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  1. i cant remember the Pavel having 42lb medium and long on the gundeck the "Frigate" or Cherubin is a complet fantasy ship too just like the yacht. and i cant remember any topics greating an massiv uproar about them. Currently the only OP ship that is not acting like it should is the snow ontario wich recieved 2 Speedbuffs behind each other and when currently chained down to 54% handels like the one before the buffs. So that tiny nutshell sits behind your Surprise closehauled with same speed shoting ball at your sails and you do the same amount of % down as she does to you but performanc
  2. its more of a usefull addition if you have new people without sol rank to giv them the caped 3rd's and use them as razee
  3. we get the option to razee ships Agammenom-Indefatigable and now Pavel-Kepler nothing to be that mad about
  4. it is certanly not and it wasnt suposed to shown yet good luck on finding information about her
  5. i think victory has some anchors blocking a port but in this case the cannon would not be angled that much instead the ship would correct the course to fire at the enemy
  6. -.- i am well aware of that i was reffering to glatton and co. i hope for some great news about the lowtier area ship wise.
  7. i was just asking because some indiamans were converted into 50+ gun ships thats all
  8. ragnar is it possible to do a converted to warship version with the lower deck added? would be an nice 90 gun 3 decker
  9. i dont really like the look of Christian VII the complet Straight Walls are not really as apearling as a more rounder shape of Vic or the Ocean. or even Bellona
  10. im moment noch kein unterschied aber das wird sich noch ändern
  11. 1801 privat build privateer and was to costly for his owner like HMS Mordaunt and got used as trader and sunk in rio de la plata 22-26guns depending on armament size and configuration
  12. http://www.hobbiesguinea.es/en/constructo-naval-modelling/2619-constructo-80702-albatros-baltimore-schooner-1840-510-mm-length.html that would be a nice option to experiment with wood for you.
  13. ship colour coustomisation is WiP so it doesnt really matter
  14. Handelschiffe haben kein einfluss auf die Wirtschaft, noch nicht. Contracts sind eine unfertige sache und werden überarbeitet.
  15. 5 minimum wich includes 3 Traders and offical release of Niagara and Ingermanland. but there might come some more toys besides them.
  16. das sind Schmugler sprich du kannst als Engländer englische Händler angreifen sofern sie entsprechent makiert sind.
  17. of course there might be more that i am not allowed to tell you otherwise check the dutch Wiki: http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Ships
  18. you get a mortarbrig for stronger fortifications. and why should it harder to aim on an fixed static position compared to a ship.
  19. no limitations by nation. each ship is unique in stats by choosung the trimm when building and wood typ in the background multiple Moduls gets added randomly that are hidden.
  20. will try it soon, i can remove the brass nails and use sandpaper on hull to make it smooth so not a big problem
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