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  1. No POTBS is still alive. Its literally been kept alive by the playerbase. Its been sold multiple times but the players loved it. Interesting story here; https://www.pcgamer.com/pirates-of-the-burning-sea-2019/
  2. I agree, I much the same after the patch came out for the XP balance. The way they had it before where the XP was more strictly linked to the damage you did worked, because that naturally made a had limit on the amount of xp you could get from a 5th rate vs a 3rd date, but that being said if you chose to hit 5x 5th rates, you woudl get a decent return on your grind (and some fun with it). I think thye have gone too far with nerfing the xp from lower BR ships, it really limits the options of grinding. Basically only hitting equivalent rates and above is worht the time, but with the way the AI is now with their buffs and the firing arc, it becomes an unnecessary risk. I dont know how admin calculated 2 hours a day to get to full rank in a month, i was playing about that the last few weeks and barely went up one rank. But most frustrating for me (pure Pve player currently) is that I'm limited in my options and its become less fun. I loves hitting 3-5 fleets of 5th rates with my 4th rates, or a fleet of 4ths with my christian, just cause its fun. I hit a 12 fleet with a christian theother day, and i got 600xp... I can understand their intetion to give you better rewards for higher rates, but they dont need to apply as aggressive a drop off for lower rated ships. Ultimately, on pve you just want to be able to get into bigger ships so you can grind rewards out. I imagine even on the PVP server on a small night, you want to still have a good opportunity to improve your rank.
  3. F11 coordinates I thought was always a bug that was always meant to be removed (going back to when open world was first released). That said, I read at least one positive mention about the removal of it, because no longer can someone give exact coords when being ganked. Even with the sextant perk, the size of the image still gives a little approximation of where you are. Sextant does kill the point, but you have to give up a perk slot. Otherwise you can still triangulate your position using the trader tool (and the makers of https://na-map.netlify.com/ could probably add something where if you put the distance between 3 ports, it will tell you where you are on the map which would be really cool). This is the closest to real navigation you can get I'd think (when I was on watch even with GPS you'd still take 3 radar bearings every 30 minutes when sailing close to the coast) unless they implemented using the stars at night. So if you want to feel legit navigation, you can still do it without the sextant perk and personally I think that's a lot more immersive. Compared to all the other gameplay mechanics i'd have thought F11 was the last thing people would be annoyed at.
  4. Its going to be released which means that this is the last ever wipe... you cant wipe a released game...
  5. The changes were already live and my numbers were based upon the experience i had last night, not what was written by the Admin. I consistently hit 5th rate fleets of 3 so i know what the approximate xp I should be getting out of it, so when I tested it last night it was considerably lower, meaning they had deployed that 'hotfix" you were referring to. Put simply, they nerfed the xp from smaller ships way more than I think they needed to. i get buffing xp for higher ships, but if doesnt have to be so aggressive going down. They have already modeled that balance into the differenct in XP you need to get to the next level.
  6. You guys have the right idea... but WHY nerf it that much. I mean c'mon this needs to be adjusted. I hit 3 x 5th rates, normally i get 1200 xp or so for the damage (which feels like NOTHING when i have to get to 80,000 xp to get to next rank, that's 80 battles). Now i get 300 xp.... C'mon guys... you were meant to be buffing xp rewards, not killing them. I get you don't want people pounding 6th rates with 1st rates, but it already worked that way because you could only do so much damage against a 5th rate vs a 1st rate. But now we have to try hit higher fleets, and with the NPC's the way they are now its just not enjoyable. we get barely any Reals out of OW fights, (6k per fight maybe) and yet we want to be able to replace ships we lose to NPC's with 180 degree firing arcs and outboard motors strapped to them... If you want to nerf xp this much, nerf the NPC's. Please dont make this game grindier. I do enjoy grinding, but when it makes sense. 1:1 vs same ship class as the ONLY option to level sucks. And with these NPC buffs it be enjoyable sometimes, but having to port and spend reals on reps consistently takes a lot of the fun out of it after a while, and whilst killing higher tier is fun and risky, it's not worth it as a grind because you'll end up spending too much on the occasional lost ship (its going to happen cause of the amount of fights you take). Please fix this or just roll back the old XP model cause this doesn't work.
