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  1. But half the player base is playing on the PvE server......
  2. Perhaps this has already been suggested but instead of a PvP server and a PVE server why don't you simply combine both into one game by adding a PvP flag? PvPers can still duke it out together while PVE people could focus on missions and NPC cleanup without being attacked by other players.
  3. True, multiplayer would be much better. I didn't think my comment though before posting
  4. I'd gladly chip in another 50 bucks for a single player version.
  5. We never focused efforts on PvE. PVE server was opened based on the request of several veteran players/supporters during testing. They asked us to give them some place where they can just peacefully sink bots without attack of other players. But before that we were never PVE focused and always said that real captains in the age of sail fought other people (our webpage in 2013). What we can assure you our PVE is better than in Rust or DayZ. Raids will be somewhat PVE (with a chance of player invasio Thank you for the clarification on this. I wish you the best o
  6. Thank you for letting me know. And if it dropped once then it will drop again
  7. Jeb Fuller

    Human Error

    I'm not sure I should even post this but I have to at least try. I had a blueprint that I accidentally destroyed rather than than learn. I was wondering if it could be restored by any chance, it happened like 15 minutes ago?
  8. I'm fine with a ship wipe, though I'll be sad about losing my favorite ones. I understand that his is alpha and thus, we are subject to wipes at any point before release. I also assume that everything will be wiped just prior to release just like any other alpha or beta I've been participated in. The true reward for me is leaning the game mechanics and watching the game grow before launch. And all I can say is this game has a lot of potential and that the developers and programmers have done I fine job to date.
  9. I want to preface this with the fact that A: I really love the game and it really has great potential & B: I only play on the PVE server as I hate PVP games.... 1. OW sailing - not fun, because.. It takes hours to get anywhere and there is seldom anything to attack in between that isn't in a fleet. 2. Hunting for targets - not fun, because.. NPC's you are at war with don't attack you, nor do pirates. Other than via combat missions most ships cannot be attacked as they are in fleets so you can spend hours on end in OW with nothing to attack. 3. Quests - not fun, because.. There are on
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