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  1. I did some work on the Barfleur a number of years ago in the hope it might be taken for the game:
  2. Thanks This stalled as the game kept being updated and I kept losing progress. A simplified version has now been made to be able to 3d print it at around 1:700 scale. You can just about make it out in the group photos on three other ships (swan-class, enterprise-class and Arethuse/HMS Undaunted) that I've made available on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/T1ckL35/designs I've also got the southampton-class, arrogant-class and HMS Arethuse/Undaunted in the photos as 3d prints.
  3. Back onto this - until the rigging gets too much (again) Some more updates including royals. I've also got the studding sails and their setup in place but not in these pics. Note, I'm only going on online rigging reference material and a couple of books and they all seem to differ in one way or another. I've hidden the shrouds/ratlines for now as they are still only blocked in. Standard rigging so far without blocks etc.. Royals added on top Additional rigging at the bow
  4. Yes, I agree with you with the frustration side! I'm using 'Rigging Period Ship Models' as there were a number of good pictures already online and it seemed to do a good job of letting you figure different areas out. I've just been recommended the 'Young officers sheet anchor' book and that looks like it will be very good and fill in a lot more detail from a practical viewpoint. It's all still experimental at the minute though, playing with paths/curves etc.. in blender so we will have to see if it comes off or not
  5. Only just spotted this thread - great idea getting a community build of a ship going. Count me in If you need any rigging info then just let me know - my barfleur is going over multiple iterations of that to try and tie down the majority of it - great learning experience too
  6. Slow going but *most* of the rigging paths are in apart from sheets, cluelines and halliards and anything above topgallants etc. I've also blocked in the sails just to get a better idea of how it will look.
  7. Just to show that there is still progress going on here as I get little bits of time to learn about all the different stays/preventer stays and more
  8. Yep, that and worrying about how best to do the rigging
  9. Here's a question for the devs/ 3d modellers. I'm still looking into rigging the ship in an efficient way but was wondering how it was done for the in game ships - most notably the victory as it wouldn't be vastly different from the barfleur. If a game dev has any hints or tips such as how they have rigged the current ships or whether to just ignore the rigging then it would be a great help Getting a copy of the victory rigging to apply to this would be ideal but extremely unlikely (you've got to ask)
  10. Decorating at home so not had much chance to work on this other than adding the crosstrees, a bower anchor (probably not the right scale yet) and the stern lanterns https://skfb.ly/69I7C
  11. Just learning about rigging now (gulp)
  12. Fixed up some of the stern and have started looking at the masts https://skfb.ly/69ypw
  13. cheers for the critique Malachi - much appreciated Yes, I've still not quite mastered the stern edge loops so will have a look at that and try and improve it The original shell was using just theplan lines and then I redrew them as paths and thickened them out to what I thought was roughly the right amount. Not knowing however I then tucked the lowest points back up into the keel when modelling as I *thought* this was how it should be - turns out to not be the case but I'm glad you've corrected me. I will however revisit the thickness as I may have made it too thin. Thanks for the he
  14. Another update, adding some more geometry to the upper stern area, added stern gunports, added supports on the chainplates/platforms, added basic geometry for the rudder pintle/gudgeons, possibly a couple of other minor tweaks and finally experimented exporting directly from blender to see if the basic materials show (which they do) Seems like the export has lost some sharp edges but I'm sure that can be sorted in the model somehow https://skfb.ly/69xqP
  15. Added some parts to the top of the ship - belfrey (unfinished), railings around the middle rear, rail supports at the latter sides, steps and a couple of other bits at the back including a raised window area https://skfb.ly/697UQ
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