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  1. Mirones

    Ship models anyone?

    Le Superbe 1782 of 74 guns 1,2m
  2. Mirones

    Ship models anyone?

    Just ordered my 1.2m Le Superbe Model Kit
  3. Cant wait to build my own Cruisers and Großlinienschiffe.
  4. Mirones

    Ship models anyone?

    i buyed last year a kit of the USS America by Revel not sure when i trow it into the bin.. its beyond me how someone can release and sell 'Prototype' models where nothing fits together. i might go for a wooden kit of a Shooner next Fall/Winter.
  5. look in direction hold left mouse button hit space bar that is how you fire without going into gunnery view.
  6. the Yacht is the best example you can redemm it after 24h ours ( in this case its just a over glorifyed Cutter with larger hull as target and fancy painting) wich you can similar to Nodes select Wood Type and Planking. Yacht can be traded and sold. Larger vessels will have a far larger timer beeing once a week or twice a month for a single dura nothing game braking. Santa Cecilla aka Bloody Hermione is a Premium/special reward ship a medicore 12lb Frigate similar in handling like Belle Poule but with 2 Front Chasers.
  7. A unfinished and never will be List of Cargo Sailing Vessels of wich you can become a Shareholder wich makes you get a share of Anual Profit. Currently there are far over 30 Projects worldwide so i lost track of alot of them. New Additions are 2 Shooners from North Irland. Fair Transport: http://fairtransport.eu/ Tress Hombress 30t, a former Kriegsfischkutter converted into a Brigantine serving in the Atlantiktrade since 10 Years now. All Shares (1250€ per Share) sold but occationally some shares are open again when former Shareholder desides to Sell them back to the Company. Nordly 1873 20t, built on the Isle of Wight she served as Fishing Trawler later transporting other Materials like Sand for a Owner from Norway from wich Fair Transport has brought her for Restauration and use as Cargo Vessel. the Last year Voyages were a Trip from France to Rostock (Hanseatic Sail Festival) transporting 16,000 Wine Bottles for a Local Wineshop and a Trip from Porto Portugal up to the British Channel transporting 5l cans of Pre-Ordered Olive-Oil. A Share Costs 1000€ The Spirit of Rotterdam What will one day shine as the Crown Jewel of Fairtransport, a Clipper Ship has been designed and costed in the backrooms of Fairtransport. Our ‘Research & Development’ sector of the company has developed with external firm SailVolution, the preliminary lines drawings, specifications and business plan for this large sailing cargo ship. The round Trip from Europe to the Caribbean has been hugely successful for carrying cargo and trainees, with each trip North having a cargo hold full of Rum, Coffee and Chocolate from the Dominican Republic. Moving cargo completely on the elements: using solar panels, tow-generators & wind turbines for renewable energy, she depends on the strengths of those who crew her. No electric winches, roller furling or autopilot onboard enable all those lucky enough to sail her to use all their senses to successfully navigate the ship. Timbercoast's Avontuur 1920 175t https://timbercoast.com/en/ built in 1920 and Used for Cargo and Charter Sailing up until 2015, except for the time during the World War 2 she was Restored and Started her first medicore succesfull voyage in 2016/2017 Transporting 20t of Coffe and rum from Honduras back to Germany. Since then she made 3 more Atlantic crossings for the Company of Port Franc to Canada and Back and Currently arrived in Guadeloupe were she meets the Cargosailing Shooner Ruth (30t) and the Brig 'Eye of the Wind' a Sister ship to the Brigantes wich is currently restored in Italy as Cargovessel. A share costs 1000€ each. Sailcargo Inc. 'Ceiba' 200t http://www.sailcargo.org./ Located in Punta Morales on the Westcoast of Costa Rica is the Shipyard of Sailcargo Inc. currently Building the 3 Mast Bargentine Ceiba with 200t Capacity out of Windfallen or otherwise sustainably sources Wood, or other Sources like some Spanish Cedar wich was infested with termits on the bottom of the Tree and treatning to crash onto the Landlords Home durring the next Rain and Storm Season wich got Donated to the Project for the Aid in chopping the Trees down. Ceiba will be equiped with 2 Electric Engines as Propulsion wich will charge the large onbord Batterysystem via Drag when undersail giving Ceiba the ability to have a chilled Cargo Hold wich extens the options of Cargo for her Voyages along the Pacific Excange Line (PAX) wich reaches from Costa Rica north to Alaska and Back over Hawai and other Pacific Islands. Shares are Aviable in multiple Grades: 100 USD, 1.000 USD, 5.000 USD, 10.000 USD. the Project is Currently 14% Founded with an estimated total Cost of 3.6 Million USD of wich some % are allready Saved by local Timber Prices being cheaper than expected and short Transport Distance 11 Miles from the Lumberyard to the Shipyard and calculating the Donated Materials into the Total Cost. These are just a Few examples of Cargo Sailing Vessels. There are other Ships like Kwai out in the World Transporting Goods to Remote Places were normal Conventional Freighters are to Large to Suply. noteable examples: 'Hawila', currently under Refit to carry Cargo again in the Baltic an North Sea 'Kwai', Suplying remote Pacific Islands 'Falls of Clyde', most Largest Project returning a 4 Masted Ship Rigged Clipper back to Scotland and using her for Cargosailing again 'Brigantes', currently in restauration in Italy and will operate in the mediterranean 'Picton Castle', 3 Masted Tallship sailing for Port Franc between France, Canada and Korsica ToWT, a French Company operating multiple Cutters 'Grayhound' Replica, a Lugger Sailing in European Waters Solent Windship Trust, a Foundation planing to Build a Modern 3 Masted Topsail Shooner similar as 'Ceiba' Eco-Liner, a Modern Dyna Rigged Transport Vessel fitted out as either, RO-RO, Special Transport, Tanker or Container Vessel by Fair Transport Maltese Falcon, a 88m Superyacht equiped with the Prototype Dyna Rig intended for the Eco-Liner delivering real Time Data to the Architects designing the Eco-Liner Luna, a Bermuda Sloop currently under Restauration by Charlestown Colonial Seaport for cargosailing and many others. Investing in becoming a Shareholder enables one to use anual investment-return to either pay off the Studentloan or Collagedebt. or means to Aid the Financial Retirementplan when the regular Pension will be to low and threatens one for Poorness at Oldage or general financial independence for the once who dont want to become a Fulltime Youtuber/Twitchstreamer with Patreon. I currently own Multiple shares because: "No one has the Intentions to build a Wall.." "No one has the Intention of making our Savings worthless.."
  8. Falls of Clyde is the last surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full-rigged ship, and the only remaining sail-driven oil tanker. Designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1989, she is now a museum ship in Honolulu, but her condition has deteriorated. She is currently not open to the public. In September 2008, ownership was transferred to a new nonprofit organization, the Friends of Falls of Clyde, which intends to restore her. Efforts to raise $1.5 million to get the ship into drydock have not succeeded as of 2015. The Friends of Falls of Clyde is raising funds to return the Falls of Clyde ship to its original home in Scotland for restoration. The group is seeking $350,000 to help fund the cost of shipping. “Although the Falls of Clyde has been an important part of Honolulu Harbor history for more than 50 years, the ship is in danger of being destroyed due to lack of support and impoundment by the State DOT-Harbors Division,” said Bruce McEwan, president of the Friends of Falls of Clyde. “The Falls of Clyde was once one of the fastest sailing ships in the world and this national historic landmark may be lost if we are unsuccessful in reaching our goal. Currently two new possible Sponsors have been found aiding in the Project yet more founding is needed. She is not intended to remain a pure Musuemship but instead shall join the ever growing Cargosailing Fleet. http://www.friendsoffallsofclyde.org/
  9. instead of ataching to your post us imigur. then use the "insert other media" button on above the "Submit Reply" one and select "from link" try replicate that one. step 1 draw the ship with pencil on the canvas not a coal one but one that has a more organe tint to it. step 2 ignore the ship focus on whater background sky and the shore. once the background and the raw ship is done you can start focusing on the ship. thats how most naval painters do it : painting starts at 8:20 here some offical loading screen art work from NA wich were sort of made in a similar way.
  10. Wasa was a Swedish ship of the line , built in Karlskrona in 1778 by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman drawing. Participated in 1788-1790 years sjötåg during Gustav III's Russian war . Sold in 1803 but re-purchased in 1808 and converted to the 50-gun ship. Abolished in 1827. The Swedish East India Company took advantage of Wasa for the trip to Canton 1803-1805. The crew was reduced as from 556 to 167 men. The ship was repurchased by the Navy in 1808 after his only trip to the East India Company.
  11. Mirones

