players to see if they wanna join a clan which clans are around. For example WAR status is giving when the major clans in a nation attack another nation. (im not gonna adjust if just 1 player or small group goes on raiding together). Example 2: We the Dutch made an alliance with the British because there isn't another dutch c
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