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  1. Ah oke that might explain it thanks! I wil try it out
  2. Yeah the Ai likes to run onto the land. XD Crtl+L should be updated or removed I agree with you on that. Do you maybe have a clue what the towers are for because they don't seem to shoot at the enemy when you capture them.
  3. I was thinking about that to but I figured that they had this in mind anyway considering a ship like the surprise is now not playable and in my opinion the surprise is one of the most fun ships to play.
  4. As a temporarly solution you can set your keyboard to usa qwerty in your windows?
  5. @Slim Jimmerson That would be a good change aswell but if you were playing with the ship you like to grind money you would be unlocking modules with the xp you wil be earning on that ship. so with my suggestion you would fix that problem aswell
  6. @Sir Texas Sir Thanks for the chart I forgot about that. the ai ends up boarding me when: I get stuck in shallows I get rammed head on (happens les) and when I turn against the wind to close to an enemy (I know rooky mistake) But even though ai boarding could be avoided I am just pointing it out because this is going to happen to a lot of people a lot when the game releases. Because of that I think there should be a more elegant solution or remove boarding completely.
  7. At the moment XP is the one thing that blocks you from getting the next ship and to get the next ship you have to play the one that comes before it. This forces players to grind with a ship they might not even like at all I had this problem a lot in World of tanks. I would like to see money being the thing you need before you can unlock your next ship this way players can play for a while with the ship they just unlock and when they have the xp play any ship they like and grind the money with a ship they enjoy sailing. I think this wil help keeping players interested in the game.
  8. I am playing all evening and I keep playing even against ai I am enjoying my self I told all my friends who own NA but most people seemed to be burned out on NA and don't want to bother trying this.
  9. AI keeps boarding you and it's frustrating and boring also if you don't want to disengage you are completely useless if you win the boarding any tips and tricks how to win effectively or dodge boarding at all ( except not going to slow ) thanks
  10. for me Ai feels the same, racking seems more effective now though or I was just being awful before XD
  11. I was expecting this and it's no problem as long as you keep improving the game I think the area you are allowed to sail in should not be made smaller but maybe have a max distance 1 or 2 shis can be away from the general group? it that's to complicated increasing the map size by tier sounds also like a good idea
  12. I played today for 8 hours straight I am loving this!! just put in a clan vs clan mode and it's finished for release
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