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    GJ does not need any work in my opinion
  2. sorry for that but there are so many of the smaller clans I can't keep track of them all ofcourse
  3. if I remember correctly (it was a while ago) an admin/moderator told me that they agreed that this would be a nice feature. I am not sure if they promised that it would be coming can't find the post right now.
  4. so if I understand correctly what you are saying is: if the port is announce to be attack say at 28-4 are we then waiting the entire day for the attack (wich could be fake) or just a certain time windows? the raid parts seems much more fun because the enemy can't hide safely in there own waters and actually have to risk there ships before then can even take the port.
  5. yes they are giving there labor hours and resources to the ship line (I happen to be the warehouse but I do not own any of these goods!! the shipline does) I make sure there is enough of everything being produced and if a certain raw resources is getting low on stock I wil ask a certain person to create an extra production building. when these raw resources are given to the shipline I wil give people raw resources to craft materials. they get for the labor hours they put in credit from this credit they can request ships. Those ships are being crafted by the person that is closest to the level needed to make an exceptional ship of that kind (so if the level to make an exceptional ship is 36 the on closest to this level is chosen to craft it ofcourse nobody below the level can craft it this way we try to give everybody xp to level up there crafting level) the shipline wil produce all the ships and upgrades requested but wil also create a stock of 1st/second rates so we can instantly replace ships that er being lost. in this system there is nobody that gain an advantage everybody gets the same amount of balance. So everybody has the right to the same amount of ships for there contribution. this way we are collecting resources in massive amounts wich is more efficient and fast then collecting resources per ship I am trying to explain it as best as I can in english but it's prety tough.
  6. I already have an alternative that I started yesterday wich is a shipline. people deliver resources on a daily basis and craft materials in large amounst. the only downside to this system is that everything runs through one person wich in this case is me.
  7. wel the clans I know the best of the dutch nations are: DKF and Lions wich are germain speaking clans PFK wich is polish speaking DAS wich is Dutch/English speaking (if there are no people that don't speak dutch we speak dutch wich hapens more during missions and casual talk) DWIC wich is Dutch speaking only (if I am correct ) Curse wich is English only most of these guys are american I am personally in DAS and I can tell you that I am enjoining this game more because of the clan then because of the game. and a big advantage (I personally enjoy) is that there are people online 24/7 because we have people from europe, america and even a small group from Australia. I hope this wil help you choose
  8. this looks Awesome!! this wil turn big boring discussions in a bloody fight wich is wat we want this change wil increase people joining pvp. I would love to see that lord protectors can give away ports to friendly's/allies. lets just throw it in and see how it works I am Excited!! you can't break what is already broken right? EDIT: I think it also kinda wired that the player performing the best in a portbattle becomes lord protector. for example if a clan attacks a port and does a coördonated attack on the enemy I could join that portbattle and be the only guy not joining the tactical line. I could be shooting from the gaps in the friendly line on enemies and that way gain one after the other assist without putting myself in any significant danger. This way I could become the lord protector. And the players who sacrificed there ships and because of that made the portbattle a sucses are being left out.
  9. the system of people delivering all the materials for a ship is inefficient and not a proper solution.
  10. Thank you guys the battle at Macanao was the best !!
  11. wel if you don't want us attacking your port. You can always attack ours.
  12. People have a life you know not everybody is up for more then 6 hours pvp every evening.
  13. and that's why we should not remove the daily maintenance until the game is finished just be happy they had the save
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