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  1. Updated to 11.0 - Instructions aux Canonniers nerfed; The Complete Fencing Master nerfed | new modifiers introduced new modifiers: DECK_ALL | CANNON_MIN_ANGLE | CANNON_MAX_ANGLE | NONE | FIREZONE_MAX_HORIZONTAL_ANGLE | both probably postitive. feedback apprechiated. added to: Gunnery Encyclopedia Sur le Canonnage a Bord Table of Parts of Ships of War
  2. Haven't played in weeks. lol If you come by more in that matter - let me know...
  3. Yeah well, that means RHEA TURN SPEED now is called like this ingame but not in the API for that matter. Good to know. I really would wish for more consistency in that regard. makes work like mine even harder. @Ink
  4. Just doublechecked. "Modifiers":[{"Slot":"NONE","MappingIds":["SAIL_RISING_SPEED"],"Absolute":0,"Percentage":10},{"Slot":"NONE","MappingIds":["RHEA_TURN_SPEED"],"Absolute":0,"Percentage":10}] still the same modifiers as listed. Where did you get that info from?
  5. Can't Confirm your statement. I reckon you mean the following: Art of Ship Handling no such thing in sight as "yard turn speed". So imo it still stands for yard turning speed. according to the data, yes. [{"Slot":"NONE","MappingIds":["RUDDER_HALFTURN_TIME"],"Absolute":0,"Percentage":12},{"Slot":"NONE","MappingIds":["RHEA_TURN_SPEED"],"Absolute":0,"Percentage":-10}] I could have interpreted the variables wrong when it comes to color-coding. But normaly you want a decrease in everything with TIME in the name and vice versa an increase in everything with SPEED i
  6. Short Update. Northern Carpenters & Northern Master Carpenters changed.
  7. Short Update. Steeltoolbox was raped. Also Expert Carpentry Handbook was changed.
  8. As @Anne Wildcat says this post is to be seen as depreciated for now. Until the paints are back and I got reliable data to work with. Sorry
  9. Hey there. How about you take it down a notch. If you are missing information, collect them and make a guide for it? And if you read again, I clearly stated that a ship can only have one refit.
  10. Which brings me back to my initial answer. Thickness and shipspeed are afaik the only two stats not fetchable (dynamically) from the API (without hardcoding). edit: but if anyone finds the factor 13.03 in some way in the API that would be awesome
  11. Yea true. Not saying your wrong. I am just pointing out that this would be a hard-coded variable which is not fetched dynamically and thus might change in the future.
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