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  1. Maybe invisible ships should still show up, but it doesn't give name or nationality, or even which ship. They show up as an unmarked ship class. 6-7 rates show up as a plan vessel that says unknown 6-7th rate. Same for 4-5th rates and 1-3rd rates. When you are invisible everyone else is that way to you.
  2. Personally I don't like invisibility. If we have invisibility, it should be both ways. Now that could simulate fog of war and make it harder for gankers. Technically I think we could have what we do without invisibility. Have invisibility for 10 seconds (for connection reasons) and just have a speed buff for 45 seconds (so 10 seconds invisible and 35 seconds visible).
  3. This is a ship I'd like to see in game: San Juan Nepomuceno, 74 gun Spanish 3rd rate. Read about it here: book page 274, google page 300 if you are reading from google play. https://books.google.com/books?id=-sTFAAAAMAAJ Edited: Churruca (captain of the San Juan Nepomuceno) is the Spanish Cochrane or Nelson, and is extremely famous. If he had been in control of the combined fleet at Trafalgar, it might have had a different result. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosme_Damián_de_Churruca_y_Elorza
  4. It probably isn't stuck. Same happens to me on a poor connection (12mbps down, 0.7 mbps up). Yes, you can play on this connection, but anytime you do an f11 or crash report it takes forever to upload the logs. I've only had maybe 2 crashes over the past 2.5 years for Naval Action though. I'm not sure about Live, but on the testbed it takes your ship out of combat if it is ai only.
  5. Not really, it's how most things work unless you have a contract that says otherwise. Read #7 http://store.steampowered.com/subscriber_agreement/
  6. Uh, no. You go to a movie and you pay such and such for 2 hours of entertainment. You buy a blu ray and you get the features listed on the disk. You then don't get to demand more features like interviews, deleted scene and such be added after you buy the blu-ray. You buy a game, and steam values full value at 2 hours, you can refund prior to 2 hours. If he has a few dozen hours in the game the devs don't own him or us anything more. Naval Action has a list of features. One of them was: Enormous open world – Large open world, recreated based on 18th Century maps, historical harbors,
  7. He paid for Naval Action when it was how it was. What did we have back then? Same map, slower speeds. How many hours does he have? Most of us have gotten the full value out of Naval Action that we get with most other games. He was warned before he purchased the game, and there were plenty of youtube videos, about the amount of sailing you do and the size of the world. He doesn't like that? That's his fault, he still bought the game despite all the stuff out there saying that was the case. I'm of the opinion now that loss only really matters for 1-4th rates. Loss for 7th rates s
  8. You'd have to ask the different pirate alliances who took part. I'm sure Vicious has an exact count somewhere.
  9. English is my first language and I don't see the connection to solo/small groups either.
  10. You prove you don't know what you are talking about. More than words were exchanged.
  11. Not sure what you are talking about. There has been plenty of infighting and even a pirate civil war. But then Vicious quit, sorry broke up, and it ended. No content that is scheduled? Just because you don't know of any yourself doesn't mean nothing is coming, and there is plenty of stuff that has been publicly announced.
  12. Where are the steam charts for Q3 2015 when population on all servers dropped to 12 players for US prime time?
  13. I remember getting to a decent population and then as time went along OW dropped to 12 players US prime time in Q3 2015 for a few weeks. We had 1 server then, not 3. 6 months later we had over 2000 players playing the game. This time people started screaming it was the end of the world a month back when we had 200 people on prime time US and 700 prime time Europe on EU server alone. That's a far cry from the lows we have had.
  14. Admin told people to stay on topic. They have not.
  15. No, the Bellona was in long before the 3rd rate. The 3rd rate is a generic 3rd rate. It just needs a smaller crew.
  16. There is no reason to remove the Niagara, there is no reason to remove the snow, there is no reason to remove the 3rd rate, or the Pirate frigate. Resources were spent on these ships and they should not be removed. And as others have said, limits our content when our content in game are ships and battles. I agree the Rattlesnake needs to be added back in. For the argument, "remove these ships so we can add others in," makes no sense. We don't need to remove ships to add more ships. They can just be added in. If you want more ships added in quicker, fire up the test bed and test the
  17. This is easily solved by instantly closing missions. I've been advocating this since release of Early Access when mission jumping was the worst it has ever been. How do you protect seals? By not letting the killer wales jump in their mission.
  18. Danish Virgin Islands. Swedish Gustavia. Dutch Williamsted. Didn't sail to? Nations were sailing all over the world. US trader brigs would have been one of the most common sights to see on the ocean at this time period almost anywhere in the world and other nations would have had ships here and there. True, I can't find Russian shipping directly to the game area, only to the UK, France, around the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean and to the Pacific Coast of North America, but the others would have been in the Caribbean (though where are you getting Finnish from??). Now, you
  19. Nothing wrong with a developer looking for community input and desiring to develop a game players want to play. But then again, be prepared to deal with people who don't have any physical investment and are trolls... What few people counted on where how many different camps there would be and the difficulty to please all the camps. So yes, we also need to take responsibility for the roles we have played, such as holding the devs hostage with blackmail about reviews or quitting the game, or giving ideas that have turned out to be bad. P.s. "stop acting like a child" i
  20. Never closing battles or battles open for more than 3 minutes is gankers paradise. More 10v1s don't count as pvp. That's what we had before. That's what we had with revenge fleets. Now you can get realistic pvp if you want. Long open battles is fine for RvR and hostility, it is not fine for everyday pvp. The only way you can have long open battles like this for normal pvp is if you completely remove coordinates from the game logs, f11s, no grid on the map, no position stored in memory. Otherwise we can develop a tool again for a clan to instantly know where all their members are at a
  21. They only said hostility missions will be open 1.5 hours, not all fights.
  22. This post is like a Russian doll lol. I like the ship sloop, 2nd to last picture, but I don't see any gun ports, except maybe 1?
  23. Quite often youtube let's play series also change the names of companions/officers/etc to the names of their subscribers and commenters. So players being able to do this easily is always a good feature.
  24. Who is waving money at the devs? No one. And are the devs not listening? You've been around for 1 day, how do you know? The developers have worked closely with players, more so than any other game I've known about, and probably to the detriment of the game, because no one can agree. You have several blocks of players with different ideas and different playstyles and there is very little overlap. So you change one thing and you have one large block of players happy but you have another large block very unhappy and writing negative reviews and writing rants on the forums. The devs then ch
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