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  1. There are multiple ports out there, don't feel that you just have to concern yourself with British ones. There are a plethora of Dutch ones close to your proximity also
  2. I’d be interested to know what the financial implications would be to get this warship into the game. As much as I’m certain that my misses wouldn’t be happy, I would very much consider sponsoring getting this ship from wonderful pictures etc to a tangible object within the naval action world.
  3. It's happened, there is no point in continuing to go on about what was promised by the developers etc. At the end of the day it is your choice whether you wish to play the game or not, and it is the developers choice to amend decisions. At this stage I'd say just wipe the bloody lot, names, clans and so forth. Yes there is still a lot of work to be done, but I'm looking forward to it regardless.
  4. This looks smashing. A long time ago I pleaded for the introduction of this warship. How is the project coming along?
  5. It is truly fantastic to see!
  6. Potbs name: Aaron Jones, Samuel Hood, Lord Hood Potbs server : Antigua Potbs society: St. George Squadron of the White Potbs nation: Britain NA IG name: Samuel Hood
  7. So that they can collide into one another and blow up?
  8. It is a good book. I have most of Sam Willis' books as they are all generally very fascinating reads.
  9. My biggest fear is that the game is going to cater more and more to pirates. The developers have stated that they are going to be much harder to play and I am not against them gaining a much higher reward for this. That is fine, however pirates should be kill on sight. Raising the argument that a Captain being a monster to their crew will get them a 'cutlass in the belly' is not necessarily true. Blackbeard for instance did many good things for his crew but he also abandoned a bunch of them on an island to die, did this cause his crew to kill him? No it did not. I believe that if you want a structure then it should be a society structure and not a national one. If you have a society then you can create the fleet of Black Bart for instance and make your goal to defeat other pirates and pillage/raid any fleet you see. The reason that players want the pirates restricted to certain ships is because it detracts from the immersion when you sail along and are passed by a pirate first rate. Not to mention that it would not serve a pirate purpose whatsoever. Perhaps raiding a town will be the form of pirate port battle, that can be up for debate. Pirates should not be easy, it wasn't an easy choice for pirates in real life to turn to piracy and it shouldn't be an easy choice in this game. I come to this game from PotBS so I already have a prejudice against piracy. You should have access to frigates as they would serve your purpose or if the rank/crew infringements make having a ship of the line worthless would also be preferable. I would say that the incentive could be that port raiding would fill your coffers meaning that you would have something to work for together. However that doesn't prevent other pirates trying to steal your haul. We are advocating pirates being red to everyone including one another, that does not mean that you have to willingly go out and kill them though. Although if they include a bounty system perhaps it would act as an incentive and an essence of fun. Notoriety could even be implemented where you could be pardoned. Good acts/bad acts shall have consequences.
  10. How many ROE threads do we need. Please keep them within the original thread. Thank you to whomever merged the two.
  11. That's essentially what I suggested.
  12. Perhaps pirate battles should have all parties as red if they are not in a group with one another. Otherwise you will get the case of what has happened in the recent tribunals where pirates have intended to kill other pirates but have not had the ability to do so unless firing upon 'allies/friendlies'.
  13. Is it not the purpose of Alpha or any form of testing to tweak things?
  14. I dislike the fact that Pirate players are already complaining about being killed by other pirates. I'm afraid that a pirate life is not an easy one and you have chosen it so please deal with the consequences.
  15. I've found that "The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy" by N.A.M. Rodger is a very interesting read. It covers every bit of life from the common sailor to the Officers patronage whilst looking at manning, victualing, discipline et cetera.
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