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  1. and how can i see who have put things and get things from the warehouse? to have a better digest? And why is it so simpel ? i had seen some screens bevor ,.that look most intresting!
  2. wäre schön wenn man das Wort "Redeemables" auch noch übersetzen könnte ^^
  3. for what a mortar brig if we can capture a port with 2 santis or victories by capturing the Towers ^^
  4. and what we Shell do with that , what we didnt make with a santissima or Victory,too? With more Content i mean, new Orders or Missions or something like that. Real new Task for Endcontent.
  5. will be there more content for last rank captains? so that they get not annoying of the game?
  6. it would be great if u can implement the npc ships which in that port avaible to buy.
  7. hm,.ok,..then shell the dev that with the Clan-warehouse completley to think over with that new Projekt ^^
  8. Clan Warehouse and Clan Vault ( i Like that word very much ) is needed to implement to the Game, urgently. Cause the other Clan-Players are crating the Modules to the Maincrafter(s). And need access to the Clan Ressource if the Guy who have the Ressource are offline. And Iam very happy about this new feature. But i Think what we need at first is , more Clan Player Ranks Like the usually Game Ranks ? Member , Officer, Creator are to low ranks. Straight with that coming Clan Warehouse we need more Clan Player Ranks like, perhaps 5 more. To get the Warehouse Volume savty. For Example: Recrut (for example for new Clan Joiner) : can only Put some things in the Clan Warehouse/Vault, not get.. and Player Ranks must be infinitly variable to the Clan Player Rank given from the Creator. And it would be nice if we can change the Name of the Ranks ^^ . And pleeeeease : Make the Option Possible to appoint the Clan Leader !!! It can not be that the Clan becomes completly disbanded if the Creator leaves the Clan That is need, that we must have more Option to Clan-Player-Ranks. Like : - can get things from the CW - can only put things to the CW - can only get things from the CW /24H /Week /Month (volume) (the savest methode ever for my Opinion) - have full access to the CW
  9. Hello it must some give to make Last Rank Captains the Game more atractive. And i Think a Championsystem or like this would be nice.
  10. Hello is it possible to change the Clan Creator to other Members? Cause our dont wanna play this game any more.
  11. so,..thats the game,..if a nation dont investigate to port battles to save ressource,..they will have a hard time.
  12. Hallo, hat jemand eine Ahnung wie das mit den Mörsern gehen soll? Ich war gerade in einem Kampf mit einem anderem Schiff und konnte die Mörser gar nicht auswählen. Schiessen die nur in Hafenschlachten und dann auch nur Automatisch wenn man in Reichweite kommt?
  13. i was with a friend to join a fleet mission at difficult LvL Last one.. We had one Bellona and one Pavel. And as Enemies we had 12 Ships from Consti to Santissima. I mean,..ehmmm..... are u serious ,devs? Its that right Balanced? I think 2 ships against 4 same of us will be ok,.on this difficult LvL ,..but 12 ?? wtf ^^
  14. When that ship sail not on the Open Sea then it would be great when the NPC sell it in the Shop. For all Traders that havent that Blueprint but want this ship which that Large Ventre for Shopping. I think thats why is this ship comes to the game, or? For Shopping.
  15. Is this ship also as a NPC on the OW on his way? Perhaps to Capture?
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