    Ship models anyone?

    she was allready send into good hands sorry.
  12. Mirones

    Limiting SoLs

    the only reason we had so many firsts up until now is because gold became so worthless over time by compasswood and other exploit farming.
  13. people are doing this since sea trails 3 years ago gues what we all are going to die one day should we kill ourself now to save us some time
  14. die NPC's sind nun wirklich ein schatten ihrer selbst im moment.
  15. wenn du dich für die alten Segler interessierst dann JA viel konkurenz in dieser Nische gibt es nicht. es gibt immer diverse Nein sager die einem alles Schlecht reden wollen, diese sind meistens die lautesten. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwuiDNwFb8xX7O4qppdXZ0Q hir hast du ein deutschen YT channel wo du von steam release bis zuletzt die entwicklung ansehen kannst
  16. i also recomand getting Achitecura Navalis Mercatoria Since it has alot of small vessel in it from all kind of nations Dutch/Danish/Swedish/!Finnland! and even a Spanish Barg. if you aim for smaller vessels. if you want something for practis here a dutch shooner
  17. if you want something simple get Chapman Mercatoria Plate LVII number 15 wich is a bermuda sloop got no scanner at hand atm maybe Bungee has the book too and can giv you a scan of the plan
  18. we had neutral fraction everyone was using alts to mess up the economy globaly since no one can touch you except pirates.
  19. and a major refit/build were the main mast position was changed wich also gave almost 1.5knots some british captains requested this on razee's were the sailin characteristics were changed from beeing an former lineship but was denied by admirality because to expensiv in their eyes.
  20. https://www.change.org/p/bundesverkehrsminister-alexander-dobrindt-csu-pro-maritime-tradition-dobrindts-verordnungsirrsinn-stoppen Unterstützt die deutschen Traditionssegler mit eurer Stimme auf change.org. Wenn die neue Sicherheitsverordnung umgesetzt wird wie geplant, verliert auch die Hanse Sail an Attraktivität. dies betrifft auch Traditions Bahn Betreiber(Molly/Rodelblitz) sowie die Betreiber historischer Flugzeuge.
  21. the book from chapman with all his shipplans from the 1700
  22. most negativ reviews are from ones that are unable to read thinking that buyed (not even planned to have one in long time) premium vessels are better than normaly crafted ones, wich is absolutly not the case i.e Boarding Bucentaure that was gifted to everyone because of servercrash wich wasnt even our fault, had less upgrade slots than an regular build one. and the yach wich is most of the time been live oak wich is rather bad for any for and aft rigged vessel. over the years alot of things were tryed out experimented and removed again wich also caused some up roar these reviews were not updated either. and alot of reviews with less than 10-20hours have not even scratshed the surface of the game mechanics. then there are alot of trolls running around and dont bother about steam forum we abandoned that one mostly for good reasons.
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