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  1. they were the class of 74's that got copied by other nations same with some frigates if a designe is succesfull it gets copied nothing new. but this doesnt mean that every 74 isa copie of the french there were still some independent experimental hull designes used by other nations
  2. Cecilia/hermione Ceberus and Surprise most likely buc from Bellona or 3rd rate but that is just guessing
  3. dont worry i asume she could come at the end of the year hopefully together with Ocean.
  4. i fell in love with her lines cant wait to see some progress on her Ragnar
  5. WHy not giv this a try you can fill out the coat of arms with what ever you want
  6. i think i will go for the HMS Superb model i found on a german site wich is the bellona but in an higher scale and over 1m long i might go for that one
  7. not at all because its a 66gun chasers doesnt count
  8. the indiaman in that list is planned as 42gun, it has nothing todo with the 28gun we just got
  9. looks handsome. any chance on some Portlandclass? or something spanish?
  10. its not amsterdam, she is chapman number idk XV II ish. Amsterdam would have 42guns instead of 28.
  11. i still dont know wich ship to choose there are many that i fell in love with. be it that massiv surprise 1.3m or 0.75m Bellona i just need to get rid of the prince :\
  12. she looks great leo
  13. around 350 but its that high because of all the decorations. yes Germoney i wont really be charging money for her will do some pictures of her current state later
  14. not really no time and passion. i buyed the kit in a hurry and should ahve looked for some time more so i would have ended up with a ship i love. if anyone wants to finish or experiment on her i will send her away.
  15. Hardlimit doenst mean its an 100% quarantee. we we dont want to over stretch it. personaly i would go for USS America 74 and the upgunned USS ohio wich would be on equal therm of the Victory. ofcourse the stern could ne some artistic freedom love
  16. i think i collected the plans in the pinned list of spanish ships but alternativ paintings and reference materials are allways welcome
  17. closed for being solved over a year ago. this doesnt mean there wont be any second rates in the future we just needed an generic one to fill a gape back then
  18. guys this is an outdated topic stop beating a dead horse
  19. that made the diffrence using the wrong year you should allways double check that. since no much information is given on her its save to asume she is part of the Portland-class hull lines of Bristol and Leopard
  20. she is a 44gun ship not 50 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Diomede_(1781)
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