  7. We're not asking for much either. Firing arc and realistic buffs? I agree here too. make the buffs according to the ships. Its not like we know what the ship has before hitting it? Some will be harder, some easier. They shouldnt ALL be Lo/wo + Fir Speed + port bonus. Also why do NPC's need double and charge... they dont. Make them tankier. a boradside is a broadside
  8. It really sucks that AI's are set this way. I have nothing against the Devs' intentions, they want to make sure PvE has some sort of a challenge, I get it, and scripting AI to do something as complex as sailing as masted ship is not easy. That being said, NPC's should follow the same rules as a human player. You should be able to have a strategy against them that is realistic, and be able to use them to practice the game rules. Like if i have never fought pvp against a certain ship, I'd want to hit an NPC ship of the same type and get a feel as to what the broadside feels against them, what the approximate turning rate is, firing arc, etc. Take a game like dark souls. Yes its hard, but all NPC's follow a set of rules, if you can figure out the rules, you can learn to beat them. NPC's dont just cheat to win. Currently, you get no satisfaction from out manouvering an NPC if they can just shoot ahead of them... I even think the buffs they have should be attainable by a regular player (aside form elite buffs, cause you need to have "Boss" battles for a challenge). I'd rather have easier NPC's where you can beat them if you figure out how to sail against them, than something that cheats. The point of a challenge is to feel accomplished, and you do that by beating something fairly. If the AI doesnt follow rules, you just feel kinda bored. I didnt do anything, just shot it until it died and tried to protect my armor by turning. What the point in fighting one? you might as well just an overclasses ship and hit fleets of lower class to get xp. TLDR plz nerf firing arc, make AI use same rules as players. Buff them a little, sure, but would rather an NPC who is equivalent to a bad player, than something that a player could never do
  9. Will it be rolled back again? Cause i already used all the concessions.... so for those of us who did can we log an f11 to get them back?
  10. I fully support this concept. Anything to improve end-game / bonuses in the PvE server. What about mixing this with the idea of "Raids" that the admins posted about recently. This could mean clans can group together (or multiple clans ally) to do a mini port battle against NPC's. Maybe not restrict it to clan only bonuses since there will be a lot of small clans on the server who couldnt do a significant raid. Perhaps getting a faction bonus to a post (e.g. English successfully raided this town, this provides X days time frame for English investment into town. After time frame is over, ability to invest closes, and England must raid again to continue to invest.) This would mean that multiple factions can raid the same town This would make a decent end game concept where not only do players from a faction have to work in battle, but it would also create focused economy hubs for factions as people have put time and effort into developing an area. Also not sure what it means to "Raid" a town already flagged as England.... Perhaps it wouldnt matter as this is more about game content and you can always make a narrative about a corrupt governor (not sure how many people would care for historical/narrative consistency if its providing decent game content). Perhaps the occasional defence from an NPC faction, but that might be asking too much development focus from the Devs.
  11. All for this idea. Having the ability to have organised PVP on the PvE server would be great.
  12. Sorry, I edited the post. What I meant by visible crew wasn't rendering, it was more the number you see in the top right that shows their surviving crew.
  13. Wait, I want to specify that what I mean by visible, isn't physically rendered people, but what you see as their crew numbers on their health tab.
  14. That is a good point, but there is also the fact that the debs get a lot of statistics and useful information from people just spending a lot of time playing. It would make sense for them to want players who are willing to put a lot of hours in over a short period so that they can get the most stable data. How they measure this is up to them. (The rest isn't aimed at you AP514, just general comments). There are undeniably a few things the devs require; Players willing and able to put a lot of hours in (especially since the initial test will be mostly sailing in a straight line and no fighting) Players who are not uncomfortable with forcing themselves to do a fast set by the devs (like grinding damage for ships they don't like sailing) Players who are willing to test all ships Players who are ok with bugs, crashing, and resetting of their characters (with no economy, i doubt we will be keeping what we are given to test) Unfortunately, they have to make a call, and if this post is correct, the Santi is the bar they have set. Its a very simple criteria for them, meaning it won't take up their time to go through logs/leader boards and decide who gets in (there are only, like what? 5 devs?). It also is the most basic way of ticking the above boxes (and yes I totally agree that just because you have a santi, you DOESN'T mean you automatically subscribe to above). But what simpler option do they have to give them a still fairly accurate selection, without taking up too much of their time? In the end, it IS their choice. They are developing a game, and we are the testers. We can state that we are customers and should be made happy, but I think we will be happier with a well polished and working product, than a half-decent shell that has a good PR team? They are doing awesome work so far. Besides, it will hopefully only be one week.
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