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  1. No problem, fox2run. We might be in different time zones, judging by your comment. What time do you normally go on, Young (and what time zone are you in?)?
  2. Well, fox2run, if you're interested, I'm going to have another go at it right now.
  3. Hey there, I recently started trying to play this game online. However, it seems fairly difficult to find a match, and I'm not sure why. Generally when I log on there are roughly 32-36 players online and 10-12 games going. So there are maybe a dozen players waiting in the lobby. But no one is ever hosting a game to be joined, and, when I host games, I can wait for half an hour without anyone joining. I've tried advertising my games using the chat feature with little response. As such I've played only four games across, I don't know, six to eight sessions. Do people only play aga
  4. Thank you, Mr. Thomadis; that did it! Now to get slaughtered ...
  5. Hey, Trying to get started into multiplayer with this wonderful game. It says 'Connecting ...' forever. I have made sure my firewall rules are set up to allow Ultimate General Multiplayer through, though I have little technical expertise, so there may be something I don't know I'm supposed to do. This is on Windows 10 with the GOG version of UGG. Thanks, THH
  6. This is fascinating. I am not an American and have never studied American history. (The only things I knew about the Battle of Gettysburg before playing that game were that the Union won and somebody named Pickett conducted a charge up a hill that didn't go well. I don't even know where Gettysburg is.) I am, in fact, your hated enemy, a Briton! (Of old; by birth, Canadian.) The explanation for the Civil War that had coalesced in my mind over time was that the South seceded to preserve their states' rights -- proximately, their right to maintain the institution of slavery (similar to how t
  7. I would like to go ahead and bump this the once. I'd really appreciate any input, even if it's just 'never heard of this' or 'you're a nub.'
  8. Hello! I really enjoy this game! However, I'm confused about what's happened in my Union campaign. I fired up the autosave to start the next scenario and saw that I no longer hold Seminary or Oak Ridges, as I did previously. I'm wondering if there's a problem with my game. Here are the scenarios that have occurred so far: 1. Arriving at Gettysburg - hold Seminary Ridge, Oak Ridge and Oak Hill 2. Confederates Are Repulsed to Herr's Ridge - hold Seminary and Oak Ridges 3. Union Holds Oak Ridge - hold Seminary Ridge and Oak Ridge (barely), CSA driven back on right 4. The Union Atta
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