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  1. Le Superbe 1782 of 74 guns 1,2m
  2. Just ordered my 1.2m Le Superbe Model Kit
  3. Cant wait to build my own Cruisers and Großlinienschiffe.
  4. i buyed last year a kit of the USS America by Revel not sure when i trow it into the bin.. its beyond me how someone can release and sell 'Prototype' models where nothing fits together. i might go for a wooden kit of a Shooner next Fall/Winter.
  5. A unfinished and never will be List of Cargo Sailing Vessels of wich you can become a Shareholder wich makes you get a share of Anual Profit. Currently there are far over 30 Projects worldwide so i lost track of alot of them. New Additions are 2 Shooners from North Irland. Fair Transport: http://fairtransport.eu/ Tress Hombress 30t, a former Kriegsfischkutter converted into a Brigantine serving in the Atlantiktrade since 10 Years now. All Shares (1250€ per Share) sold but occationally some shares are open again when former Shareholder desides to Sell them back to the
  6. Falls of Clyde is the last surviving iron-hulled, four-masted full-rigged ship, and the only remaining sail-driven oil tanker. Designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1989, she is now a museum ship in Honolulu, but her condition has deteriorated. She is currently not open to the public. In September 2008, ownership was transferred to a new nonprofit organization, the Friends of Falls of Clyde, which intends to restore her. Efforts to raise $1.5 million to get the ship into drydock have not succeeded as of 2015. The Friends of Falls of Clyde is raising funds to return the Falls o
  7. instead of ataching to your post us imigur. then use the "insert other media" button on above the "Submit Reply" one and select "from link" try replicate that one. step 1 draw the ship with pencil on the canvas not a coal one but one that has a more organe tint to it. step 2 ignore the ship focus on whater background sky and the shore. once the background and the raw ship is done you can start focusing on the ship. thats how most naval painters do it : painting starts at 8:20 here some offical loading screen art work from NA wich were
  8. she was allready send into good hands sorry.
  9. the book from chapman with all his shipplans from the 1700
  10. we are talking about plastic and wooden models here mate
  11. i am giving up my HMS Prince 1670 model kit. sended it to some friend to help me out be i am now left with more work on fixing the existing progress than moving forward that i lost intresst in her. if no one wants her i send her straight into the oven.
  12. Ich werde morgen gegen 22uhr über Plak's Stream ein kleines Q&A in Bezug auf Entwicklung und Planung von Naval Action abhalten. https://www.twitch.tv/plakrocks das Ganze wird dann auch am Ende auf YT landen.
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