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  1. closed since its confirmed to be low priority some time ago and to make space on first page. any new vote would only spam this topic back to first page.
  2. i could name 5-7 ships fcompared to sea trails. Ships were not a main focus, mechanics are more important. we will be pressing around 15 ships out this year
  3. did not really worked on the First Rate in the past couple months will do some work on the next weekends. i fucking hate these tiny brass nails
  4. we are not as incompetent as some AAA studios so newships takes far less than multiply months.
  5. 60 gun Wasa Class / later Improved Gustav adolf Class by chapman. no need to say that it will get run over by Fargu and fliped because of the large size difrence
  6. ja wenn du das schiff auf den grund schickst ist da nichtmehr viel zuholen.. und ja schiffe kann man umwerfen. bei lynx und Privateer auch ohne Feindkontakt wenn man mit den Segeln rumfummelt.
  7. jup Diana Victoria Swanclass are playermodelled. Agamemnon semes logical because what is the point of an razee if you dont have the option the razee the original ship down to one. about Kepler time will tell
  8. some of these ships are playermodeled but not yet aproved or moved to the game. some are playervoted ones some dev wildcards and some ships we are not allowed to tell you anything about them yet
  9. Indiamans are generally Shipf of the line with the Hull not pierced for all guns if you look at her she has enough freeboard to add another gundeck turning her into and 80gun ship like Bucantaure or Saint Paul. and early one most Indiamans were converted into warships when needed HMS Glatton is one of theses who fought at the battle of Coppenhagen
  10. Fir Teak Oak und Live Oak sind die Holzarten. Stiffness bedeutet weniger Rollen/neigen nach Lee unter segel. wiki ist in arbeit und nicht aktiv da sich die daten je nach feedback ändern.
  11. Padre Nuestro British NO Roberts of Homefleet Germany
  12. yacht is swedish and the Frigate ( Cherubin) is based on chapman lines
  13. The bend Nails are allready removed and prepairing for the next row of planks. i also installed the first plank on the right side.
  14. "Tres Hombres" one of the ships of FairTransport. doing CO² free Hauling and reducing the over all CO² of the products by 90%. Sadly the rum is to expensiv 1L = 199€
  15. no thank you just polishing out the very strong bugs.
  16. at the beginning gerneric ones only later one maybe
  17. around 5-6mm x 2mm i got brass nails that later gets removed and by puting a tiny bit of water on the wood it seals the hole and then sandpaper over it. but i hope to use as few nails as possible
  18. looks nice. i hope the enxt planks wont be a mess like the first ones sinc ei know got a better place for the clamps
  19. not yet there are some issues with polycount etc that needs to be reworked new ships come in when the time is ready.
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