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  1. now the long wait for season 3. on the bright side, it's only 2 weeks until GoT comes back
  2. i see they just cast Blackbeard for season 3.
  3. the person above me thinks he is a soap on a rope
  4. it has at least 1 more season all ready booked. but talk was grim after season 1 and it was lucky to get the call back for 2 seasons. so i'm guessing unless it does really well in the next 2 episodes( 2nd to last and last episode of the season) and next season, it will stop at 3 seasons.
  5. i would like a balance between both of the above. there are pro's and con's to each, and i have faith in the devs to get that balance right. one time bonuses i think are great for games as a reward for completing something major. 100 ships sunk, 1,000,000 damage caused, gold earned etc. there is a sense of accomplishment in hard to earn achievements, and gives the player something to strive for. and finish in their own time. as where the time limited achievements seem to add hostility to the game if someone can't complete it on time. (something that happened in WoT and WT causing mass r
  6. again i only added Fury because i'm a tank fanboy
  7. the person above me wants lego as a ship building material in Open World
  8. ampaholic likes to roleplay fairytales in his spare time
  9. they are probably the ones i would like to see the most out of the non standard stats. if there is some sort of "fast travel" system in place these stats will show who is actually sailing and putting time on the open water, compared to those who are just trying to grind out missions asap.
  10. the person above me believes a Parsec is the measurement of how long it takes to eat a bowl of pasta
  11. Season 2 Episode 7 spoiler
  12. yeah thats why i will be building a reasonably new pc before the end of the year. with a a lot of the new games(The Division, Star Wars:Battlefront) coming out with big GPU requirements, you have to upgrade or be left behind. i feel pretty comfortable with the GTX 660 Ti, and that's only a 2gb card. but as i said above it will be getting long in the tooth by the end of the year.
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