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  1. Padre Nuestro British NO Roberts of Homefleet Germany
  2. yacht is swedish and the Frigate ( Cherubin) is based on chapman lines
  3. she should be called a 3rd rate anyway with her 32lb main armament. http://imgur.com/a/bsjRM
  4. The bend Nails are allready removed and prepairing for the next row of planks. i also installed the first plank on the right side.
  5. "Tres Hombres" one of the ships of FairTransport. doing CO² free Hauling and reducing the over all CO² of the products by 90%. Sadly the rum is to expensiv 1L = 199€
  6. Armament: 12x18lb 12x12lb 11x 6lb 4x Stern chasers 2x Bow chasers i still like her rather modern look
  7. no thank you just polishing out the very strong bugs.
  8. at the beginning gerneric ones only later one maybe
  9. around 5-6mm x 2mm i got brass nails that later gets removed and by puting a tiny bit of water on the wood it seals the hole and then sandpaper over it. but i hope to use as few nails as possible
  10. looks nice. i hope the enxt planks wont be a mess like the first ones sinc ei know got a better place for the clamps
  11. not yet there are some issues with polycount etc that needs to be reworked new ships come in when the time is ready.
  12. the side i buyed mine got an Paddleboat that you could try to fit an working steam engine in:P http://www.hobbiesguinea.es/en/constructo-naval-modelling/2652-constructo-80840-robert-e-lee-mississippi-steam-liner-640-mm-length.html or http://www.hobbiesguinea.es/en/12008-talhoer-20151-vanguard-1841-wood-paddle-tug-boat-723-mm-length.html new progress from today: and showing the detailed manual that comes with the kits.
  13. thats an very nice on actually. if you want to get your hand on a Kit like me there are some for around 50ish euros for practise. its very relaxing and gives you another option when you are siting infron of your steam libary not knowing what to do with himself for hours.
  14. okey maybe its a bit harsh but still we suportet the need for the french navy and then there was aktiv looking for plans with the help of the french comunity. and now its meh we dont like here because of her battle. our Trinidad was foced to lower her flag or be stern raked at a battle befor Trafalgar. were even an Spanish ship hailed Trinidad and send the massage that if they lower the Flag they will open fire at her. this whole thing is not really nice to the person who put the hours into her to bring her ingame.
  15. first you beg for more french ships then it was all huray when she was anounced and now its meh we dont want her.
  16. will do some more work on my HMS Prince this weekend.
  17. i work with him otgether on this one and i started with him on the dutch line up because why not after all we have an entire British lineup with 3 ships missing to finish the nation off. and historical speaking the US lineup is decent too. and the more ships the better. we basicly looked for ships that are similar in armament and performance to the ships we have ingame right now and all the dutch ships have their plans posted by steel
  18. hardlimit is only for when there is no alternativ for a certain nationalitys were shipplans are rare. for small ships it might be okey but not for 32lb frigates of 60guns
  19. i am sorry but we dont like the idea of going past our current timeline end 1820 past then you get corvets with 24lb longs or 18 longs who would throw the current game ballance overboard. specially sailing characteristics. so far only one of the ships falls out the rest is fine.
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