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But WoT also has clan logos, which is more like what will be on banners and flags.


Keeping paint color/patterns historical is easy enough, but people are going to want to fly their banner. And like WoT, if it's offensive or breaks some kind of TOS, it can be reported and handled.


But there was a way to add a mod that made clan tags invisible. As there will undoubtedly be some hideous tags made up.   Ditto with the crappy gold camo that sprouted up. It overrode my carefully selected camo's and made them look shite. Until a way was figured out to ignore them.

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Dutch Republic (1581 - 1795):
..turned into Batavian Republic (1795 - 1806):
Kingdom of the Netherlands (1806-1810 and 1813 - present):
Dutch East-Indies Company ships had the company logo added:
the "A" stands for Amsterdam

West India Company:

Dutch Brasil:
Those that were (affiliated with) royalty used orange instead of red (refering to the "founding father" Willem van Oranje Nassau):


Alternative Sources:



Some Dutch naval ships in the 17th century, don't know if it was used later in the 18th century as well had multiple striped Dutch flags as seen in this image or this image or this.


Variations were:

- Four stripes: orange-blue-white-orange
- Five stripes: orange-white-blue-white-orange
- Six stripes: red-white-blue-red-white-blue
- Seven stripes: blue-red-blue-white-blue-red-blue
- Eight stripes: orange-blue-white-orange-blue-white-orange-blue
- Nine stripes: orange-white-blue-white-orange-white-orange-white-blue

 or red-white-blue-red-white-blue-red-white-blue
- Ten stripes: orange-blue-white-orange-blue-white-orange-blue-white-orange
- Eleven stripes: red-white-blue-white-red-white-blue-white-red-white-blue

(orange was often also replaced by red)


Some ships used the Geuzen flag (in the present day used for the Royal Dutch Navy) to honour the victory over the Spanish by the Watergeuzen (Sea Beggars/Rebels) which basically had a key part in establishing independence from Spain after the 80 Years' War on 1 April 1572.


Some people still re-enact and celebrate this on the same date:

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I'd like to see a more in depth communications aspect, in my opinion the gaming community would enjoy immersing themselves in this type of game to the greatest extent. I myself would love the option to determine how much of my HUD I would allow to show and the option to hide it all together. 


Having the option to communicate in this way would be fantastic to say the least.

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I want to make a question to developers, about how you gonna do with the Spanish Flag , and the French and English flag?, i mean, that they were changed a few times between 1700 and 1820.

The spanish chase is this::

War flag (1701 -1784)


Merchant Flag (1701 - 1762)


War flag (1785 - 1873)


Merchant Flag (1785 - 1927)


So, How you gonna do?

I think that the other nations like France and England have the same problem, for these reason, I want to know if you have a idea to resolve it

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My guess is they will either let you choose from a set of flags so you can pick what you want or you will just have a set national flag. But that's just my guess.

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You were asking about Signal Flags.That poses several issues.Firstly each Nation will have Different Signals.Secondly,speaking about the Royal Navy,there were several Books of Signals.One would be the "Standing General Signals Book" used across the Fleet.Then each of the Senior Admirals would have their own "personal" signal books, and even lower down the food chain other Flotilla  Commanders would have one.It wasnt untill Marryat made a standardised system(mainly for Merchantile Marine)that the system became a lot easier.

                                                                                                   All that said,i have managed to find a Signals book from 1799,printed in Madras,it was owned by Lt John Batt(?) Acting Captain of HMS Suffolk 2nd of Sept 1779.As you will see he has made his own Signals (the signal Numbers written in freehand) later on in the book.I should think very little changed (the "Official" Signals) through the Period of Naval Action.I hope this helps.




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