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  1. Young


    Duel room, Custom matches in Legends make it happen then the game might be worth playing again. Watching from a far the latest changes, for example the safe zones, makes me shake my head and think what the game was 2 years ago and what it is today.
  2. Young

    please get rid of the npcs

    i had hopes legends would be good. At least if it was sea trials with damage model 4.0 but alas it is not fun. The amount of NPC's and circles and such takes all the fun out of it. The option to play with NO NPC's , Ability to make custom matches and pick teams, NO CIRCLES TO CAPTURE, would make it at least playable if there where more then 20-50 people playing it.
  3. Young

    Should NA Legends have friendly fire?

    just have a noob arcade mode with no FF and no manual sails then a better realistic mode this should hit as much of the gaming market as possible and make GL the most money
  4. Young

    Looking for Multiplayer Matches

    i started playing this again over the last few days ill be on tonight and yea same problem for me wait 10-15 min to get a battle at best.
  5. Young

    A compromise

    Yes this game has alot of forced PVE you need to PVE to gain PVE marks you need to PVE to get loot drops for mods all of this on the PVP. Forced PVE is not adding content its fluffing up lack of content
  6. Young

    One PVP Server

    Or we can all just wait for sea trails legends whatever its going to be called and not bother with the RVR nonsense or "night flips" as you call it and actually face some players who are looking for some naval action!
  7. Young

    Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    Why should i stop have the admins commented on it. seems like OP it has been reported. But the question is why has fire ship mod been added in the first place for a basic cutter,...... So i see nothing wrong with it until told otherwise.
  8. Young

    Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    not at all is it against the rules NO is it OP as shit yes F11 and do it till its fixed
  9. Young

    Fireship CUTTERS exploit

    Hate the game not the Player this was F11'ed when we tried it the first time
  10. ESPORTS TEAM FORMED ! come to me seatrials!
  11. i had a fun special one long ago before it was taken away . Its at the pleasure of the devs is the best i got out of it.
  12. does capturing the ship work or do you need to sink the ship?
  13. Young

    Playerunknowns Battlegrounds

    do not forget the shitting the pants moments
  14. Young


    havnt talked to blackbeard about it but i say USS MyLittlePony can take you all aboard with a fair wage and a good grog ration !
  15. Young


    yarr tac you can be tommies assistant !