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  1. I just want to know how much it would be for a server? If we have a number, there is always a chance of a community whip around to get the money together.
  2. You could limit it so you can only Duel someone in your own nation, like other MMOs. Its a natural limitation because you run out of people to fight, and you get no gain to it. So natually people would move to OW pvp to get real content. But at the same time you can practice and test builds, which ultimately is good because when you do pvp, the fights will be better. People will also get more confident and therefore would be more likely to go forth and pvp. Simply put, of there is no loss and no rewards, and you can only duel same nation, you get the benefits of learning from a
  3. Oh yeah i did that a lot last year. But the players are there. the rest of the time they are doing econ or running defense fleets, with an Op about once or twice a week. But low/null roaming is also a thing, as in this game where you might roam into another territory looking for people trading. If you had more of it, more people would run defense fleets or escorts. Problem is right now trading is broken and zero risk because you just cap a trader brig, and afk sail. If you lose it, you just watch some more netflix and do it again. At least in Eve a Rorq or a Hauler is worth
  4. I dont mind either way if these were implemented, but I do see how they wouldnt work and I dont see how these would make players leave. For #1, dont mind but I hear it does quicken fights which some people are happy about. For #2, if you make a matchmaking, then less people on OW when there already arent many. Also games like Eve Online dont have matchmaking, you can take hours and hours looking for a fight and not getting because people are good at running from fights, thats why you have tacklers. It makes a kill rewarding if its hard earned. Eve has over 10k consistent people on
  5. RVR Port Battle BR should be reduced to allow for more strategic ship selection (and therefore more complex and interesting fleet fights and leadership/tactics). Think of mechwarrior. You have a limited tonnage, so you really have to select the mechs you use to drop into a battle and the tactics you want to use. This gives more opportunity for the "Meta" to change over time as different balances are made by your team (the Devs) as they should be. Meta changes are hugely important to the longevity of any PVP game. Blob 1st rate fleets do not allow for any creativity in tactics, and t
  6. No POTBS is still alive. Its literally been kept alive by the playerbase. Its been sold multiple times but the players loved it. Interesting story here; https://www.pcgamer.com/pirates-of-the-burning-sea-2019/
  7. Its going to be released which means that this is the last ever wipe... you cant wipe a released game...
  8. Will it be rolled back again? Cause i already used all the concessions.... so for those of us who did can we log an f11 to get them back?
  9. Sorry, I edited the post. What I meant by visible crew wasn't rendering, it was more the number you see in the top right that shows their surviving crew.
  10. Wait, I want to specify that what I mean by visible, isn't physically rendered people, but what you see as their crew numbers on their health tab.
  11. This post will suggest two possible game mechanics: The idea of "Visible Crew" as opposed to just a total crew number see on the enemy's health bar The Concept of crew positioning or "Focuses" (Sailing, Gunnery, Survival) determining how exposed they are to damage from raking fire (EDIT!!! What I mean by "Visible Crew" is not physically rendered people on your deck, but the Crew number you see on the health/armor bar when you look at an enemy!) So I was talking with a fellow player, Psychocow, and we were talking about crew damage and boarding parties. One of our questions was whether yo
  12. Aussie here, I play most nights, and am on "The Admiralty" teamspeak (see link to server lists below). There is a good group of guys on there, and usually someone on at all hours of the day. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3240-team-speak-server-list/
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